Thursday, April 03, 2008

april three

Look where we are at!! Tied for first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the Conference. Though, we're FIRST (clinched!!) in the NorthEast DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO! We beat Buffalo tonight 3-1. ONE game left on Saturday night, Habs vs. Toronto, and I'm going!!! And we have a child-free night too! Sean's sleeping at my parents house. I also get first dibs on Playoff tickets this year, as last time we made the playoffs my brother got to go. So providing it's not on a Tuesday night (my sister has classes on Tuesdays) then I'll be going to the first playoff game that we have tickets to (since we share season tickets with a family friend), with my sister. GO HABS GO. (And sorry mom, there will be knitting at the habs playoff game. Knitting got them to the playoffs, knitting will be at the playoffs!)

Sean's rain boots look so cute next to mine. I finally took the tags off of them, and put them out. He even has the matching yellow rain coat and yellow rain hat. Oh, I want one rain day! (With warmer weather of course, as his rain coat is not good in the cold winter weather!) He's going to look so super cute in his rain coat! I can just picture it.

I pulled out a new type of sippy cup for Sean today. We've had them a while, but I wasn't sure if he was ready for it yet. It's the one with the straw that goes all the way to the bottom. At first he looked at it, like "what is this mom?" but then tried it out. He still tries to hold it like a bottle, tilting it upwards. But that doesn't work, as nothing comes out, as the straw picks up from the bottom obviously. So we're working on getting him to use it like a cup and not a bottle.

Sean was hanging out with Jazz this afternoon. Jazz decided that he wanted to take over Sean's couch though, so Sean got the floor. He didn't seem to mind though.

I finally put up the magnetic board in Sean's room. I'd gotten it on sale at Walmart a while back, and finally took it out of the trunk of my car! I had also pulled out the magnetic alphabet (made by Rose Art), for Sean to play with. I have 2 boxes of the alphabet and 1 box of number (for math) but the numbers will remain sealed until we start teaching him numbers. We're working with alphabet first. (Above is not even one box of letters). (I think there are 50 letters per box, so almost the alphabet twice). (I guess some letters are just not as popular as others?!)

So Sean's big boy room is coming along and we should have the crib we're borrowing soon. (Which will go in the corner of the room where the play house is/hamper).

So I finally moved my planted seeds over to larger pot thingies. (Not sure what they're called?) They're the type of pots that you can plant with the pot right into the ground. (I like that idea!) Anyhow, above are my Sweetie Tomatoes (tiny tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes). Now, let me show you what else is going on with my planting, and then I have a few questions for anyone with gardening experience.To the left in the picture above, is my San Marzano Tomatoes (Italian) and to the right, Bush Beefsteak Tomatoes. (Before I transferred them).

Above is to the left my Early Calwonder Peppers, and to the right my Mini Bell Peppers. The Calwonders takes 8-10 weeks before frost is gone, but I think I planted them 2 weeks late (we'll see what happens), and the other peppers (along with my tomatoes) are 6-8 weeks before last frost.

I also transferred my Mini Bell Peppers to the larger pot things. Now, for my questions:

- I had 6 starters for each type of seed I planted. Was this too much? (As you can see above, 6 each).

- In each "starter" jiffy greenhouse thing, pellet I think it was called? I planted 3 seeds, as the instructions for the greenhouse recommended. Was this too much for 1 little pellet of earth? Cuz now, 3 are sprouting in most cases.

- I've got them in these little pots. They fit in the palm of my hand. I was told they can be transplanted into the ground in these, that I don't have to take them out. I plan on adding some earth to each little pot in the next few days. Now, will they last 6 more weeks (until about Victoria Day weekend, which is known as "planting" weekend here in Canada (if I'm not mistaken), (third weekend in May, it's a long weekend), in these little pots, or will they grow a LOT larger that I'll have to transplant them into something else??

Can you tell I'm new to gardening? Right now, that's all my questions. If I think of any more, I'll be sure to ask. I plan on planting my 4-5 week seeds in about 2 weeks from now, when it's just about a month or a month and a bit before our long weekend in May, when gardens are generally started! I'm hoping the snow melts soon enough, so that we can a) map out where the garden is going to go, and also, figure out where the boundaries of the fence we're putting up, will go. We're fencing in the backyard. (Today, I got a heart attack, I was sitting in the den watching TV, talking on the phone to Jamie's cousin, and a man walked through my backyard. Turns out he was with Hydro Quebec - but still!!!

Gum. Someone else's nasty chewed gum. On. my. fave. pair. of. pants. I AM SO MAD. This happened on Sunday night when we went out for dinner. Not really sure how it ended up in TWO spots on my pants (and on the bottom of my shoes). It's fucking nasty. I googled it, and was told to put the pants in the freezer to harden the gum so it'll come off easy. Yeah, my pants spent Sunday night until today (THURSDAY!) in the freezer. Just to be safe. LOL. Yeah, the gum won't come off. What do I do? I am NOT throwing out these pants. They're my fave. (And very dirty right now from wearing them). LOL. They're sooooo comfy. They are not even maternity pants, and I'm able to wear them throughout my entire pregnancy. That's how awesome they are. Just the best. And I only have ONE pair. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to put them alone in my machine machine, in case the gum gets stuck, we're finally about the sell (this month) the washer & dryer that came with this house, and put in our own (which have been sitting in our garage since we moved in), and I don't want to ruin the machines. I just want to get the gum out of my pants.

Tonight we went to a shiva house for Jamie's dad's best friend's father. A man that I actually met. Jamie's dad's best friend and is also really good friends with her sister I've met millions of times over the last 6 years almost. (In 2 months, Jamie and I have been together 6 years! Maybe Mack will be born on our 6 year anniversary?!) Anyhow, they live in British Columbia now, so the shiva was held at a hotel nearby. We'll be going on Saturday afternoon so that Sean can play with Zoe, who is almost 19 months old. Sean got to play with her this evening, and they had a blast! Sean's the same height as her! He's sooo tall! They were so cute hugging each other and chasing each other! Maybe Sean likes older women - LOL. They're actually living in the USA now, in Florida. (It's Zoe's great-grandfather who passed away, Jamie's dad's best friend's daughter). But since Zoe has been bored cooped up in a hotel, we've been invited for lunch on Saturday so that Zoe has some fun. That was really nice of them! But it'll give us the opportunity to hang out with them longer. Mandi, Zoe's mom is due the week before me! June 30th is her due date! She doesn't know the sex, and doesn't want to find out. That's kind of exciting! (I would NOT be able to do that).

Sean said his first TWO SYLLABLE word tonight! HOCKEY! Jamie and I both heard it - and we just about died!!! It was sooooooooo cute. We taught him well. Now I've got to work on GO HABS GO!!

May's Sock Club Kits are now available for sale chez Robyn's Nest. You will be receiving a skein of sock yarn handpainted by Jennifer of NYS Farms, VanCalCar Acres Sheep Farm. You will be getting an exclusive colorway that you won't be able to get anywhere else. The pattern is from an outside source, by Adrienne of Knitting in the Belly-button of California. And of course, stitch markers to match made by me, and extra goodies - as always! :)

I got some new products in stock today, which I am very excited about. I will be listing them over the weekend, so come and check back for details!


Pamela Moore said...

Hi Robyn. To answer some of your gardening questions.

6 of each is not too much as long as you have the space for them in the garden or containers as they will get pretty big.

When planting seeds, you should always plant more than one, then when they are good sized sprouts (as they are in your pictures) you pluck all but the strongest looking one. You can discard them or transplant them into another pot. just gently pull up by it's stem (careful not to disrupt the root growth of the one you are keeping in the pot) and place in a new pot if you decide to try to keep them. I usually plant a bunch then pluck out the runts leaving the strongest looking plant since that one will get to be the best size. If you leave them all in there they will fight for root space and not thrive as well if only one is present.

Hope this helps! I just bought a 20x24ft greenhouse with my brother and father to get our produce going this year. My dad has a 360 acre farm and about 1/4 of that is produce. The green thumb came in my DNA I guess =)

Shannon said...

I garden, so maybe I can help with your questions. I have always planted more than needed, for better selection. Plant the healthier plants. Be careful with your tomatoes, you don't want your babies getting too tall...after a while you want them to start growing out as well. If you have any mulch put it in the small Jiffy pots as well, as it looks like your plants are hanging willy nilly. I use those pots, too ( but bigger ), and I always tore the bottoms out so the roots don't have to fight so much. I have planted pots before only to go at the end of the season to root everything up and found those pots still intact at the end of my planting season, which was longer than yours. I used to live in NC, but just recently moved to the UK. You might want to buy something bigger to plant them in, perhaps the big red cups? I used those as well, punch a few holes in the bottom and then at planting time I used to wash them and stack them back up for next year. But anyways, good luck!

Anonymous said...


I can't remember what the name of the product is (it's in the section where you find crazy glue) that is supposed to take gum out of cloth. I heard it works really well.

Kim said...

I'm no gardening expert, but I join forums and do a lot of reading. I have yet to start my seeds (hopefully this weekend!). One thing I saw that concerns me a little is that your top two pictures appear to be "leggy". They are not getting enough light - and growing tall and long to try to reach light. I think they'll still do okay, but if you have a grow light - put that on them. When you transplant into the ground, make sure you cover up the majority of the stem with compost/soil.

The other issue is although those bigger pots are biodegradable and you CAN plant them in the ground, they are more difficult for the roots to penetrate. Most gardeners recommend that you cut open in several places to allow for root growth and spread.

Good luck!

Not An Artist said...

I am trying to decide which I am more jealous about -- the fact that you are going to get to see the Habs in the playoffs or the fact that you have a garden for growing tomatoes in! Lucky girl!

Jenn said...

I do not have a green thumb so I will not try in aid you in the gardening dept but I just wanted let you know how cool it was that Sean learned the word hockey, it was my nephew's first work and now he's going to be 4 this year and obsessed with all things hockey. :-) Yay Sean!!

Snarsh said...

So for your pants, dry cleaners are usually pretty good at getting crap off of clothes, and it shouldn't cost too much. It's worth it if you want to save them. I got wax out of a sweater and jeans once.

Amelah said...

How about we work on Auntie AMY!!!!! :) Just a suggestion LOL

Shelby said...

Good luck with your seeds! I started a bunch this year too, and they're growing amazingly! I can't wait to see how they turn out. It's all new to me though, so I have no advice.

And I'm trying not to be bitter that your Habs beat my Sabres. And stopped their chances in the playoffs at the same time. :( At least there's always next year!

Jenny said...

My Avs made the playoffs too. I just hope they get past the first round so we can actually see some games on TV out this way. Have fun knitting at the game!

g-girl said...

i'm not a gardening expert myself so i can't help you but a lot of what has already been said i agree with. i think gardening is just something you learn to do via trial and error, like most things.

Jennifer said...

I love those sippy cups. Jakob has been using them since January. He has 3 like the one Sean was using, and 3 shorter ones with a handle on each side.

Now he prefers to drink from a cup...which isn't fun when we overfill it and he spills all over the high chair!

Tara said...

Man, I haven't been to a hockey game in ages! I want to get season tickets with a couple of friends, maybe when the kids are a bit older (should probably put my name on the waiting list now, right?). What section are your tickets in, anyway?