Saturday, April 19, 2008

april nineteen

Today we went to Ottawa for the afternoon/early evening for Pesach. We went to visit Jamie's dad's side, and it was really nice. We left a little later than usual, stopping at Harvey's for lunch with that free Angus burger coupon. Jamie, Sean & I ate each a full meal for 9.76$ between the three of us. WOW! Even Sean ate the meat of the Angus burger and had some fries of his own. What a great deal. Jamie's dad and step-mom each had their own burger and shared a drink and fry for 3.26$. We couldn't believe how cheap lunch was! Thanks to the coupon of course! The Angus burger by far is my fave burger there, and Harvey's is my fave place to get burgers.

This afternoon I went up the road (yes, Jamie's cousin lives UP THE ROAD) from Michael's. They didn't have what I was originally looking for, but they did have a 40% off coupon sale, so I bought at one cash (1 per customer per day - LOL) a copy of Weekend Knitting with one coupon, and then at the other cash, I bought Craft Magazine with another coupon. Sneaky, I know! Craft Magazine is a little pricey, but with the 40% off it works out just great.

Gifts were given out (little ones) at Pesach this year, and my in-laws know me well:

I got HABS earrings!!!! Aren't they just awesome? It's unfortunate but the Habs lost tonight 5-4. They did play really sloppy though, I do have to say. It was a nasty game. The series is not over yet, we're just tied 3-3. The next team to win goes on to the next round of the playoffs. I still believe in my Habs, we'll see what happens. It's just not ever yet. Is all I have to say!!

In the spirit of the Habs, I never showed you guys Sean's sheets in his big boy room. He's still in a crib in there (which we borrowed), there is no way he'll be ready to go into a big boy bed until he's way past 2 years old. So for now, since Mackenzie could be here in as little as 8 weeks or as long as 12 weeks from now, (depends on when he decides to show up and depends on who is correct my doc or the U/S technician with my due date) and we've been getting him used to his big boy bedroom.

GO HABS GO!!! I want sheets like this for my bed!! Really!! Do they make them in adult queen size??

Thank you to all those who send me info on the Pier 1 chair - that's not what I'm looking for. That one is in wicker, and I want a folding one (so it can be stored). Also - the one at Urban Outfitters is waaaaaay out of my price range, I like the one at Target for only 29.99$. (Urban's was like 125$). OUCH! Anyhow, if I don't find one before my friend goes down to Target, I'm going to ask her to get it for me. The one I'd purchased for my first apartment, (that I don't have anymore, the apartment nor the chair, LOL) was somewhere between 29.99-39.99$ and that's the price range I'm willing to pay for it this time.

Alright, I'm zonked. Between knitting on the way to Ottawa and reading on the way home (with my night light - LOL) and eating food fit for a queen (I love Jewish food) I'm beat!


AliP said...

Does Target have it online? You can order it. PLUS if it is online, it may not be available in stores, like the I cord knitter I wanted Husband Man to bring me back from the States in February.

lspollock626 said...


I love the earrings! I will be rooting for your habs if you root for the flyers. we are winning the series 3-2. GO HABS!!!

I love the bedding in Seans big boy room!

Hope all is well.

Jennifer said...

love the earrings and bedding - go habs go!

Tara said...

You're Habs obsessed, girl. Seriously!

g-girl said...

cute new earrings! they're so you. ;) hey, whenever I use a michael's coupon, they take it away from me. no fair! I'm sure they've got those habs sheets in queen size! ;)