Wednesday, April 23, 2008

april twenty-three

This morning I was woken up by my mother who wanted to go out and run some errands. So Sean & I decided to go with her. We packed up and my mom picked us up. Spent the day out in Valleyfield/Vaudreuil. Best deal of the day? Two pairs of maternity pants for 4$ each. They were on sale from 24.98$. I'd seen them at another store near me, however they didn't have it in my size. However, where I'd seen it - they weren't on sale. I couldn't figure out why they were so cheap. Nothing was wrong with them. They're lightweight and have the large Belly Bands that cover your entire belly. (Exactly what I need). I've been living in my fave pair of pants and they're staring to wear a little thin. I don't want them to have to be thrown out, so I was desperate for something else.

Upon getting home this afternoon we were playing outside, and Sean tripped and scrapped his face. Poor guy. It looks a lot worse than it actually is, and I think I was more freaked out than he was. I do have to say, Sean is a clutz. (Just like me). There is a scrape above his lip, on his nose and above his nose. I cleaned it up, he didn't even really cry when it happened, was just a little clingy to me, and I put polysporin on it. I'm just hoping it does not bruise.
While out today, I picked up a Habs flag (so that I didn't have to put out our Habs blanket - which I originally was going to - but was afraid of rain, etc). So, I used zip ties (was trying to figure out how to hang it) and got it to stay. It's supposed to rain tonight, so we'll see how the flag holds up tomorrow morning. I've already gotten an email from a friend of mine who lives around the corner, she walked by and saw the flag! I love that my house sits on a T of an intersection, so everyone driving by coming up to the top part of the T sees it! That was the point! GO HABS GO! My friend Lauren is a huge Flyers fan apparently, and we've been emailing back and forth, but she's going to be disappointed when Montreal knocks them out of the running for the Stanley Cup, starting tomorrow night.

To show you another Habs obsessed building - This is the local fire station near my old place - the hand painted sign says LES POMPIERS SONT HOCKEY (English: The firemen are hockey!) They also removed their Canada Flag and replaced it with the Habs flag.

It's starting to look a little green around here.... So happy that the snow is melted and it's spring! I have no idea what is sprouting outside my house (front or back) as we only saw this house as early as mid-October when we spend 1 day house hunting before making an offer. So, we'll see what sprouts! Jamie thinks there is a rose bush in the backyard.

The little angel got into the chip bag this evening. I didn't realize Jamie had left it on the couch. Two seconds after this picture there was chip crumbs (the bag was technically finished) ALL over the couch/floor. I had Jamie dust bust it up, as I canceled the cleaning lady for tomorrow. We weren't really home over the weekend/this week, so the house doesn't really need a cleaning, so I canceled her for this week.

Tomorrow we have swimming and maybe a stroller walking date. We'll see how the weather is. It's like 70% chance of showers tonight, but it hasn't rained yet, and they were calling for 60% chance of rain all day. I plan to take it easy tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow evening is the West Island Knit night.

Robyn's Nest received Quickie Cutters into stock today! That was my missed package from the post office yesterday! We have 5 great designs: Breast Cancer, Knitting, Ladybug, Lamb, and Yarn.

Off to go and read some more in Toddlers Gone Wild by Rebecca Eckler. It's super funny, I cannot put it down. I've ordered her 2nd book, Wiped, but cannot for the life of me acquire a copy of her first book, Knocked Up. It was released in 2005, yet unavailable! Hmmm!


Emily said...

What's the flavor of "All Dressed" chips? We don't have those here. We also can't get Ketchup flavored chips here, which I miss! (They're one of my favorite parts of visiting Canada).

Amelah said...

Awww my poor nephew hurt himself :( HUGS!!!

GO HABS GO Nice flag ;)

Jennifer said...

the flag looks great - GO HABS GO!

Bea said...

Oh no! I hope his face heals quickly. I have to say it Go STARS! I was pretty surprised they made it out of the first round!

AliP said...

ahem..well...That blanket flag hanging on your hose doesn't look tacky at all. ROFLMAO
You are SUCH a fangirl. :oD

Drea said...

ouch! poor lil man.

Erin said...

Heh. I pass that fire station on my way home from work.

Amanda said...

Question: what flavor are "all dressed up" Ruffles? We don't have that one here!

The Habs flag will definitely serve you better than a blanket out there - nice! Do you have a Habs onesie for Mackenzie yet?? :)

Tara said...

Those Quickie Cutters are a great idea! I picked up some mini scissors in Japan, exactly for that purpose.

g-girl said...

aww, poor little guy! at least he didn't cry too much.