Wednesday, April 02, 2008

april two

The belly is getting so large it takes over my view of my feet. They are slowly disappearing! Soon, I won't be able to see my feet, period.

This morning we started Sean's music class again. This time, he's one of the younger kids, and not the only walking kid, and is being bullied by the older kids! He deserves a taste of what he was doing to the younger kids! (Nothing harmful, don't worry!) For a lot of the mom's joining us in this class, they're on their 3rd kid..... and have 9 or 12 year olds at home as well. They're a lot older than me, and it's hard to connect with them. It's a good thing I still have other moms that I know from last session, but the class is really for Sean, not me! (Even though, I admit, I love the social aspect of these classes, as I get to talk to other moms, etc).

After class, we came home and I did a few things that needed to get done before dropping off Sean at my parents house, and heading into the city.

Sean at my parents house this afternoon/evening (picture courtesy of my sister). GO HABS GO! (This is my fave 18 month outfit, can you tell?)

When I got to my first destination, coffee/knitting with Caroline, Angela (and my grandmother & her sister joined us for a bit too! My grandmother even pulled out her knitting!!!) I realized that I'd walked out of the house this morning with no purse... I had my knitting bag, and all the items that I had to bring for people this evening with me, but no purse, no wallet, nada.... It's a damn good thing that I did not need gas, or anything like that. Can you say "PREGNANCY BRAIN???"

I really felt lost today, or "off" without my wallet. (What a good way to NOT spend money though! Well, that statement, I lie. While out with Angela I did buy myself this really nice watch. (With money that I had in my pocket from cash someone owed me). It's really nice. I love the circles (symmetry) of it.

After coffee/knitting, I headed over to a Montreal Handpainter's house, and picked up the sample for June's Sock Club Kit. WOW! Then I ran over to Jenn's work to give her said skein, as she's designing the sock for June's kit! You'll all have to support her that month, and her idea is amazing, I can't wait to see what it looks like finished! (Those kits will be on Sale beginning the first week of May). I will be loading up the May kits into the shop this week, we have a few kits left for April, (4 kits left I believe - so I'm giving it 'til the weekend for those)!

This evening I went to the NDG Knit Night, and we over took the back of the cafe shop. Local knitter/designer Veronik Avery was there to "destash" and I scored some fun stuff for myself, as well as some yarns for Jenn, who asked me to see if there was anything I could get for her. I hope she likes what I picked out. From whatever was leftover, Veronik gave it to me, so that I can add it to my donations, which I'll be bringing it next week to the Y near us, where Sean takes his classes. They're always looking for donations of art supplies, so I am sure they will really appreciate the donation.

Tonight, we were 18 of us - and amongst the 18 of us, pictured above is: (left to right): Angela, Melanie, Caroline, (someone hidden!), Janet, not sure her name, Madeleine, Veronik & Jennie. I rarely take pictures at knit night, so here's one for you!

Progress has been made on the baby sweater, but I'll post pics of that when there is actually seen progress!


Jenny said...

The belly shot is great! I remember those days when I couldn't see my toes anymore. That Canadiens outfit is too cute! I love it!

lauriec said...

Your belly is adorable & I LOVE the Habs outfit! We have a pic of my now 14 yr old nephew as a 5 day old w/ a bebe Habs hockey stick in his crib.

twinsetellen said...

You think pregnancy brain is bad - wait until menopause brain!

I'd love to see what comes out of Veronik Avery's stash - if you check my queue on Ravelry (where I am also twinsetellen) you will see many Avery designs. And even a finished project.

Enjoy that belly. Pregnancy and childbirth are peak experiences in my book.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. You will have to keep taking more baby shots! How fun it will be to look back on! Congrad's!

g-girl said...

that's happened to me before--forgetting my wallet. happens to the best of us!

Tara said...

Aw, that picture made me miss my grandmother (the one who taught me to knit) so much! I often wonder what she'd think of how far I've come as a knitter over the past few years.