Tuesday, December 09, 2008

december nine :: 25 weeks old

Mack is 25 weeks old today. Next Wednesday he's 6 months old.

This morning Mack had his 2nd to last swim class for this session. Registration started last night for the next session starting in January, so I registered Mack into the same Tuesday morning class (since that worked for us) and then Sean for the same Saturday morning class at the new level he's in (from half way into this past session when we discovered that he was indeed in the wrong level) and myself into the same Wednesday Aqua Strollers class. I'm hoping that next session there are more anglophones with babies near Mack's age in the class. This past session it seemed that it was all francophones with babies near 1 year old. Bah. I want Mack to make friends with kids closer to his age. (Though, he does have friends in his playgroup and I love their mommies). At this age, it's more social interaction for me!

This morning in Mack's swim class I started talking to a mom who's son Marcus is about 10 months old and wants to join the music class that I'm organizing for the new year. I'm trying to recruit as many moms as possible to take this class - it is going to be a lot of fun. And no, I get no monetary gifts for recruiting. The mother is super nice, and I'm glad she will be joining in on the fun with her son, whom I believe is her first child.

Mack loves being on his feet rather than sitting, which means he loves his exercauser. I've heard rumors (I don't know if it's true?) that the exercauser is bad for their legs/knees and could cause problems later on in life. I'm going to ask his doctor when we got near the end of the month if this is true, it sounds very possible. They say that the jumperoo is better because it allows them to bend their knees, etc. I got him the Fisher Price Jumperoo - the rainforest one, which he loves. But I have the exercauser in the kitchen, which I put Mack in while we eat dinner, while I cook/bake, etc. I can't always bring the jumperoo from room to room - it's big & heavy.

But he loves the exercauser and loves to blow bubbles in the exercauser. Boy does this kid drool! I'm hoping that he'll cut a tooth sooner rather than later - he's certainly gnawing on anything he can get his hands on, or to his mouth. Sean didn't get his first tooth until in his 9th month, which is late. I'm hoping Mack cuts the first set sooner.

I tried Sweet potatoes for Mack today. He LOVED the sweet potatoes. Devoured about half a jar. Oh, I'm glad. We'll do sweet potatoes for about 3-4 days and then I think I'll try him on peas next. I found a new company of baby food that I think I like, it's got no added sugar, no added preservatives. It's just sweet potato and water. (I don't have the urge to make baby food from scratch. It's just not in me).

This afternoon I baked about 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies. They were for the Knitting Guild meeting tonight, but it snowed like you wouldn't believe and it's nasty outside, so I didn't end up going to the monthly meeting tonight. It was the Christmas party tonight. I missed the last meeting - I can't remember why - and this meeting, because of the weather. I really have to make it out to the next meeting - I really miss the people there! I even had some kids mittens for the mitten tree - they were donating the mittens to a school I believe. I will have to find out if it's too late to donate - I think I had like 3 or 4 (maybe even more) pairs of gloves to donate.

Now, what to do with 36 chocolate chip cookies. Hubby shouldn't be eating them. I want to lose the rest of the baby weight. Well, a bag was packed for my brother, hubby will bring those to work tomorrow. I packed a brown lunch paper bag for Sean's 2 daycare teachers, they're each getting a bag tomorrow. And the rest? Hmph. I hope we don't eat them all. Not good!

Sat on the couch and watched TV tonight. Knitted a bit. Much needed. Always makes me feel better. Doesn't it?


g-girl said...

really, the exersaucer might be bad for babies' legs/knees?? You'd think that'd make them stronger! that's fantastic that he love dthe sweet potatoes! :)

Nell said...

Yeah for sweet potatoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi robyn, it is not too late to donate the mitts, you should get them to Norma or the wool store where Norma can pick them up ruby

Bea said...

If you gave 12 to each of the people you gave bags to they would all be gone nad you wouldn't have to worry about eating them! I don't like sweet potatos. I'm glad that mack does though.

Sarah B. said...

I like cookies....

Amelah said...

I never even saw any of those cookies!!!!!

Cute pictures of Mackie!

dawn said...

Mack is such a cutie. I'm sure he can't wait to take off after big brother.

Tara said...

OK, I was going to go all "Qu'est-ce que t'as contre les Français, osti???", and then Mack's face was just too adorable. Cheater!

BTW, thanks for the reminder for swim class. I just signed Émilie up for hers in January.