Monday, April 28, 2008

april twenty-eight :: 16 months

Today I heart this Victory Garden Orbit Lounge with Side Table & Umbrella. I was surfing the web again looking for my Dish Chair, (still have my heart set on finding one!) and saw this set above. I know I don't need it or have room for it out in the backyard (not with the patio set we already have, BBQ, kiddie pool, kiddie sand box, kiddie slide, and we want to first fence in our backyard (hopefully soon) and get a Cabana (to store lawn mower and that sort of thing inside), as well as plant my vegetable garden, and get a swing set for Sean..... so, yeah..... room for this would be negative. But I can still heart it! Right now I'm in the middle of chasing down the guy for our fence, as well as someone else for a railing for out front of the house (it was brutal this winter and we couldn't install a railing with snow covering), and I'm chasing down the guy for the gardening (who did our snow removal). We need to remove a bush/tree in our backyard, and he's the guy to do it. He's just impossible to reach. Doesn't return calls. I finally found his cell number, so I'll be trying that tomorrow.

On Friday Jamie gave my my early birthday present. YEY! (My birthday is not for another 49 days). I had given Jamie my wish list of what I wanted for my birthday:

1. Ipod Touch
2. Ipod Touch
3. Ipod Touch

And got an IPOD TOUCH! I found a pattern on Ravelry to make a quick cozy for it, I'm actually thinking of adding a pattern to it, maybe some cables. I know I shouldn't cast on something new, as I've got so many WIPs (must sort through my WIP stash and see what's going on with that in the next few days), though, I totally need something to product my new toy. A new toy which I absolutely LOVE by the way. It's just the coolest thing ever. I'm in the middle of transferring all my Podcasts that I have downloaded (knitting ones of course) to my iTunes so that I can dump them on my Ipod Touch. Now I just need to figure out how to read my PDFs on my Ipod, so I can dump all my knitting patterns onto my Ipod so that I can knit from there. (Like with my Palm Pilot). I'm also trying to figure out if there is a common file export/import extention where I can transfer all my contacts (address book) from my Palm Pilot to my Ipod Touch. If I have to sit down and re-type everything out, I'm going to scream, most probably! That is the one sucky thing about getting a new device. Entering in all your "stuff"/ transferring files & information.

So I've been playing with my new toy this afternoon. I love it. It's so much fun. Especially on a rainy day like today.
Today, Sean is 16 months old. 16 months! I like the number 16. It's my lucky number. It's the date I was born on. (Hence why it's probably my fave/lucky number). Hopefully 16 months will be a good month. Sean's rambling all the time now. Sometimes so much so that I just want him to be quiet at times. And I wish that I understood what the heck he was rambling about. I wish I knew how to decipher toddler ramblings. It's quite the mouthful!

By the end of the sixteenth month your toddler

....should be able to:
- imitate activities (He copies you when you bring your hand to your mouth and do "shhh". He does copy a few other things you do, I just can't think of them now).
- scribble (by 16 and a half months). (He's been scribbling for months now, in his classes, painting too!)

....will probably be able to:
- use up to 3 words (He can certainly use more than 3. Hockey, Up, Down, No, Teeth, Cheese, Cheers, Hot, Mama, Dada, Nana, Bub (for grandmother), just to name a few).
- dump an object in imitation (he can toss a ball just like you do, does that count?)

... may possibly be able to:
- use up to 6 words (Yes, see above).
- run (oh yes.... he's fast).

... may even be able to:
- kick a ball forward (we haven't tried, but I certainly will test it out!)
- brush teeth, with help (he doesn't like your help, he does it on his own, though, I go over his job that he's done afterwards).

Speaking of teeth - Sean woke up from his nap today with some blood in his mouth. His bottom left molar cut through the gums while he napped for 3 hours. Ouch. Poor kid. I really can't imagine what it must feel like. I know his lack of sleeping through the night is due to his teeth cutting, but I'm hoping it cools off soon, and he starts sleeping thought the night. I miss uninterrupted sleep. And I miss sharing my bed with just Jamie. It really just isn't big enough for the three of us. His right bottom molar will probably cut any day now... and then, I'm hoping there is a break before his next set of teeth cut through. (What comes after the molars? He'll have 12 teeth after the molars cut (4 top, 4 bottom front, plus all 4 1st set of molars). Is it the I-tooth next? Is that what they are called? No. Yes, the Incisors are a tooth name, but only the four front teeth are incisors. The next ones after he gets his molars will be the Canines.





I just learned something new. The names of the teeth. Good to know. I am really hoping that the Canines come and then we have a break before the Second molars. OR..... We have a break before the Canines, and then second molars. This not-sleeping-through-the-night business is killing me. It won't make a difference to me when Mack is born, because I won't be sleeping through the night anyhow, but until then..... I want sleep! Especially since Sean fights his naps and then by the time he does go down for a nap, I have way tooo much to do to even nap myself. Like today, I tried to get him down for a nap around 1pm, when he was pretty much falling asleep in his high chair at lunch. Rubbing his eyes to the max, etc. However, when I took him in my bed, with a bottle, he got this new found energy and terrorized my bedroom for about 2 hours. While he watched some TV (Nickelodeon Jr) and read books, and played with his toys. So, while he terrorized my bedroom, I finished my book. I was hoping to nap though, but by the time he finally fell asleep at 4pm, I had way to much to do around the house/for work. He oddly slept until 7pm.

Speaking of my book, I finally finished reading Toddlers Gone Wild by Rebecca Eckler. It was fabulous. I read a chapter here and there whenever I had free time. Didn't take me too long to read it actually, which I'm really happy about. I want to read a lot more books in 2008, as I've been really bad at making time to read lately. I try to read every night before bed, when I'm able to keep my eyes open that is. Anyhow, I definitely recommend this book. There are a lot of great tips for moms of toddlers, as well as great stories about Rebecca's toddler as well as her friends kids too. I had moments where I just wanted to laugh out loud, and couldn't, because Jamie was asleep next to me in bed. So I giggled silently. I plan on starting her 2nd book (the one that came before Toddlers Gone Wild) tonight upon going to bed. I cannot wait to read the first one to this series, which Rebecca is sending me shortly. (Which I can't thank her enough!)

It's official. My ING Flowers never sprouted. So I chucked the earth, and I planted something new in the two pots that I had them in. It figures. It was just a advertising ploy. What a waste of time.

I forgot to mention yesterday, we'd gone to Harvey's for lunch before Superdogs. I had some Coupons left, I'd over-printed them. Anyhow, we had our free Angus burgers, which were delicious, and then on our way out, two window washer street kids came into the restaurant. So, being nice, I handed them my leftover coupons. It's only 1 per customer per visit, but I gave them the four or so coupons I had left. I knew I wasn't going to go back to Harvey's before the coupon expired (which was last night) and thought I was doing a nice deed. I got the DIRTIEST look from the guy behind the counter at Harvey's - because he knew what I'd done. I honestly didn't think there was anything wrong with giving those kids the coupons. The original email that I'd gotten for this promotion, was like "email this to all your friends" type of coupon. Introducing the new Angus burger. "Tell everyone"... Anyhow, I didn't let it bother me, and I hope that the street kids enjoyed their Angus burger for the price of just a coke or French fry off the menu. And what difference did it make if I'd have given them the coupons outside of the Harvey's or inside. They would have still used them, right?! I don't see why the minimum wage employee behind the counter at Harvey's really cared anyhow? It wasn't money coming out of his pocket. Plus, if Harvey's didn't want people coming in with the coupon, they shouldn't have of emailed it off to people in the first place, and not make it "printable as many times as you want" type of coupon! Maybe they should have thought about that first!

Alright, off to read a few chapters in Wiped: Life With A Pint-sized Dictator. I'm hoping for some good laughs, just as I had with Toddlers Gone Wild.

ps- I don't even want to talk about the Habs 3-2 loss tonight against the Flyers. It's not over yet, and I'm hoping that Carbonneau kicks their asses back into shape.


Caroline said...

Woohoo, enjoy your iPod touch! It looks great. I hesitated between a Touch and a Classic for my birthday but I ended up asking for the Classic because I wanted as much space as possible on it (it's 80G). Well I now have over 2000 songs on it + the movie Juno and I've only used less than 10G. It turns out I didn't need that much space after all!

Amelah said...

There is a way to import your contacts without retyping them.
If you go to this link its on apple's website it explains it:

PS - I was looking at that too, not that i have a house or backyard but its really nice!!

Anonymous said...

I think I heart that set too.
I bet you need it :) You should get it. I'll help you find room for it (just doin' my Enabling job, friend). It's really attractive - as is your birthday prezzie :)

Amazing how those molars can cause the bleeding eh? I think that's the only time I found blood in the mouth (or actually on the pillowcase, freaked me out) with Aidan too.

happy day - more rain today, so more IPOD playtime?

Victoria said...

congrats on your new ipod!!

Kimber said...

The iPod looks like it is so much fun!

Mathgirl said...

Tuesday right after I finished my oral presentation/thesis defense I went straight to BestBuy and bought myself an ipod touch as a graduation/birthday gift to myself. I am totally in love with it and have no idea what I did before. Oh how I hated that old mp3 player. I'm sure you're loving it every bit as much as me!

Robin said...

Love that lounge chair. The iPod touch looks like a lot of fun! Interesting on the dentistry lesson too!

Jenny said...

iPod Touch--very cool! I love those and they are very sleek.

Thanks for the info about the teeth. Looks like since Chloe has her first 8 teeth, that we are hopefully going to get a little reprieve before the nxt round of teething!

Bea said...

Probably if you understood what he was saying you would wish you were back to not understanding.

K. said...

I think Carbo needs to start wearing that ugly ass tie again...worked the first time...

Tara said...

I should totally get into Podcasts, I think it'd be good to listen to on the train back to work (I'm going back Monday - Waaaah!)

g-girl said...

wow. i definitely heart that victory garden orbit lounge too! and I definitely have nowhere to put it. lol. what a great early bday gift! who knows what that Harvey's employee's problem was. I would've done the same thing you did! Why waste coupons??