Tuesday, April 22, 2008

april twenty-two :: earth day

Happy Earth day everyone.

Today was a long day.

At 9:30 am we went for a walk with a stroller walking group in my area (which I'm in charge of), around a local park in my area. We were 3 of us, one girl with her 6 month old daughter and another with her son who was born the same day as Sean. It was a nice 1 hour walk, but by the end, I was sweating and pooped!

Then we ran off to my aqua class at the pool. We had a ton of newcomers, which is great, because we went from a class with just me in it - to a FULL class! I think we were about 8 moms and 8 babies today. (Something around that).

After aqua, we ran home, (since it's around the corner from the pool) and I picked up the mail. I can't figure out why on earth my postman left my amazon order outside my door, but yet left me a missed slip for another parcel. He couldn't have left them both? I don't owe customs on it (or the slip would have been marked), so I can't figure out the logic for making me run after 1 parcel. I'll find out tomorrow what on earth it is.... I'm expecting a ton of stuff in the mail (swaps and business orders) so we'll see what it is!

I didn't even go in the house, just got the mail and headed on out. We went and did some drive thru for lunch, and after eating 1 and a half nuggets, Sean fell asleep in the car. I got gas, on my way into the city (I'd been driving around for a little bit now with my gas light on - OOPS), and could NOT belive that it cost me 60$ to fill up my car. Never has it ever before cost me more than 30-35$. Really. SIXTY DOLLARS. For a 4 cylendar 4 door Acura EL. WHAT THE FUCK!!! It was over 1.30$ a liter. (For you America friends of mine, 1 gallon of gas, is equal to 3.785 liters. So, 1.30$ (average) x 3.785 = 4.92$ per gallon of gas. (Just to show you that you guys are complaining about 3.50$ a gallon.... we have it more expensive than you guys do!) 60$ to fill up a car. I can't imagine what prices for any car larger than mine.

After getting gas, I met up with Angela. We went to Sean's 15 month (belated) check-up. That was the next item on our list.

Sean's check up went well. He got his chicken pox vaccine, and didn't even cry. He did flinch when it went into his arm, but nothing more than that. I'm very proud of him.

He now weighs 24 lbs 8 oz (24 and a half pounds exactly) which puts him just below the 50th percentile. (I have a skinny kid, nothing wrong with that). For his height, I was shocked to learn that he's just above the 50th percentile, and not more than that. I totally thought he was tall for his age. I spoke to his doctor about taking on Mackenzie as well, which she will, and I mentioned that I would like to stay with her as patients. Sean's original doctor will be coming back from maternity leave come January 2009, but I dont think that I want to go back to her. We'll discuss it further when we go back (on my birthday) for Sean's 18 month check up. Everything else looks great, and Sean's doing very well, as well as advancing well for his age as well.

We ran some errands on the way home, and then came back here and plopped on the couch. I really had no energy come late afternoon, and it was too hot to do anything. I just wanted to hop into a cold pool - seriously!

This evening I gave Angela a ride to where she had to go, and stopped off and got slushies on the way home for Jamie & I. I love slushies. They are great on hot summer days.

I'm zonked. I want to go read a few pages in my book, which is hysterical and I don't want to put down, and at least tomorrow I don't have to be up so early. We don't have our class at the Y since it's Passover, so we're going to go out with my mother tomorrow.

Just a reminder that you have just a few last days to purchase the May Sock Club kit. Don't miss out on the exclusive pattern & colorway! April 30th (next week) is the last day to purchase the kit.

ps- It was too hot in my house today to knit. I can't convince Jamie to put the central air on yet. Doesn't he realize his wife is very pregnant???

pps- I did NOT yet put up my Habs flag off my balcony. I was trying to figure out today how to get it to stay. And then realized that they are calling for 60% rain tomorrow. So I'll skip tomorrow, and get the flag out for Thursday. Providing that the weather clears up. I really don't want the thing I'm putting outside to get ruined (as it's not meant for outside). Just need to figure out how to get it to stay as well... But as soon as I do put it out - I'll take a picture of it - so don't worry! You'll get to see.


Ammerins said...

Happy belated Earth Day back to you!
I'm all with you on the petrol thing. The prices keep going up every day here. We're paying around 1.50 euros a litre, shocking!
That stroller group sounds like fun! I have been toying with the idea myself. However much fun it is to just walk around a park with your own child, with a larger group, and then to let them play together, would be much more interesting. I'll see if I can organise something here.

And, wow, 75 days... The clock is ticking!!!

Jennifer said...

your ticker thingy says only 75 days to go - woohoo!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow, can you believe how expensive gas is? I thought it was just getting bad in the U.S. I know gas has always been expensive in Europe. We need bio-fuel and electric! I'm glad that you and your son go to swimming together. How fun! I have never done a swap. I keep hearing about them. Maybe I should give one a try.

Tara said...

I know, gas prices are IN-SANE!!!!! It cost me 50$ to fill up my Ford Escort, for crying out loud. Will I be taking the train into the city when I go back to work? I think so!

g-girl said...

the gas prices in southern california are catching up to you--we're almost at $4/gal. here. it's maddening. and it's only going to get worse. :( goodness, i was tired just from reading everything you did today!