Wednesday, April 09, 2008

april nine

This morning we had our usual music class, and then I dropped off Sean at my parents house. Today was Taxes Day. I got about 3/4 done. I was doing both types of taxes today, both my income taxes (I just needed to figure out all the information and put it together and give it to my father-in-law who actually does my taxes) and also, my quarterly taxes for my shop. My father-in-law needs my numbers asap, and the quarterly taxes I have until the end of the month to mail it in, but I just wanted to get it all over with, asap. As long as my quarterlies are postmarked by April 30th, then I'm good. Gosh, I hate doing taxes. I've never been good with math, so my mother-in-law set me up with a spreadsheet, thank heavens. I worked at my desk, (cleaning it up too so I had all my papers organized, etc) from about 11:30 a.m. upon returning home until 5pm when my mother dropped off Sean on their way home from some shopping. Sean came home sporting a new spring hat, and had a good time out with grandma.

Saku Koivu wanted to show you that we finally received the March Rockin' Sock Club Kit. With some investigation with BMFA, it was discovered that even though they acknowledge that I did an address change in November 2007 (for my December 2007 Sock Kit and forward), that they mailed out my March 2008 kit to my old address, which was delivered (and signed for) on Tuesday, March 25th. How ironic how GREAT MINDS think alike! Check out Robyn's Nest March Sock Club kit!

Sean has been making a huge "dumping" mess in the den. Any type of food that you give him, he dumps out or off of, etc. There are goldfish and animal cracker crumbs all over the floor. (Thank heavens the cleaning lady comes tomorrow). Anyhow, I couldn't find where I had put my dust buster, but Sean's dust buster cleaned up the floor and did a damn good job! It's a junior toy dust buster that actually works!

This evening I went to go walk around Walmart near me house as Jamie had the guys come over for the playoff hockey pool, and I was kicked out of the den (so they could watch hockey - not Habs though) so I went out with Sean. Ran into an old friend who was walking out as I was walking in, and ended up chatting/catching up with her for about 20 minutes. We basically lost touch because her husband did a bunch of things to piss off Jamie & his best friend, and so because of that the girls lost touch with her. It was nice to catch up, I gave her my business card, we'll see if she actually contacts me again.

Sad to see MagKnits go down. I just found out. So sad. I'm hoping there were no saved patterns in my bookmarks that I hadn't saved yet. Goes to show, that if you find a pattern, DOWNLOAD IT now, or save it or print it.... it may not be there tomorrow!

Chez Robyn's Nest we're having a Week Long 25% off sale on Selected Sock Yarn! You can save 25% off on all Regia & OnLine Sock yarn! Happy Shopping!


Bea said...

Glad you figured out what happened with the March sock club!

g-girl said...

wow. magknits is gone?? I had thought something was up because the new patterns weren't up like usual. ooh, your march kit and the str kit are both pretty!

Hansu Napapiiriltä said...

As a Finnish hockey fan, I love how you chose Saku Koivu to present your new yarn. =D

The colours are lovely.

AliP said...

When Tara showed her STR yarn I thought it was your March selection...LOL.
I didn't know about MK until the Laval girls told me. WAAAH. It was a favourite of mine. I didn't even get a chance to see the April edition...
And now when I am finally ready for Stargazer....its GONE.

twinsetellen said...

I think the process of doing taxes is half of what makes people resent paying them. Good on you for getting them done.

Tara said...

Too bad about losing touch with your friend. I hate it when that kind of thing happens.