Saturday, April 12, 2008

april twelve

This morning I got to sleep in with Sean. He actually slept through the night last night, and then I brought him into our bed this morning when he woke up and we slept in a bit together.

Late morning Jamie & I caught up on some TV shows that we were behind on while I cast on for Sweet Baby Cap - which is being done in the same yarn that I did the Baby Surprise Jacket - so it'll be a matching set. Hopefully it'll fit Mackenzie at the same time! That's the plan. Sean took a nice nap this afternoon, so I was able to get some stuff taken care of. On the list was some never ending laundry. Yep, the laundry, never ever ends. Ever.

This evening I went to Game 2 of the 2008 Round 1 Playoff games, Habs vs. Boston. We won 3-2 in Overtime. What a game. The atmosphere. The spirit... ah, what a game to be at. Thursday night's game we won also - 4-1. So far, we're 2-0 in round 1. I'm hoping, we'll win round 1 in 4 games (best of 7), as Boston has yet to win against us this season. While at the game, my buddy from this game, Jean-Marc, who has season tickets next to us, asked me if I'd brought my knitting to the game - and his wife - who was at the game with him, was telling me that she heard I was good at knitting. He asked me if I'd finished what I'd been working on at that game, and I still had photos of the BSJ on my camera, so I showed it to them, they were impressed. I found our season ticket seats more comfortable than the other seats from last Saturday night (from a supplier), since we are front row in our season ticket seats, in the section, and there is more leg room and a bar to lean against. I definitely was more comfortable, but still, uncomfortable at the same time.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, I'm sooo done being pregnant - lol. Really. I'm so not comfortable. I'm finding myself to be more uncomfortable during this pregnancy, than I was with Sean. The uncomfortness came later on during my pregnancy with Sean, this time around, it's come earlier. There is a pain "down there" that is just driving me insane.

I have an extra copy of Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 as well as Interweave Knits Winter 2007. Is anyone interested in a Swap if you need either for your collection?

Since we have no child tonight (he's sleeping at my parents house), I get to sleep in tomorrow. (MUCH NEEDED!) I'm very excited about that.

The house in our circle that was up for sale, the one that I was waiting for an open house, so that I can be a nosey neighbor and see what it looks like inside - well, it wasn't even on the market for a week, and it sold. WOW! That was fast. I wonder now why our house was on the market for 8 months before we bought it. Oh well, it's too bad there won't be an open house, now I'm just hoping that there will be a young couple with a kid Sean's age moving in. Or pregnant too - so Mack will have a friend - that would be nice.

I'm going to see if I can finish the last few chapters in the book I'm currently reading. The only thing that will stop me from finishing it is if my eye grow droopy. Which is very likely.


Jennifer Lori said...

I'd love the holiday issue if there's something you want to swap for it! Each time I'd looked for a copy they were sold out!

Trish said...

Speaking of the pain down there...a woman I work with had the same thing and her doctor told her it was vericose veins in her who who!!!!! He gave her a special girdle type underwear thing to help it. Something to ask your dr. about!

Not An Artist said...

Now listen Robyn, if you find going to these games too uncomfortable, I will be HAPPY to come and go and knit in your stead.

No really, I would. I'm just that nice a friend ;)

Heee. Love the BSJ; I just finished one in the newborn size in Dream-in-Colour Smooshy and it is adorable!

Jennifer said...

maybe you are feeling so uncomfortable because your thoughts are correct in that you are really further along than the u/s tech said. either way, hope you find some relief soon...not looking forward to the end when i can't escape the uncomfortableness ;)
ps - go habs!!

Tara said...

Still think you'll be having a third baby??? LOL!