Thursday, April 10, 2008

april ten

Today was a busy day again! Start out with Sean's swimming class. Again, I was a few minutes late entering the pool - I really need to work on that! I'm finding it harder and harder each week as my belly grows, and I grow even more tired, to get places on time. Must make more of an effort. And it's not as if I leave late. I don't. I guess I just need to leave EXTRA early nowadays.

This afternoon I ran into the city, and did a return at Walmart. I also met up with Angela at Walmart. We did a few other errands on the way back into the West Island, and then sat down and chilled for a bit. I made some stitch markers for the May Sock Club kit, and eventually we left to go to the West Island Knit Night.

At first we had a REALLY BAD experience with the restaurant/deli. I had tried calling earlier to make reservations. The guy who answered said that we did not need reservations and that they would accomodate us. When we got there, the hostess/waitress wanted to put our group of what was supposed to be 8 of us (but ended up only being 6 of us), into two booths of 4. Apparently the dinning room (tables) was closed because they were installing TV's. (Which no one was doing anything at the time). So, how does that work? We're supposed to yell at each other over a wall between booths? So I started telling her (POLITELY) that we were a knitting group, getting together to knit/have dinner/coffee/cake, etc, and her response? "Oh no, we don't allow knitting & drinking coffee at the same time".... WHAT THE FUCK?????????? Excuse me???? So I said back to her "You can't kick us out for knitting at the same time as eating" and turned around and walked out, saying really loudly that they just lost 8 people's (cuz we were supposed to be 7-8 people at that time) money spent on food & tip....

Standing outside waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, deciding where else to go, the manager ran out after us, and told us he'd open the dinning room and accomodate us. So we decided to give this place a chance. Turns out that she was our waitress, and was EXTREMELY very nice to us.... guess who wanted to be tipped at the end of the evening... LOL...

It was nice this evening, got my fix of onion rings (huge craving this pregnancy) and finished, yes, you read the correctly - FINISHED the Baby Surprise Jacket! I'm so happy. I worked on it while we were there tonight, and it's looking fabulous. I'll post the F.O. tomorrow, as I prefer to photograph in daylight. Beautiful pictures await you tomorrow.

I won recently a gift certificate over at Jenn's Blog. I finally decided that I'm going to take that 30$ gift certificate to Chapters and get some kntiting books that I've been eyeing. I have my order waiting to go - and I can't wait to receive my prize! Thank you for hosting the Se7en Deadly Sins Contest Jenn! As soon as I place my order, I'll let you know which knitting books were ordered!

So, not only are the May Sock Club kits available, but all my Regia & OnLine sock yarn are 25% off for one week only, ending on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at the stroke of midnight!

ps- I'm now officially waddling. And I'm in pain. I feel like I've pulled a muscle, same feeling I had at the end of my pregnancy with Sean. I'm so damn uncomfortable it's not funny.... Can we fast forward to June/July???


Bea said...

That restaurant lady was just crazy. Why shouldn't you eat and knit? Seems like they wouldn't even notice?

LizzieK8 said...

Had a similar thing happen when my youngest was a baby (16 years ago). My oldest daughter, the baby and I went into Applebee's. It was EMPTY. We asked for a table. "Sorry, we don't have any tables available." "Okay, a booth then." "It'll be a few minutes." (Did I mention the restaurant was EMPTY?) It took forever for the server to come, another forever to get our food and an instantaneous moment to get our check.

I don't think they like babies.

I've never been in an Applebee's since thing.

Jenn said...

The BSJ looks awesome! It looks so much bigger on the hanger then on the model, how deceiving!! :-)
Nice job, is that going to be the hospital sweater??

Amelah said...

AWWW I love how he is holding on to you in the picture!!!!! SOOOOO PRECIOUS!!

Robin said...

That is nutty about "no drinking coffee and knitting at the same time." Still trying to figure out what the rationale for that is!

Tara said...

That is just too weird! Why the heck wouldn't they allow knitting and drinking coffee at the same time??? I can't even understand what that waitress' thought process must have been. And poor baby, I feel your pain about the waddling! I remember that feeling all too well.