Tuesday, December 16, 2008

december sixteen :: 26 weeks old

Mack is 26 weeks old today.
Tomorrow he turns 6 months old.

Sean went to daycare today. He's feeling better. His nose isn't runny as much today.

Mr. Postman brought some heavenly mail today.
My first two skeins from the Sundara Sock Club.
(I'm splitting a subscription with Rhoda).
(She receives it in the USA (cheaper that way) and then tosses them in the mail to me, the ones that we agreed on. Sundara tells you the colorways beforehand, so we picked and choosed between each other, and it worked out quite fairly!).

Sundara Pine over Gold

Sundara Cobalt over Mediterranean

This evening Jamie took his employees out for dinner to a sports bar to watch the hockey game & then they went to the casino. I stayed home with my boys. I treated Sean to McDonalds nuggets & fries for dinner (as soon as we pulled up to Mcdonalds on the way home from daycare, he started screaming "Fries, Fries, Fries" in the car. It was so nice to see the boys sitting together. While they can't really "play" together yet, eventually they will be able to!

I saw these bracelets online last week. They are from Sassafrascreations on Etsy. So I begged her to ship to Canada, and also ordered some of these earrings.

I love them. They rock.

I spent the entire evening on the couch knitting. The boys went to bed at the same time (just after 8 pm) and I enjoyed the peace & quiet. So nice. The knitting I've been doing lately, I'll be able to blog about it shortly. I am very excited to show you what I've been working on lately.

The first shipment of goodies came to the shop today. Remember I mentioned earlier in the week that I had some great stuff coming to the shop this week? Well, I've re-stocked the shop with Soak Wool Wash Aquae, the new Scentless line (for those with sensitive skin!), I brought in full bottles, mini bottles & travel mini's. I also now stock A Label of Love. They rock! Every hand-made item is a labor of love. Here’s a label that shows that love – and tells you how to properly care for it, with soak™. Take care for your one-of-a-kind creations in sweet-smelling style. These butter soft sew-in labels are perfect for any hand-made project. Each pack includes 12 labels with 4 phrases and sew-on guidelines. (‘don’t lose me.’ ‘look what I made for you’ ‘hand knit with love’ ‘I made this’).

Off to go finish enjoying the peace & quiet. And maybe knit a few more rows.


Amelah said...

hmmmm, Sundara Cobalt over Mediterranean is VERY yummy ;)

Love the bracelets, you should definitely learn and sell them in ur shop! I'd buy!

Awww the boys sitting together and "playing" pic is ADORABLE!!!!

Amanda said...

I had nuggets and fries for dinner last night, too. YUM. Boy after my own heart!

I can't believe Mack is 6 months already - wasn't he just born? LOL!!

Bea said...

The yarn is awesome. Mack looks so teeny compared to his brother! I'm sure it will be great when they can really play together.

Craftlover said...

wow, the needles bracelets are really cool. ;D good choice :)

Nell said...

Glad you're having a little peace and quiet this year!

I yell, "Fries! Fries! Fries!" too when I go to McDonald's.

g-girl said...

i love the rugs that you have! the bracelets are cute. :) I've seen them before and thought of you!

Jennifer said...

the bracelets are awesome - too bad they are sold out :(

the yarn ball wreath from starbucks is awesome, too - i saw one here the other day and took a pic so i can try to make them next year as i just acquired a 'grandma stash' of yarn that i need to a project for.. seems like the perfect one!

Tara said...

I bought some of those labels when they were first mentioned on Knitty, about a year ago I think. I've no idea where they are now, they were gobbled up by the stash!