Saturday, December 27, 2008

december twenty-seven

We didn't really leave the house today. (Well, I did, but only for about 45 minutes to run to the grocery store to pick up some needed items for dinner). (And Sean was dropped off from sleeping at my parents house last night). But other than that - it was a pretty chill day with an almost 2 year old (tomorrow!) who didn't want to nap. (GRR!)

I got Sean to color a gift bag for his cousin Jakob's Chanukah/Christmas present.
Sean did a fabulous job coloring it.

Should I be worried that my son is lining things up perfectly??

As I said before, I got to leave the house for about 45 minutes to get some groceries.
Here's what the kids were up to while I was out.
(Jamie got a hold of my camera, so he took pictures, which is very very very very rare!):

When I got back to the house after getting groceries (and enjoying some peace & quiet walking up the aisles at the grocery store), my driveway was a sheet of ice, and since it's slightly uphill, it was super hard to get back into the driveway to get into the garage. That was fun. Note to self, buy salt for the driveway.

So we made Chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight. I used the Schnitzel recipe (for breading the chicken) from the Second Helpings Please cookbook, and used Mozzarella cheese on top of tomato sauce spiced up to our liking. I'm a huge melted cheese fan, and I've been craving melted cheese lately. Mmmm! I'll melt cheese on anything that possibly can have melted cheese on. It's a weakness of mine.

Dinner was FABULOUS! Add in a bit of salad, and some other side dishes and some wine, and voila, a fabulous dinner for 3.

Mackie had some peas. Though, he's still not really interested in eating. Every bite that goes into his mouth, the tongue (as above) comes out. Food ends up more on him then in him. I'm super frustrated. I'm trying to have him eat while we're eating (I was feeding him before or after we ate, so that I could concentrate on just feeding him), but now we're having him eat with us, so maybe he'll see us eating. I don't understand why he's completely not interested in eating?

I spoke with my grandmother today (my dad's mom) and she agreed to make Mackie a crochet afghan for his crib. She made the mini one that he's using now, but he'll outgrow it soon. I need a larger one for him. Sean has 2 large sized ones, but he won't give up either one. Their his. They are both made of probably Red Heart, which is fine, because it's super washable and perfect for baby use. I think I wash their blankets at least 2-3 times a week (Sean ends up waking up with his diaper leaked through his pj's about 2-3 times per week - not fun). Anyhow, I ended up acquiring a while ago some HUGE balls of Phentex. Perfect for a blankie for Mackie. It'll be nice for Mackie to have one from his great-grandmother too.

This evening we chilled on the couch. The boys hung out together too.

It was nice until Sean tried to sit on Mack. Yep. You read right. Sean doesn't realize that Mack's so tiny and can't defend himself. One day, Mack will be able to fight back, but for now.... I definitely have to keep my eye open when they're together in the same room, as it's not the first time that Sean has tried (not intentionally) to sit on Mackie. Poor guy!

Well, I still have 2 kids under 2. Until tomorrow. Going to go sit on the couch again and figure out what headband to knit for my cleaning lady. Her Christmas that she celebrates is in January, and she had once asked me if I could knit a headband, and so I will. I need to find one that covers her ears. She requested white. I can handle that. I actually have some leftover Cascade 220 Superwash in white, leftover from my nephew's skull cap that I knit back in October/November.


Bea said...

I love that riding thing that mack is sitting on. So cute!

Jude said...

We rarely get snow (or ice) in Nashville, and what we get normally melts the same day it occurs. But one year we had a small ice storm. Our driveway is a hill and my husband had to get out to go to work. He ended up putting table salt down our driveway so he could melt the snow to get enough traction to leave! I don't suggest it (we did go out and buy de-icer afterwards which we've never used), but it's an option in a pinch!

Amelah said...

Aww the boys are so cute together!!

ahah Corey used to sit on me!!! Good luck with that lol.
Dinner looks delicious, where was my invite?

Wow, Jamie takes nice pictures!! Impressive!!!'

Sean can teach you a thing or two about neatness :)

Kimber said...

My eldest wasn't interested in solid food at all.... I just kept at it because, as I saw it, she couldn't be on milk FOREVER! :) He will get interested in his own time you just have to keep offering it. Maybe he'll be more into carrots and sweet potatoes?

Liv is different than her big sister she has been interested in solids since she was three months old and I held off as long as I could (it was Nov) and she's been eating like she's done it all along. Every kid is so different!

Rhiannon can get rough with Liv too - I think you are right, they don't realize how little the babies are!

The pictures of the boys together are so cute!

Tara said...

Don't worry, Mackie (who's just so kissable I can barely stand it!) will be defending himself pretty soon. Maxime started whacking Émilie when he was about 10 months old! LOL!