Thursday, April 24, 2008

april twenty-four

Today was just one of those days. I had a lot of things that I wanted to do, and didn't feel like I accomplished too much of it, due to a little monkey who kept me chasing after him all day. His face is looking a lot better, from his little booboo yesterday. I'm thinking by some point over the weekend his face will be booboo free. I think the whole thing with his wipe out affected me more than it affected him.

This afternoon we ran out to get some groceries, and Sean flirted with everyone in the store. Of course. This kid is a real charmer. He's so cute, maybe that's the reason I can't get him down for his naps. He fights them as he rubs his eyes. The other thing going on in this household that is running me down, is he lack of sleeping through the night in his own crib. We get a day here and there where he will sleep through the night, but it's rare. Co-sleeping, don't get me wrong, I love it. I love having him in our bed. However, there simply is not enough room anymore for the three of us in our Queen Size Bed. (Maybe if we had a King Size bed, it would be an entire other story). I'm just hoping this is a phase that will pass.

For all of you whom asked - All Dressed Chips - another Canadian product (like Ketchup chips - my fave!) consists of: Ketchup, BBQ and Salt & Vinegar dressing. If you'd like to sign a petition to make All Dressed Chips available in the USA, click here.

This evening I went knitting with West Island Knits. It was good to get out of the house, much needed. We were 6 of us, including Madeleine, Marie-Lynn, Eugenie, a new girl named Kadie as well as my sister (who arrived late) and myself. I got a bit done working on the Sweet Baby Cap, however, I find the pattern to not be very good to knit in public. I'm now past the increase & decrease rounds, and I need to write out what to do next (I like to pen out what I'm knitting, so that I can cross off as I'm doing, make things so much easier, especially with pregnancy brain. I do have to tell you that I'm loving knitting this on my Addi Turbos.... (with Magic Loop). I heart Addi's! They are just fantastic!

This evening the Habs beat the Flyers 4-3 in Overtime. GO HABS GO! I didn't see the game, but while at knitting we got text message updates with the score between a few of us, I was always updated. Kovalev seems to be the star of the Habs right now, scoring 2 of tonight's goals. Sorry Lauren, your boys are going to get eliminated! We're leading the series 1-0.

Came home tonight, and there was a nice email from Rebecca Eckler waiting for me. I'd left her a comment on her blog, asking where on earth to find a copy of her first book. I just couldn't believe that a book published in 2005 was already unavailable! She's Canadian like me, though living in Toronto. I'm absolutely loving her third book, Toddlers Gone Wild, which I've been reading every night (a few chapters each night before bed - the only real reading time I get during the day for personal reading) and I've just received in the mail from Chapters her 2nd book, Wiped: Life With A Pint-sized Dictator. I plan on reading that next as soon as I'm done Toddlers Gone Wild, which I'm nearing less than 100 pages left. I didn't even realize that the book has only been out for just over 2 weeks. I picked it up probably just around then, at Walmart. I was putzing around the baby section, as usual - and the title of the book caught my eye. It was one of those days where Sean was just being ... a Toddler. I felt as though the title of the book spoke out to me. Anyhow, Rebecca is sending me a copy of her first book, and I really appreciate her for doing that for me! I cannot wait to read it! Thank you Rebecca! (If you ever read this!)

As of today, my son officially gives kisses. It started out of no where after working on it for weeks. At first, for a while, what I thought may have been a kiss, he was "coming at my face" with an opened mouth. But as of today, something just 'clicked' and he now gets it. Kissing, is with puckered lips. So he puckers them, and comes at your mouth. And you can even ask for a kiss, he'll come up now and give you one, or three. I just love it. I love being a mommy. Especially during moments like this.


Bertha said...

June just started kissing in the last week too, it is by far the best thing ever!

lspollock626 said...

Robyn we will see about that. We should have won that game! Lots of BAD calls!!!

Flyers tonight!!!

Firefly said...

I miss All-dressed chips, and ketchup, and dill pickle, what is with NY potato chip flavours!!!I can't get any of thses!!!

dawn said...

Those first little kisses makes all the craziness of toddlers all worthwhile doesn't it?

Tara said...

I love baby kisses. Maxime doesn't do it yet, but I remember when Émilie started, she would kiss everything! Me, her stuffed cat, her books! It was adorable.

g-girl said...

that is so cool that the author is sending you a copy of the book you can't find! :) awww, and sean has started giving kisses? adorable!