Friday, April 18, 2008

april eighteen :: 68 weeks

Sean is now 68 weeks old. His hair is growing back in, and the curls are coming back! Phew!

This morning we made it to Sean's music class EARLY! The first time! Woohoo! It's been tough getting there on time - I'm so very happy that I made it there not only time but early. I'll try that again next week! Afterwards, I ran a bunch of errands, needed some business supplies, and ran a few others errands. I met my mother for lunch, where we ran into my brother, but I should have known, it was his fave place to eat. Then, my mother & I ran some more errands.

I've been looking everywhere for a "dish" chair. I want it for the patio off my bedroom for some summer reading outside. Or, that I can use it in my bedroom.

However, I've ONLY been able to find it in toddler size! Sean has one just like these above, with Spiderman on it. I just want one, similar (plain of course) in ADULT SIZE!!!
Like this one above. I used to own one like this, but it got distroyed when I was still living in my apartment, so I haven't had one since before owning my duplex. (Probably it's been now 3+ years since I've owned one).

Or even one like this above. I prefer the first style I showed you, but will take either, I won't be picky, I PROMISE!

I've searched a lot of places that I thought I'd find one, including the chain of stores where I bought my original one that I had in my apartment. I want a folding one, so that I can store it inside (due to Canadian weather). Anyone seen them in Montreal? If so, WHERE??? I have a car, I'll go anywhere in the city/just off the island to get one! Someone help me out! If you see one, please let me know via comment/email/call me! I know that Target carries these, but we do not have Target here in Canada. Even if Target shipped to Canada, I don't think I'd pay for shipping to Canada on a chair! If I don't find one by May 10th, a friend of mine is going down to Target for the day (the closest one to Montreal is somewhere in Vermont I think, a 3 hour drive from here, or was it in New York State, I can't remember what she said). So worse comes to worse, I'll ask her to pick up one for me, she has a van, so it wouldn't be a problem, I don't think. However, I'm totally hoping to find one before then. Somewhere in some store in Montreal has got to carry them....! Right?

I'm starting to be okay with the fact that we're having another boy. I'm not sure I'll be able to go through pregnancy again (for personal reasons), I just don't know if I have it in me. Anyhow, not having a girl means that I won't have someone playing with my makeup, going through my jewelry, wanting my clothes, my purses, etc... I kind of am starting to like the idea that I'm the only girl in the house, the princess among my princes. Maybe it's not so bad, after all.

This evening Jamie and I watched some TV, and once Sean went to sleep, Jamie played some video games and I cleaned up my desk. It was horrible how disgustingly messy it was. I was embarrassed. I'm kind of relieved that I can now see wood of the desk.

I'm a little stressed with the disorganization of my office. I had promised myself that once I moved into the new house, it would be a new start with keeping my office tidy, and things clean, and not cluttered. 5 months + into living in the new house, and where do I find myself? Living with 2 messy desks (I have 2 desks in my office) and amongst clutter. I'm trying to eliminate it - but it's SUPER hard. I feel like I need to dump everything out of my office and put things back in organized, but we all know that is not going to happen. Or maybe it will - when I'm nesting! LOL

Jamie and I started talking about these issues with baby bottles and Bisphenol A (BPA). From what I've been reading, the chemical in the bottle itself is not harmful until the bottle is heated in the microwave. As most people know that you shouldn't heat plastics in the microwave anyways, if you are avoiding that then it may still be okay to use these bottles with your baby. Plastic bottles, or plastic products in general are not the problem, it's the misuse by people that cause them to become health concerns. If you are careful with your plastics, not heating in microwave, not washing with abrasive cleansers and discontinuing use after a few months of wear, they can be very useful products. Also, doctors and researches have said that you child would have to consume 7,000 times more formula in a day that they normally do for it to cause any harm. So, when my child startes drinking 140,000 ounces a day, I'll guess I'll worry then. This is what I've gathered. Does anyone have any more information for me, or to share? Am I missing out on something here? Am I really harming my child? I own a range of Avent bottles, as well as the whole range of nipples for them, that I was planning on using for Mackenzie as well. (Sean's being slowly weaned off bottles period). However, I have the whole kit and caboodle, I didn't want to start forking out more money when I have a perfectly good product. I never microwave the bottles, so that's a start. If I need to heat milk, I put it in a glass (ones that I drink out of) and heat it in the microwave that way, and then pour it into the Avent bottle.

The bottom line is - do I really need to be more worried than this? I know major department stores here are taking products off their shelves, but I'm not even sure which ones.

Tomorrow we're having dinner for the first night of Passover with Jamie's dad's family. I haven't seen them in a while, and it will be great to see them. Jamie's cousin is finally pregnant after 7 years of trying (and a 120 + weight loss - she looks great by the way!) and I'm so excited for her. It was her birthday just last week, so I got her a bunch of "Mommy" books/pregnancy books, so I can't wait to give it to her. She's almost 10 weeks pregnant, and due in mid-fall. I am so very excited for her. REALLY!

Alright, I better get some rest. The hundred loads of laundry I did this afternoon/evening really pooped me out! (Okay, it wasn't a hundred, but sure darn close to it!)


Andrea said...

I have a chair like that but mine has a wooden frame. I got mine when I was 12 (and still have it!) but my parents got me a replacement cushion for Christmas. I think they got it at Pier 1 so I'd check there. I've also seen them (metal ones) at Urban Outfitters if you have one in Montreal.

Jennifer Lori said...

this is the pier 1 one.

Bea said...

I don't know about where to find one of those chairs. I'm glad your starting to feel cool about another boy. You've got very good reasons too!

Jennifer Lori said...
Amazon had one, but it's out of stock.

Jennifer Lori said...


They have it in a bunch of colors, and it folds!

Contest said...

Have you tried Pier 1 for the chair? I looked on their site and they do have stores in your area. Here's a link to the chair:

when I had roommates, we use to fight over that chair

Anonymous said...

Robyn - it was me who left the comment about the chair, didn't realize I was in my other account

Lysanne B. said...

The chair is available at Urban outfitters on st-Catherine street or St-Denis in downtown montréal.;jsessionid=14921ED9C11F276A12FED6B067363832.app13-node5?itemdescription=true&itemCount=10&id=14249122&parentid=A_FURN_FURNITURE&sortProperties=&navCount=49&navAction=poppushpush&color=10

Found the item you were looking for priced at 125$ but I'm not sure if it's CN or US $.

As this is my first comment on your blog, I wanted to tell you I appreciate reading it every day and it helps me realise that motherhood is not as frigtening as I tought it was. I could be a good mother too after all.
Thank you

(sorry for the bad english.. my toughts don't come out as good as I would like them to.. :/ )


Shell said...

Since you asked about the bottles:

The table on page 6 has the most and easiest to digest information.

MW Knitgirl said...

Those chairs are cool - the only ones I've ever seen though are a leather pair my friend and her hubby have. They call them 'butt glove' chairs because they look like a baseball glove. Man, can you sit in there a long time. Total comfort. Well, leather - better be comfy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish you much luck and love and happiness with your family.
And you never know, your lovely children may indeed enjoying playing with your jewellery and makeup and dress-up clothes ... princes, princesses, kings and queens ... the important thing is love.
And it sounds like your family has lots of that.
All the best to all of you.

Tara said...

I'll be returning my bottles to Zellers after Maxime is weaned (I want him to get on Sippy cups ASAP!). They'll give you cash even without a receipt, no questions asked.

g-girl said...

hope you were able to find the chair you're in search of! I'm surprised that Wal-Mart doesn't carry them.