Monday, December 08, 2008

december eight

This morning I was planning to leave on time to get my car to Acura. I was meeting my brother, who had to get to work (though he works for my father so that's not the issue) so that he could bring my back to my parents house so that I could take my mother's car since she's not using it this week. Did that happen on time? Nope. I dressed Sean in his winter jacket, got Mack in the bucket. I smelled something funky. Sean pooped. So I change Sean. When I got downstairs and redressed Sean, I smell something funky again. Mack pooped. Took Mack out of th bucket. I change Mack. Got Mack back in the bucket. Sean had by then started undressing himself. Man... if anyone know the secret to leaving the house with more than just 1 kid - please do share the secret - I'd love to know.

The mailman brought some delicious mail today. I discovered a new dyer on Etsy via Ravelry. I'm always looking for new dyers for my sock club. Of course I need to see goods in my hand before ordering from a dyer, so I ordered 2 skeins for myself. I'm not complaining! This dyer is called Kitchen Sink Dyeworks (Ravelry Link - Etsy Link) and it's just lovely. I thinks she's new though, there's not much stashed from her on Ravelry - Just my yarn and one skein that she stashed. She's gotta get started somewhere, right?

This is the August 2008 Woolgirl Sock Club yarn, by Madelinetosh in Beach Towel. Not so sure I like it as much in person thatn seeing it online, (the colors are just not me), though, Madelinetosh yarn itself is delicious. I may just have to get my hands on some of her other colorways.

This afternoon I didn't go to Mack's playgroup, I just had too much work to do. I got a lot accomplished, so I'm super happy about that.

I started Mack about a week ago on Cereal. He started on regular Rice Cereal, the first step. He wasn't too much of a fan of it. Then 3 days later we tried Oatmeal. He likes Oatmeal better than the rice cereal though not really a fan of it. Maybe it's the texture he doesn't like. I'm thinking about skipping Barley and just going straight to Sweet Potatoes. I'll pick up some jars tomorrow. Sean wasn't a fan of cereal either, and didn't eat too much of that either, liked the real food items better. I did try the cereals with Mack though, so he did get to try it. Maybe it's not for everyone. I'll see how he likes Sweet Potato tomorrow.

This evening we just stayed in and watched Chuck & Heroes on the couch and I got a lot of knitting done. (Secret project for now - can't post any photos). But if you came here for some knitting stuff - check this out below:

This is from yesterday's paper. I love it when there is knitting comics in the paper. Click on the image above to enlarge the photo for a better view. Too funny....


carolynswafford said...

So, you felt like you were on the proverbial hamster wheel with Sean and Mack, eh? I nag and yell a lot and run like hell to get Cole and Lainie into the car in a timely manner. Yet, I still manage to be 45 minutes late to work every day... LOL. I am envious of your yarn purchases!

g-girl said...

oh no! I couldn't imagine. I think I would've given up once Mack had pooped too. :( ooh, that avenueq is very cool! I love finding new indie dyers on etsy. :) you finally received your august woolgirl shipment?? oh, I LOVE madtosh yarn! She has a club you know..;)

Angela said...

The AvenueQ is really pretty!

I wish I had advice for you. I had 3 under the age of 5 at one point...but to be honest...I don't remember much about those years. Between the lack of sleep and the nursing...Only advice I have is always act like you have to leave 20 minutes before you actually do. You'll most likely then be able to leave on time!

Nell said...

Goodness! I have a hard enough time getting myself out the door in the morning.

Bea said...

Pretty yarn in that shop.

Amelah said...

Very cute comic LOL too bad i dont get the paper lol
i problem should!!

yummy yarn, love the last one! Those colors are totally me if you ever feel like selling or trading ;) Or knitting something for your fave sister!

Tara said...

Mmm, looks like Robyn's Nest is going to have some awesome sock clubs in 2009!