Sunday, April 06, 2008

april six

This morning I slept in. Much needed. I got ready and headed out the door to my friend's daughter's baby naming. Never been to a baby naming before. I can tell you that I still have NO idea what is done at a baby naming. I actually unfortunately missed out on the ceremony part, so I'll have to ask my friend what exactly took place. I was in the other room cleaning Sean up when it happened. (He got dirty eating lunch there). Saw a few people from my past (high school) at the baby naming, not really my friends though, they were in the grade below me. My friend who had her daughter's baby naming was in the grade below me. We reconnected via facebook of all places, and I introduced her to the pre-natal aqua class that I was taking in the city before I moved, so we did it together. She was at the end of her pregnancy when I took the class again when just getting pregnant with Mackenzie in the fall before we moved. It was great to finally meet her daughter. What a cutie, only 6 weeks old.

Finally mounted my Habs flag on my car! GO HABS GO. Playoff schedule was just listed, and the 2nd home game is Saturday night, April 12th. I'm soooooo excited to go! (Home games against Boston are scheduled as: 10/04, 12/04, 17/04). Boston doesn't stand a chance. They have NOT won against us yet this year....!

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, and I helped my sister cast on a pair of socks! I'm hoping she enjoys knitting socks! She's doing a real simple ribbing 2x2 and then St st for the leg. Eventually I'll introduce her to cables. I have just the perfect pattern in mind for that, but let her get through the socks first! If she can tackle socks, she can tackle anything!!! I've also been knitting, but it's a secret knitting project for a swap. I'll post pictures soon, it's the fastest I've ever knit a certain item! I will get back to Mackenzie's Judy's Grandma's baby sweater though (I have my Glucose test at the hospital tomorrow, I'm bringing both the baby sweater and the book I'm reading).

Sean was helping my mom bake cookies tonight, and was walking around the house in her oven mitts, with no pants on. (He dirtied them during dinner). No idea who put his shoes on though, he kinda looks silly! For those of you that don't understand French, Sean's shirt reads:

J'aime mon lait = I love my milk.

Speaking of which, he's now down to 2 bottles a day. One in the morning, and one before bed. He's pretty much also only on 3.25% real milk. I think I'm going to just check out the formula I have sitting on my counter. It's been opened for more than a month I think. (Opened formula is only good 1 month so the label says).

Some new additions to Robyn's Nest today! New colors of Cascade 220! Colors in the brand new line of Cascade 220 Dip Dyed Yarn! Also Cascade 220 Handpaints! Also, don't forget that May's Sock Club kits are now listed!! The stitch savers are also selling like hot cakes, better get yours while they're still in stock!


g-girl said...

the only baby naming ceremony I've ever seen was on Dawson's Creek when Gail was pregnant with Dawson's lil sis. Everyone who showed up suggested a name for the child and talked about what the name means. Maybe that's what you missed? Who knows. Hope the glucose test went all right today.

twinsetellen said...

Your sister can certainly handle socks with you to assist. Isn't it fun to get someone else started?

Tara said...

LOL! Admit it, sometimes you just want to cruise around in your underwear and oven mitts too, right?