Friday, December 12, 2008

december twelve :: 102 weeks old

Sean is 102 weeks old today. 2 weeks left until his birthday.

Some cool stuff to show you today:

I am a huge Litte Tikes Turtle Sandbox fan. So much, that when I found this plate & bowl set I had to get it for my boys. It even came with a shovel for a spooon and a pitch fork (?) as a fork. Maybe it's a rake. It's super cute! I love it.

I've been crafting for the holidays:

I made 24 of them. As seen on Oprah!

I can't wait to hand them out for the holidays. (My black ink was running low as you can see on the above tags that will be on the Hot Chocolate Gift Bags I made). Got to re-order more black ink for my ink jet printer.

Sean's teacher said he was a bit better today. Though, we'll see how he is next week with eliminating sugar all weekend. Though, I'm hoping Sean's better for Monday. He's got a nasty runny nose right now. Poor kid. His teacher said to watch out, that 3 kids went home with fever today. I really hope he doesn't get sick - as his birthday party is next weekend. He needs to remain healthy!

This evening we had my in-laws over for dinner. It was a quiet evening.

MEME - I love to do this one every year!

The first sentence (or two in my case!) of each first post of the month for 2008:

January: Happy New Year. Today I woke up to crazy snow.
February: Dear Readers, Mrs. Knit & Purl Mama is violently ill.
: Saturday. Day one of my Slow Month.
April: This morning we had our class at the Y. Sean always tries to go straight for the painting.
May: Wow, it's May. January-February-March-April-May....! What?? It's May?? When did that happen?
June: Specs (on hat project) Now I just need that baby to come out to wear it! I'm sure it'll fit him right away.
July: Mackenzie is 2 weeks old today.
August: Sean is 83 weeks old today.
September: I'm finally able to show you that secret project I've been working on!
October: Last night I crashed on the couch as soon as I was done blogging. I was out cold by 9:45 pm with Mack in my arms.
November: My car (3 years old) has hit 33,333 kilometers. Ironically when I dumped my photos onto my computer, this was image number 333.
December: Mackie's playgroup today was small. A lot of people are sick and so it was just 6 of us with our 6 kids.


Nell said...

Those hot chocolate bags are so cute! And definitely perfect for little treats this season.

Amelah said...

Just like his Auntie! I am sick and have my party next weekend too!! Trying to get better fast!

Laura said...

Those hot cocoa bags are really cute! Do you have instructions on how to make them, or a recipe?

Bea said...

I like your meme and your turtle bowl. I had one of those sand boxes as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Mmm hot chocolate. What a sweet idea! (No pun intended, lol)

Jude said...

I love the little sand-box bowl! And Sean always looks so happy and cute in the pictures. He's an adorable little boy!

Tara said...

Nice cocoa packages! I think that's a really special gift.

dawn said...

What a cute idea with the hot chocolate. Look at you all prepared for Christmas. I made candy buckeyes does that count?

g-girl said...

the hot chocolate gift bags are so cute! :) i need to watch more oprah. ;) i think that's my favorite end of the year meme too!