Sunday, December 28, 2008

december twenty-eight :: 2 Years Old

Sean turned 2 years old today.

After 32 and a half hours of labor, he was born on December 28th, 2006 at 4:44 am.

The past two years have been fun and challenging. He keeps me on my toes. He's full of energy and just keeps going. He's beautiful inside & out. I'm amazed with what he learns each day, and how much smarter he sounds after learning new words. Every day he surprises us with a new word. His fave word right now is "raining". He'd rather eat melon & fruit than chocolate birthday cake, though he did give the cake a taste. He's all tools, cars, trains, sports (big time!) and Elmo. He's got a wicked hockey swing (future Habs player?) and his first word was Hockey. He calls me "MA" (which is what I call my mother) and I'm trying to get you back to calling me "Mom or Mommy or even Mama"). I love him more than anything in this world (as much as I love my husband, and his brother too though!) and wouldn't trade him for another kid (even when he's being rotten and destructing the house or sitting on his brother or drawing on the walls with crayon, nor when he locked his newborn brother in my car with the keys on the front seat - I didn't tell you about that one, did I? Nope. I laugh about it now, but it wans't funny at the time). Despite his "terrible two's" (it does start before the age of two by the way), I want to bottle up this age and keep it forever. I really don't want him growing up anymore. I love the he talks, I love that he understands and answers me back. I love that he's oppinionated.

Wow, two years old. How time flies. I cannot believe that he's 2. I seriously feel like (and I've said this before) that I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday.

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner. Mackie seemed interested in my knitting. I guess I can no longer knit with him on my lap. Those days are over.

We had a chocolate cake & sung Sean happy birthday!
2 candles for the 2 year old plus 1 for good luck.

Sean tried the chocolate cake, though, didn't eat much of it. He prefered the melon. Polished it off and asked for seconds and thirds and maybe even fourths. The kid loves his fruits & veggies.

Wow. I still cannot believe that I have a two year old. TWO! Deux. 2. Zwei. Twee. TvÄ. Dos. Dois. Due. Doi. Dva. Dwa. Stayim. Tsvey.

Next I know it, he'll be asking for the car keys to go on a date. Oy, I'm not ready.

Pattern: 86-10 Headband in Alaska (Rav Link, Non Rav Link).
For: Lana, my cleaning lady.
Yarn: 34 grams of Cascade 220 Superwash #871 (White)
Needle: 5.0mm / US 8 9" Novelty Bamboo Straights (they say I HEART KNITTING on them!)
Size: N/A
Timeline: Sunday, December 28th, 2008 (A couple of hours)
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! Definitely want to make one for myself.

Tonight was the last night of Chanukah.
I hope all that celebrated had a great 8 days of Chanukah!

Off to go finish watching a CSI: Miami marathon. (That's how desperate I am for something on TV - I cannot stand Horatio - but I really have nothing else to watch and CSI: Miami is on for like 8 hours straight on A&E!)

Just a reminder that my boxing week sale goes on until the end of the year, and as well, that's the final day to sign up for the Sock Club options for 2009. Don't miss out!


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Hasppy Birthday, big fella!

Bea said...

2 wow! Happy Birthday Sean!!!

Bea said...

Oh ooops...the headband looks great too :)

Ammerins said...

Sean, I hope you had a great birthday! En yes, Robyn, before you know it they're asking you for money to complete simple chores like clean up their toys, want to know if they can bring their girl/boyfriend to dinner one Sunday and if they can borrow the car...

And on that note... wishing you a great 2009!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday, little man!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Cetta said...

Happy birthday, Sean! Isn't it funny? Everyone I know says that they can't stand Horatio Cane, but that show is still on the air!

Caroline said...

Happy birthday Sean! I also can't believe he's two already. I still remember when you were pregnant with him!

I love the headband, I'll definitely make one for myself!

Big Girl Feet said...

Happy Birthday Sean!!

Jude said...

I love Sean's shirt! And happy birthday to him!!

Amelah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN! Even though I was there to say it in person!!

Head band looks nice!!! Mackie was too cute when he was grabbing @ ur needles lol!

Happy Hanukkah!!!! xox

Jennifer said...

happy belated to ur lil man! i didn't realize that he and i share a birthday, just 29 years apart, and i was born at 415 am, so close in time, too.

obviously behind in my blog reading again, but i did scan through your old ones...can't believe how big mack's getting!

you look fab in the pics on this post, by the way. just thought i'd mention it :)

hope your holiday was/is great!

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

The headband is so cute! I hope your cleaning lady likes it (I am sure she will).

Jenny said...

Happy birthday Sean! I can't believe how fast the last two years have gone. Gosh, kids grow up so quickly!

Bertha said...

Happy birthday Sean!! I cannot BELIEVE you are 2! That means June will be 2 next month which surely can't be possible! You are growing up into such a handsome little man!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the Tshirt that Sean wore . it's so cute with such "my mum is the most beautiful woman in the world". hahaha :) Nice... DId your husband buy that for "YOU" actually?

I love the 1st 3 pictures, Sean has the image of you huh. :)
cute faces!!

dawn said...

What a cutie that sean is. Gotta love those terrible twos. I was just reminding my hubby to enjoy these years no matter how frustrated he gets cause when they're teenagers they won't want anything to do with us.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Sean! I cried when Paisley turned 5. I have a hard time watching her grow up, I`m such a sap! It just happens so fast.
LOVE the headband, infact I had to dig up some yarn in the stash and try my new needles out with it. I think my mom may receive her last Christmas present sooner then expected. It`s a quick knit too.

Robin said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Sean! I love the first picture of the two of you - you guys have the same smile!

Tara said...

2 is a really special age, enjoy it! And the headband looks fabulous on you, definitely make one for yourself!