Monday, December 22, 2008

december twenty-two

Mack is sick. He's been hacking up a lung since last wednesday, each day getting worse. His doctor is on vacation, and his 6 month check up is not until next Wednesday. I spent two hours today at the clinic near my house t with Mack after going there and booking an appointment (which I didn't know I could do), and thank heavens I was able to see a doctor that I knew. (Sean took music classes with his son back in the winter/spring earlier on this year). I had gonei n the morning to the clinic and was given a 1:40pm appointment time. It was about 11:30 when I left, so I went home for a bit, and then back again. Mack was seen in good time, not that long of a wait, and a resident doing a stage saw him first. She diagnosed that it was a cough/cold that was virul, and the best thing was for him to have an inhaler. So, she did a test to see if it helped, and if so, he'd be going home with a prescription for an inhaler and the inhaler dispencer and I'd have to fill it at the pharmacy. After being seen by the doctor, and confirming this was a good idea, the test began. We gave him 2 doses of the inhaler. We had to wait 15 minutes in the waiting room, to see if it did an improvement. The 15 minute wait turned out to be like 25 minutes or so, because she was seeing another patient while we were waiting, not to waste time. I was told to try to feed him, but after making him a bottle, he wasn't interested, as he was more interested in watching all the kids running around the waiting room, and cooing at them. We went back in to get checked, and it kind of improved a bit, so she decided to try one more dose, and we'd have to wait another 15 minutes to be seen. This time, the wait was longer than the last "15 minute" wait. That's fine, I don't care. After being seen again, it proved that it helped, and Mack was breathing easier, and better. So on my way home I filled the prescription for the inhaler, and the Aerochamber, and I'll have to give it to him every 4-6 hours while he's awake for about 5-7 days. If he's not better in a week, to bring him back. Poor kid. I just want him to feel better. He doesn't like the Aerochamber though, he fights it when it's over his mouth/nose.

Sean had 2 real phone convos with my mom today (and one the yesterday with my father-in-law). He's never had a phone conversation before. He's taken the phone before and listened, but never really spoken. Today's two conversations went like this: (I only heard Sean's side)

Sean: Hallo.
My mom spoke.
Sean: Happy. (Meaning Happy Birthday).
My mom spoke.
Sean: Ok, bye.

And then later this afternoon he called her back.

Sean: Hallo.
My mom spoke.
Sean: Happy happy.
My mom asked him a question.
Sean: Yeah.
My mom asked him another question.
Sean: Yeah.
My mom asked him yet another question.
Sean: Ok.
My mom spoke.
Sean: Ok, bah bye.

It was cute. I've never seen him talk on the phone before.

It's my mom's birthday today, happy birthday mom. I'm glad Sean was able to call her and wish her a happy birthday.

This evening we went for dinner to celebrate December birthdays and we had a good time. Sean likes this new Elmo music player that came with one of his birthday presents. He was very busy changing discs during dinner.

And Mack got to sport his My First Chanukah Bib. It's a little big on him (Sean was almost a year old when he got to sport it last year).

And Mack is just too cute in his snow suit. I must take a picture with a better angle of it, it's just the cutest thing on him.

Mack is such a big boy in the high chair! It's his first time sitting in it.
Oh my, he's growing up too fast.

We went back to my parents house to have cake & give presents for birthdays/chanukah. The boys got spoiled rotten from everyone. We finally gave my mom the dog we got her from Amelia Makes Art. Even Bosco liked the replica of himself. Here's the dog in detail:

I'm glad my mother liked it! We had to order it MONTHS ago (processing time on these is about 16 weeks), and we've had it here for 2 months already, (we ordered it back in the late spring to make sure that we'd get it on time). I'd seen her stuff on Martha Stewart and thought it would make a great and unique gift for my mother! It did indeed.

I received today in the mail, Wollmeise in Am Kalten Polar, from a swap I did on Ravelry. I love the colors, which are hard to see in this photo, but it's blues & purples.


Bea said...

Sorry Mack is sick. I hope the inhaler helps.

Happy birthday to your Mom!

g-girl said...

I hope Mack is better by now! aww, how cute that sean called your mom to wish her a happy birthday! :) mack's snow suit is freakin' adorable!! the bosco replica is super cool! do you keep getting more wollmeise!

Tara said...

I hope Mack is feeling better! Thank your lucky stars it wasn't croup, that's the absolute worst.