Tuesday, December 23, 2008

december twenty-three :: 27 weeks old

Mack is 27 weeks old today.

Today was also a really good mail day:

First up, I received Scout Swag in Zulu Knitty. I'd been eyeing this colorway forever, and Karen agreed to swap with me. Thanks Karen!

I also received some stitch markers made by the lovely Carolyn in another swap I did. Aren't they just lovely? I love the little "knitted" balls! A great way to jazz up my knitting!

We were supposed to leave tonight to Toronto (Mississauga more specifically) for Christmas, to Jamie's step-brother's place, but due to the fact that Mack can't be around other children for 48 hours, and on medication for the week, we cancelled our trip, and we'll be doing Christmas just us in our cozy home. Though, I have no tree, and a ton of presents, I have to figure out what I'm going to do. I'll think of something. I have time. If we would have been in Toronto, we'd have had a tree there. Hmph.

Tonight I made some delicious salmon for dinner, with some yummy side dishes. (Whole wheat fusili that was really good as well steamed broccoli. Mmmm!) We need to start eating a lot more fish, it's so healthy.

Picked up some last minute gifts today, though, I'm not 100% done my shopping. I'll probably finish it up next week. (Some gifts that are not needed today/tomorrow/this week).

Started working on one of the front panels for the Moss Block Cardigan. I think it should fit Mackie now if I finish it asap! So I'm working on it! He's just just starting to fit into 6 months size clothing now, and the sweater is supposed to be size 6 months, so it should fit him pretty soon. Hopefully!

It's my step-mother-in-law's birthday today. I plan on making her the Modular Striped Vest, and she knows it'll be a little late. Though, I don't expect it to be a long knit - it should go pretty fast. It's actually a pattern that I wanted to knit for myself, but we'll see how it goes when I knit it for my MIL!

Off to go watch tv with Jamie, but I suspect I'll fall asleep on the couch.


Amelah said...

I LOVE the knitted yarn balls stitich markers! So cute!

Bea said...

Love the swap goodies. Sorry about your Toronto trip. That really sucks.

Nell said...

Sorry about your trip. But it'll be less stress to stay home.

I LOVE zuluknitty!!! I have that skein and I adore it.

carolynswafford said...

I'm so glad they finally made it safe and sound. I keep trying to get more of those "yarn balls" but they are extremely hard to come by!

g-girl said...

ooh, love the scout's swag you picked up and the knitted yarn ball stitch markers go really well with it! :) oh no..sorry to hear that you guys had to cancel your trip. i'm sure you'll figure something out.

Tara said...

Ooh, that Scout's swag is really nice. Very Spring-like colours. Me likey :)