Tuesday, April 01, 2008

april one

This morning we had our class at the Y. Sean always tries to go straight for the painting. I usually try to get his shirt off first (to which his teacher would yell at me for - she doesn't believe in interrupting their thought process). I swear, he's my little picasso!

In my aqua-stroller class this late morning, someone actually signed up and another girl and her daughter moved from Wednesday's class to today. So, we will actually be running the class - Woohoo!!! I'm happy! It was a good work out today, even if Sean tried to climb out of the boat he was supposed to be in, and gave me a heart attack. Hopefully he won't do that again, or I'll have to stop attending that class.

This afternoon I ran some errands and picked up a few things that I needed. Yes, my friends, I spend a few dollars today. I was out and saw these really cute dishes (like fancy serving tray dishes) for Passover. You see, I never go to someone's house empty handed. And this year, we're going to the first night of Passover to Jamie's cousin's house on his dad's side, and then the 2nd night of Passover is at my mom's. (Very excited that there will be THREE knitters at Pesach this year, and so knitting will have to be allowed! There will be myself, Jenn & my sister). So I picked up a dish for each of the houses we'll be going to - and as well some Kosher for Passover candies. (I've got first dibs on the RED ones when the box is open... I'm craving them, and didn't buy myself a box). (Wasn't going to buy a box for just the red ones).

Robyn's Nest now has in stock Stitch Savers. They are awesome! As seen on Knitty.com's Cool Stuff page. You can now get them through Robyn's Nest.

Also, the rest of the Shibui Sock yarn is now listed. We have 11 beautiful colorways!

If anyone is interested in a free e-book, Melanie Lynne Hauser is offering her new book Jumble Pie for free. You can find the details here. I've started (and then got side-tracked) her novel Confessions of a Super-Mom. Must remember to pull it out and finish it. And when Jumble Pie is eventually published, they will let everyone on the list know about a special signed book plate! How cool is that?

Courtesy of my sister, I'm shocked that these 2 next products even exist. I got a good chuckle, maybe you will too. First up, we've got the USB Pregnancy Test. Second, Super Pii Pii Brothers for the Wii... Yeah.... interesting to say the least!

Though I'm glad my slow month is over.... I'm still going to be managing my shopping. This is important for discipline (I love to shop!) and also, with another baby on the way - maybe a little important. I just am used to getting whatever I want, when I want it - so it's going to be tough! :)

I wanted to come up with a grand April Fool's joke, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with something as good Drea's joke! Oh well, next year!


Jennifer said...

omg the usb pg test cracks me up!

so, how does it work for me to order off robyns nest...do u know how the conversion works? i might like to get a few of the stitch savers, but i'm not sure how ordering from a canadian site converts for me.

Anonymous said...

I have to run out and get a WII now - let's play Super PII PII - I can't belive there's really a game like that - YUCK!

g-girl said...

what will they think of next??? goodness gracious! those stitch savers are genius!

Tara said...

I think that a big part of controlling one's spending is just waiting out the urge, you know? Kind of like quitting smoking (I used to smoke). I'll give it a shot.