Thursday, December 11, 2008

december eleven

Sean got up at 4 am or so this morning. I couldn't get him back to sleep in his own crib, he wanted to come with me, so I brought him into our bed. It was kind of nice to have that cuddle time with him though. But, boy am I tired from uninterrupted sleep. I hope this is not something that will end up being reoccuring every night. I can't do that anymore! I'm just so tired.

This afternoon I sat on the couch and did some knitting, well what Mack would allow me. And then I ran some errands on the way to picking up Sean from daycare. One errand was to go pick up a few things at the grocery store, and they have a photolab there. I figured, I'd drop off the 6 images I wanted printed, and would have them ready when I was done the grocery list. Yeah, well... I didn't know that you couldn't choose which folder you wanted from the USB key that I had with me, so it loaded over 1450 photos, and of course the 6 that I wanted printed (on the Kodak Kiosk machine) were the LAST SIX. Fun!

Yep, it's cold outside. Minus -14 but that feels like -20.

This is a house around the corner from my house. I kinda like it. It suits their house. No way would I put those up in front of my house - but I like it at theirs. Thought I'd share it with you.

When I picked up Sean from daycare today, his teacher told me that he has no attention span during activities at school. He never stays at a station very long. I suppose he's like that at home too. Very active. Anyhow, we're taking some measures. We're elminating all junk food (not that he got much to begin with) but it's gone. And juice.... he loves juice. Well now, he's getting his apple juice water down 50%. 50% water and 50% juice. We think the sugar in there could be affecting him too. (Not that he gets much though and at daycare he only gets at lunch - the rest of the day it's milk or water). I'm hoping this makes a difference. I know it's too young to tell if it's ADHD.

This evening I went knitting with West Island Knits. We were a small group, but it was nice nonetheless. Mackie came too, but I think it was one of his last times out to West Island Knits as he's starting to get more active and wants to touch everything. We'll see. Though, probably in the new year he won't be attending anymore. He's sitting on his own now, so one of these days he won't be able to sit still... that's for sure.

I'm changing things for the 2009 Sock Club.

Just for example, we now have a full year for 405$ Canadian (the price went up by about 1.75$ per kit due to the increase in shipping rates starting January 2009). There are some other options if you don't want to commit to a full year.
You have:
FULL YEAR: 12 kits. 405$

Half Year Option 1: 6 kits. $202.50
Half Year Option 2: 6 kits. $202.50
Half Year Option 3: 6 kits. $202.50
JAN-FEB-MARCH-APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2009 Sock Kits (July to December will be available to those who did purchase the first half of the year in the spring
You *may* still be able to buy monthly if you cannot commit to a full or half year, but the spaces will be limited depending on how many full/half year kits are sold. I will only be able to sell those after the full year kits are gone. So I can't even guarantee if I'll have monthly spots available. The interest is high and spaces are filling up and are now limited.

I hope you'll join us for the 2009 year! And for my American Clients, the exchange rate is in your favor, for example, you'll be saving almost 100$ for the full year kit. What an amazing deal!



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Naval Langa

Nell said...

I'll never know parents deal with the sleep deprivation. That's tough for me.

Sarah B. said...

Be careful with letting him sleep with you, I love the cuddles, too, but getting Bean out of my bed was a challenge after she had been sick for a few days. Plus, don't let that daycare worker get you too freaked out about your kid's attention span, he's a toddler and developmentally he's not ready to focus for long periods of time.

Creative Genius? said...

Hey there

You might want to try getting rid of all the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in his diet too (way harder than just sugar) and then after that comes the artificial dyes and flavors. I know a bunch of parents who have said these all make a huge difference with their kids...


:-) Alison

Tara said...

Cutting the sugar back is always a good idea, but come on. Show me a 2-year old that DOESN'T have a short attention span...

Jennifer said...

first time i've gotten to look at blogline in 26 of your posts. haven't read yet, but i just had to say that lil mack is adorable and getting sooooo big!!!

dawn said...

My 4YO still has a short attention span and he's 4. I don't know many 2YOs who don't have a short attention span. I agree about limiting sugar intake, but I'd try not to stress about it. Who could stay frustrated at that cute face for long.

g-girl said...

-14??? I couldn't even imagine! i like how the house around the corner from yours is decorated too. It does suit their house! wow sean's teachers are really on top of things! I didn't even realize that you could notice short attention span @ such a young age..but couldn't it partly be due to just age? cutting out the junk and sugar is a great idea though. there's some homeopathic stuff out there too for when he's older-should it become something.