Monday, April 07, 2008

april seven :: 27 weeks pregnant

This morning I got up early after fasting from the night before. I had to fast for my glucose test that every pregnant woman has to eventually do. Last time 'round, pregnant with Sean, my first glucose test came back borderline, so I had to go back for the 2nd one, which instead of a 1 hour test like the first one, it's a 3 hour one. I really hope to NOT have to do the 3 hour one this time. Crossing my fingers. I'll find out on the 21st when I go to my next check-up.

So I got to the hospital, and was relieved to find out that I didn't have to wait in the registration line. I knew I would be taken right away upon registering, but I still thought that I had to stand in the registration line. The HOUR AND A HALF registration line. So happy I got to skip it. So, they took my blood, and then I had to drink this special liquid. Then I had to sit and wait for an hour before doing another blood test. So I had to go first and drop off (on the same floor) my pre-registration paperwork for Mackenzie's arrival. While handing in my forms, there was a girl standing behind the counter next to the girl who took in my paperwork. She was like "You look familiar".... and we started asking 20 questions, to realize we danced together for like 8-10 years at the same dance school (for Ballet & Tap - yes pointe shoes eventually!) and were in the same classes for years. We caught up a bit, and it was nice to see her. (I would have NEVER recognized her!) Anyhow, the girls in admitting were so nice that they did my change of address for me, instead of having to go down to the room where they do your hospital card on the bottom floor. So I got a new card, and they actually put my married name on it and my actual legal name in the maiden name spot! (For those of you who are not Quebecers, in this lonely province of Canada, we are the ONLY ones who do not take our husband's name when we get married, because of the high divorce rate in Quebec, they don't want to take the time to do the paperwork. You think I'm kidding? "Both spouses keep their birth names after marriage and continue to exercise their civil rights under that name, i.e. they must use their birth name in contracts, on credit cards, on their driver's licence, etc. However, women are free however to assume their husband's name socially." Quoted from here.) It's just kinda neat to see my "married" name on a 'legal' document like a hospital card. It's just weird that my own son has a different last name as I do - but that's a whole other story.

After handing in my admitting papers, (so all I have to do it show up to the hospital when in labor/water breaks), I went back to the blood test area. I sat down and pulled out my knitting. That may have been a mistake. I attracted this really nasty man who kept asking me what I was knitting, what I know how to knit, and if he could have my number so that he could take me out. I explained to him that I was married. (Did he miss my wedding rings? And my pregnant belly?) He just wouldn't leave me alone, and he kept asking me what ticket number I had (which I didn't because I just had to go back after 1 hour to the same room for my 2nd test) and even after he was done his blood test, he came back and sat down next to me, even though he was free to go home, or wherever. He even pulled out a peanut butter sandwich (which is when I wanted to vomit!) Not only did he smell bad, but he pulled out the one item I detest. (I won't even allow Jamie to eat anything peanut butter near me, the smell just makes me nauseas, pregnant or not!) Anyhow, there's been some progress on the baby sweater, and I'll show pictures tomorrow.

While waiting for my mom & sister (who had Sean with them) to come back and pick me up, I ended up buying this book from this little old lady at the hospital who was selling 2nd hand books. Not sure where the money goes, but it's back to the hospital, in one way or another. The book didn't cost much, so I'm really happy about that! The book looks cute too.

We first headed to Walmart, where I picked up some socks for Sean and a few maternity tops that I need to try on to see if they fit/look good. I also picked up a tummy time mat for Mackenzie. I wish I had seen this thing when Sean was under 6 months old, but I didn't know it existed. I learned about it from blogless Kate-the-Enabler. It's a really cool mat. And for half the price that Toys R Us sells them for.

We then had lunch, and then did a few more errands. One of the errands was stopping at another Walmart on the way home, and while in the baby section there, an employee comes up to us and asks me what size Sean wears. At first I was a tad confused, but she had a reason behind it! Apparently there was a bunch of articles of clothing she'd just put on sale for 1$ each. 1$!!!! Sizes 2 and 3 boys. (2 year old and 3 year old size). And very cute items as well. I got 1 pair of pants, a bunch of shirts and some sweaters too. I couldn't believe it! I seem to get the best deals on baby articles.... it never fails! I only wish my wardrobe was inexpensive like Sean's! (Yeah right). These great deals just seem to fall into my lap. However, I won't complain.

I got my Wee Sock Swap Sock in the mail today! Thank you so much Carrie! I love it & everything you sent along with it! I absolutely love Orbit gum and you cannot get it here in Canada. I have not tried the Raspberry Mint flavored one either yet. Very excited about that. I also have two packs of Orbit in my bedroom that my friend Lauren sent me, I still haven't opened them yet. (Been saving them, since we don't get that gum here!) Thank you again Carrie, the little extras were super nice. (I hope the pal I sent my sock to, enjoys the little extras that I put in her parcel!)

This evening, while alone at home with Sean, first he decided to take off his pants. Within minutes, he figured out (for the first time) to take off his diaper.

What a funny kid. He proceeded to run around the den in just his t-shirt. I finally brought him upstairs, and just as we entered the bathroom and set him down on the ground, he peed all over the floor. (Thank goodness on the tile and not my den carpet!!)

Sean just loves bath time. I love spiking his hair up with soap. His hair is finally growing back long enough to do so too!

Another thing Sean loves to do is look at himself in the mirror after his bath to see what towel he's wearing. He laughs every time at each towel that I put him in. I think that the elephant one (due to the trunk of the elephant) makes him laugh the hardest!

27 weeks pregnant. (Or maybe 30 weeks if my doctor is correct and the U/S technician is wrong?) Either way, I'm now in my 3rd trimester. I'm sure I'm just going to get more and more tired. But I'm expecting it. Especially as my belly grows bigger and bigger and bigger by the weeks.


Summer said...

Hi Robyn,

Great photos of you and Sean!! Sean is getting more adorable!!

I hate the glouose test. The orange soda tastes good at first, then when you are half way done it tastes gross!

Hope the test goes well for ya!!

Jennifer said...

eww eww eww on the nasty peanut butter man :(

interesting about the name change thing...learn something new every day!

lauriec said...

The 3 hour test is the worst! I failed mine w/ record #'s. So not fun!

Sending normal blood sugar vibes!

Sean is too cute!!

Andrea said...

I'm a peanut butter hater too! I think we're few and far between. I make Jeff sit on the other side of the room if he's eating peanut butter.

Jennifer said...

I hope your sugars are ok, but if you have to start testing yourself it's not that bad. (I did it!).

he peed on the floor? ROFL

CanadianRN said...

I think the ladies selling books are volunteers associated with the Auxilliary...they fundraise for the hospital, and also own the Second Cup. Apparently they're the largest hospital auxilliary in North America! But yeah good cheap books.

Amelah said...

HAHA I love the way you sensored that pic with the :)
Good to know my sis still has it - getting picked up in the waiting room hehehe
Had fun yesterday xox

carolynswafford said...

Seeing the pictures of your little cutie and how happy he looked in the tub made me miss my babies...they're too big now (4 & almost 8). They were always very happy in the tub, too! So much fun!!! I didn't know that some canadians can't change their name....very odd!

Carrie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your wee sock package!
I enjoyed putting it together for you.

twinsetellen said...

I hope the glucose test results come back fine. Too bad a tedious procedure had to be made yucky by peanut butter man. It's nice that you got to end the day with Winnie the Pooh.

Kim said...

I am cracking up over the name change thing. How high of a divorce rate is there!? Can't possibly be higher than the U.S. I've been through 3 names in the past 2 years...ex-husband..maiden..current husband ;)

I do my glucose test in a few weeks. I don't have to fast, though. They'll just take my one hour and if I fail, then I have to do the whole thing. I hope yours is LOW!!!

Kimber said...

I have some friends from Quebec and they have hyphenated their names because of that rule in Quebec.

I must admit I sort of chuckled reading about that scuzzy guy hitting on you! He sounds like a piece of work!

BTW, I got your package yesterday - Thank you so much Robyn all of it is so appreciated, unexpected and liked! Rhiannon grabbed all the candy right away, I didn't even have a chance!

Tara said...

Looking prosperous! It'll be over before you know it, and you'll miss the feeling of being pregnant!