Saturday, December 06, 2008

december six

This morning I went to swim class with Sean. Sean has one week left for this session and he got his placement for next session, which I knew would be in the same class that he's in now, as he's in this level until he's 2 and a half or three. Fine by me, Sean still needs to work on dunking his head under water unassisted, and floating on his back like a star unassisted. Which he has to be able to do before he can move on to the next level.

Afterwards I ran to Purolator to pick up a missed package. The card apparently said that I missed them at 2:54 am. Uhm, at 2:54 am I was home, fast asleep. Oh well. I got some replacement tote bags that came damaged in the shipment when I ordered them for the November Sock Club kit. The customer service at that company is fantastic. I had emailed them only a few days before, the girl who I usually deal with was on vacation, so someone else handled it right away, I couldn't believe it. I'm impressed.

From when I got home until late afternoon, Jamie & I re-organized a few rooms in the house. We brought up the 2nd (old) couch from the den into the playroom. We re-organized the playroom. We brought ALL the toys from the den into the playroom. The den feels cozy again, and not a mess or clausterphobic - which it was starting to feel. I can now relax in the den. We still need to find a new piece for the den for one of the sides of the fireplace mantel, because we're just using an old piece of furniture to hold up the computer that is attached to the PVR for the TV and I hate it. I also want to get a side table for next to the couch. I hate what's there now. Next year we'll get new couches, but for now, I just want to get two pieces for the room.

I also pushed over the crib in Mack's room. I made room for this in there. I figured it was about time to take it out of Sean's room, as he's too old for it (though he still likes playing with it) as he'll probably get some stuff for his birthday (which is coming up faster then I'd like) and he'll need room for it in his room.

What a clean up!

I have a bag for garbage. I have a bag of new toys for the food/toy drive that his daycare is doing. Mainly stuffed animals that still have tags on them. We apparently have way too many stuffed animals in this house. I hate stuffed animals. They're dust collectors. I hope he doesn't get any more for his birthday. I also have a bag for donation. Once I'm done cleaning up I think I'm going to post on Craigslist that I have a bag of toys. Maybe there is a needy family that needs it this year, because things are tight and they don't want to disappoint their kids for Xmas. Hey, if I can help a family in need - then great.

I feel so much better that we started doing all this. Also - I plan on getting a bookcase for the playroom for some of Sean's book in there. (There are books all over this house - though I'm not complaining, I am raising my kids readers).

I also want to get tomorrow (when we go out to do family errands), some cubby organizers with drawers for my office. I finally want to get my office all organized, as it's a huge disaster. It's functional, but a massive mess. And every time I start a new project, it seems to get an even larger mess!

This evening I finally satisfied my poutine craving. Jamie went out to play hockey tonight, like he usually does, and I ordered a poutine with smoke meat. Oh was it fabulous. I love melted cheese curds. I ordered a salad to go with it - I felt better eating the poutine that I had a healthy salad to go with it!

I've been sitting on the couch watching 30 Rock. I think I'm too tired to take out my knitting, so I'm going to go crash while watching more episodes. I love Tina Fey.


Nell said...

HAHA! That's like when I balance out my french fries with a diet coke. Makes me feel better anyway!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I need to get my room cleaned (hmm...must asked my cousin to help over Christmas break). Glad you got your fix for poutine.

Shelley said...

Sounds like you've had a busy day! Thanks for the compliment on my Get Ziggy. It's a really easy pattern.

Bea said...

Sounds like the room adjustments are really good improvements!

g-girl said...

sounds like you and jamie got a lot of cleaning/decluttering done. I'm sure it looks better and you probably feel better knowing that it's cleaner.

Tara said...

Salad with poutine????? Blasphemy.