Sunday, April 13, 2008

april thirteen

It was fantastic to sleep until almost noon today. Sean spent the night at my parents house, and a sleep in was well needed. I did not finished the book I'm currently reading, but I did read about 2 chapters before my eyes grew droopy and I fell asleep. There is always tonight. I believe I have under 40 pages left, so we'll see if I can finish it.

On my way to pick up Sean I stopped off and picked up bagels for my dad (upon request) so I picked up some bagels for our house. They were delicious as always. I heart Montreal bagels, they just rock. Better than anywhere else in the world. They are one reason I would never move out of Montreal.

This afternoon we went to visit Jamie's mom. Not my fave place in the entire world. She did give Sean a bag of books. Upon getting home, I went through the bag, and one book caught my eye. It's called "The Cake That Mack Ate" by Rose Robart. I thought it was cute that it had Mack's name in it. Cute! Jamie's mom used to be a nursery school teacher, so she's been slowly going through her stuff, some stuff went a while ago to my nephew, and the rest now, is coming to us (as it's too young for my nephew). I really appreciate all the books that she's giving us (and a few toys too), as I want to raise Sean a reader. I've been a reader all my life, Jamie, not so much. I definitely feel that it's really important, for Sean to be a reader. He definitely likes books now though, he loves being read to, and he loves sitting down and flipping through books. So far, so good.

This evening I watched the Habs game (3) with Jamie, his friend, and Sean. The Habs unfortunately lost tonight's game 2-1 in Overtime. What's with this overtime business? Well, the Habs won't be winning round 1 in 4 games, I guess it'll be in 5 games...! It's no where near over!

I'm so happy tomorrow is a day off from mom & tot activities. I want to be able to sleep in (as long as Sean's willing to sleep) and then we have a few errands to run, but other than that - I just want to relax on the couch, knit & hang out with Sean.

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pahkcah02 said...

Ah, so O.T. is ok when the Habs win but not when Boston wins? What's up with that??? :).

Amanda said...

Ordinarily, I love seeing your Habs enthusiasm...but in this case, I'm going to have to say my enthusiasm lies elsewhere and was well-rewarded. ;)
Maybe next game, eh? :P :P :P

lauriec said...

Yay for sleeping in! You definitely need it!

I watched part of the game & was bummed they lost! Living in Boston for 7 yrs didn't dimiish my love of the "bleu, blanc et rouge"!!

Drea said...

look at that cutebelly!! :-) and i love the pic of sean w/ two sippy cups. very cute!

Tara said...

How strange that Jamie didn't turn out to be a reader when his mum was a nursery school teacher! You'd think she'd have read to him a ton!