Tuesday, April 29, 2008

april twenty-nine :: 30 weeks pregnant (yesterday)

I started reading Wiped last night. So far, it's cute! Written very differently from Toddlers Gone Wild. (Different style). I was able to read about 20 pages before falling asleep (eyes getting droopy).

Sean woke up sometime after 3:30 am last night/this morning. I decided enough was enough, and I let him cry it out. He did fall back asleep. I'm going to say that maybe it took about half an hour or so of off and on crying. I had closed our bedroom door almost all the way (I can't close it all the way because of the darn cats. If it's shut, they scratch from whatever side they are on). (Which is funny. I say this because if the door is left open all night, they'll mind their own business in whatever room they are in, or on whatever pile of clothing they are sleeping on in the corner of the bedroom, etc. But once the door is shut, it's like a magnet. They're at the door pawing/scratching at it). (DRIVES ME NUTS!) (So for this reason, I cannot close the bedroom door all the way to let Sean scream/cry it out). And I did put on Little Teethers on his gums before bed again as I have been all week due to the molars cutting through.

This morning I threw ingredients for my "usual" slow cooker recipe into the crock pot. I always use the same base, and just add whatever vegetables I have on hand, that sort of thing. Sometimes we have it on pasta, sometimes we have it with potatoes, and sometimes, plain. (Tonight it was plain, Jamie was too hungry to wait for noodles to cook). After throwing in the stew, (Hungarian Beef Stew), Sean & I headed off to his class at the Y. We arrived a few minutes late because I really wanted a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese and a hot chocolate from Tim Horton's up the street from my house. The paints are usually out on Tuesday morning's class, and today there was no paint. This disappointed me because I had prepared Sean in his "painting" clothes and we had a list of Mother's Day paintings to do (that I plan on framing) as gifts from Sean for Mother's Day for his 3 grandmothers. Here's to hoping they get to paint next week, or he'll be painting in our house (ugh!)

After class, we ran over to the pool, and had my swimming class. Today's class was quiet (a bunch of the new faces from last week) weren't there. Swimming completely wiped me out. I love my Aqua-Strollers class, it's just very tiring at 30 weeks pregnant! Especially since it's not a pre-natal aqua class.

After swimming I went to city hall (attached to the pool) to inquire about getting a copy of the plot of our land (so I can properly get a fence installed in our backyard) and got a phone number to call, since they were closed for lunch and I wasn't hanging around for almost an hour until they re-opened. Then returned a bunch of books that are due this week to the library (in the same building as the pool/city hall). I renewed my Vegetable Gardening for Dummies book, as I'm still lost with all this gardening stuff, and I plan on gardening in 3 weekends.

Speaking of Gardening, I can't believe that all the seeds that I planted on Saturday have already sprouted. Most of them anyhow! That's lightening speed compared to the tomatoes/peppers that I planted a few weeks ago. Those took forever to sprout! I'm hoping that these plants don't get too big before they are transplanted into my garden in 3 weekends, otherwise I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Today I chased the guy for my gardening again, and then also tried to chase down the guy for a fence for my backyard. I'm hoping to figure things out soon, as the fence needs to go in before the garden does. Jamie said that if I don't hear from the gardener guy by the weekend, he'll clean up the backyard this weekend (like he did the front this past weekend). Anyhow, I'll be trying them again tomorrow. Hoping for some results.

After the library, I packed Sean up in the car, and I headed over to Walmart. He fell asleep in the car on the way there, and I was able to successfully transfer him into his stroller without any issues. He slept through almost my entire time at Walmart. (First I did a return). I needed to pick up a plant light bulb and a BBQ cover for outside. While there, since Sean was sleeping, I decided to browse around. First I went to check to see if they by chance had a pair of shoes that Angela got on liquidation for 5$ that I absolutely loved. They had only 1 pair left period, when we were in another Walmart, in size 8. Angela spotted them first, so she bought them. I hearted them too. Then when I was out with my mom last week, I decided to see if they had them at a Walmart that we were near. They did, but only 1 pair left, in a size 6. No good for me, I'm a size 8. Today, at my local Walmart, I tried again. Found the shoe! And I mean shoe! I found 1 shoe, size 8 on the rack. Hmmm, 1 shoe? Weird!!! With the help of an associate who works there, we searched, but couldn't find the 2nd shoe. Weird. She had to go on her lunch break, but I wasn't giving up. I kept looking. I searched the entire shoe department. And yes ladies & gentlemen, I found the 2nd shoe!!

Aren't they lovely? I just adore them. Especially for 5$. I'm so super happy that I found them.

Now I just need somewhere to wear them to. These are the type of shoes that I would have worn to work, back in the day when I worked in a photo lab, or that style job. (Camera store/photo lab). (I've only ever worked for a photo lab/camera store - 2 different companies) for work, other than the family business, and now, my own store. Hmmm.... where to wear them to?

While at Walmart, and Sean still sleeping in his stroller, I made my way to the baby department and looked over the solutions for home safety. Sean's been getting into all the cabinets, etc, and I needed to figure something out for the wall unit in the dinning room where my ceramic/breakables (dishes and other) are kept, as well as my fine china. I picked up a bunch of Cabinet Slide Locks by Safety 1st, but unfortunately upon bringing them home, they won't work with the type of knobs, etc, so we need to come up with another solution. And quick. The kid tries daily to open up all the doors to the cabinets in there.

This afternoon my mother came by to play with Sean so I could get a few things done, and that was a big help. My dad stopped by on his way home from work, to help me out with something, and then by the time they were leaving, Jamie got home from work. Dinner was fabulous, as usual from the crock pot (gotta start using it more!) and this evening Jamie let me do some work while he hung out with Sean for a bit, and then we watched some hockey on TV. Though, Sean was being not himself this evening, and was ubber cranky. I'm not really sure why. It's possible he's cutting that last molar. I'm just praying he sleeps through the night tonight, I'll accept anything past 6 am tomorrow morning. I'm not going into his room before that.

Carried away with Sean's 16 month post yesterday I forgot (but knew) that I was 30 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. So, here's my 30 week shot. Full fledged basketball belly! That's what it feels and looks like! I'm hoping to only go to 38 weeks, so here's to hoping for only 8 more weeks! Can you tell I'm done? Really, I am tired.

Speaking of the little guy, he's been moving around the entire time I've been posting this. I've never felt him THIS active before. Maybe he doesn't like the way I'm sitting on the couch using my laptop, I don't know. But he's definitely having a party in my belly.

I'm torn whether to do a 3d Ultrasound or not. If I do one, it would have to be now... before it's too cramped in there for a successful session.

Tomorrow is your last chance to order a May Sock Club kit. They go off sale at the end of the day, April 30th, 2008. It's going to be a great kit - so don't miss out your chance.


Drea said...

you are really showing now, i cannot believe you're already 30 weeks!!

Barb said...

awwwww love the preggo belly, but I definatly DO NOT miss being pregnant, I found the 2nd time around a LOT more difficult and painful.

the shoes are too cute!! I would have hunted down that 2md one too, I should see if the Wal-Mart here carries those shoes ;)

Tara said...

FINALLY CAUGHT UP!!!! Yaaaaaay me! I'm never, EVER getting so far behing again. You're just too prodigious, girl!

8 more weeks!!! Hang in there! :)

Caroline said...

Awwww I love the shoes! I wish I lived closer to Wal-Mart (and I wear size 6.5 so sometimes the 6 fit).

Bea said...

Love the shoes. Happy 30 weeks. Here's hoping that you only go to 38 weeks.

O. said...

wow, what luck with the shoes! :) wonder if wall-mart has them here on the west coast, I'd love to have those tooooo!

g-girl said...

love those shoes!!!! you can show off your handknit socks in those shoes. :) are they comfy? I, too, need to use my crock pot more also!