Tuesday, April 15, 2008

april fifteen

My cool dude in class this morning. Yep, they have "old" style sunglasses in the dress-up area, where Sean likes to go to play.

He also likes the kitchen/house area. Not sure what it is with boys and the cleaning toys. My son loves them. Is it all boys or just mine may be a neat freak one day?

Went out for lunch after class with a friend of mine, who has a 6 week old baby. Ended up knowing almost everyone in the restaurant, I swear. First walked in my ex-next door neighbor, who used to live across the street from my mom. I baby-sat his kid from almost newborn until he was about 8 or so. He's turning 16, in grade 10 and is going to the Santana concert tonight. Oh my, I feel old. Next came in my mom's current next door neighbor. It was like a street reunion! Then, came in my friend who has a 2 month old baby, who was born 2 months early. Her due date was actually a few days ago. The baby, at 2 months old is what Sean was at birth. She's so tiny, but doing well! And adorable! It was great to see my friend, her daughter slept most of the lunch in the stroller, but when woke up was absolutely quite. Sean had a grilled cheese sandwich for (I think) the first time, and really enjoyed it. Let's not tell his father he ate processed cheese. (Jamie does NOT allow processed cheese in our house!) (That's another story).

On the way home we parked the car in the garage and then headed to the mini park that is like 20 steps in front of our house. (We live in a circle - which I love). Sean loved being outside! (Didn't want to go inside the house)

Since the snow is melting/melted, there was puddles around the play area, so I was careful. It was really hard to let him play. Hopefully the water will go away soon.

I love his shadow. He looks so "tall" in his shadow. Sean goes to the doctor for his belated 15 month check-up on the 22nd (Tuesday) so we'll see what percentile he's in for his age (almost 16 months at that point).

Speaking of his check-up, someone told me that since he'll be getting his chicken pox vaccine (which is new to me, because I never got this as a kid and had the chicken pox) that he's not allowed to be around anyone with chicken pox for 2 weeks and he has to stay clear of pregnant women? Is this true? If so, then he can't get the shot until after I give birth? Does anyone know? I know I have a few nurses who read my blog! Anyone have any insight on this shot?

Why do people who are not pregnant and do NOT have kids with them (don't care if they have kids at home), park in MATERNITY or WITH CHILD (Family) parking spots at places that offer Maternity/Family parking? Being 7 months pregnant and with child, I HATE YOU PEOPLE WHO TAKE MY PARKING SPOTS!! I so want to open my mouth! I don't - because what good will it do me? But, when I see a man walk out of an SUV in a maternity spot - I'd like to know since when do men get pregnant. And I'm not talking about men who used to be women who have been on Oprah.

Ok, rant over.

Today in Sean's morning class, his teacher handed me some books I'd ordered from Scholastic on the subject of Passover. We're not religious, and it'll be Sean's decision in elementary school if he wishes to attend Hebrew Afternoon School, (I only did grades 4-6 and it was a waste of 3 years). Sean will be Bar Mitzvah'd but that will be in his 12th year that he'll prepare for it for his 13th birthday (when a Jewish boy becomes a man). Anyhow, I still felt it was important for him to learn about the holiday, since we do "do" family stuff for the holidays. There was a pack of 3 story books for 7.99$, so I got it. Included were: The Matzah Man by Naomi Howland, This Is The Matzah by Abby Levine, and A Picture Book of Passover by David A. Adler.

In Robyn's Nest news, we have new colors of Cascade 220 Superwash listed in the shop. We now have 12 colors! Also, it's listed at it's new price! We also now have 2 new products! Cascade Jewel (100% Wool, handpainted!) in 12 gorgeous colors, as well as Cascade Dolce in 16 colors (1 will be listed tomorrow after I finish photographing it - I forgot to - Oops!)!

In the Notions section, we now have Chibi Darning Needle Set, Knitting Registers, Knitting Counters, Double-Ended Stitch Holders (Small & Large), Soft Stitch Marker Rings 30 Count. I also got in the best hand cream ever for knitters - and small enough for your knitting case - 2 oz tubes of Udder Cream. I've also gotten in a bunch of really neat and new Tape Measures.

In the Patterns department of Robyn's Nest - we've got 5 new Cookie A Patterns, as well as re-stocking of the older patterns. I've also got this new booklets called Knit Socks Whatever The Yarn, (Have you ever found the perfect yarn for a pair of socks and then couldn’t find a pattern using that weight of yarn? This is a problem no longer! Each of the five patterns in this book is done in three weights of yarn: Super-Fine/Fingering-weight yarn, a Fine/Sport-weight yarn and a medium/worsted-weight yarn. This gives you more options and combinations of yarns and patterns than you’ll probably ever need.) Lastly, I've gotten into stock The Little Box of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott. Let me tell you - it's the cutest ever! A little tiny box with sock patterns in it! I've also received in Pattern Helpers, which are Magnetic Line Minders. A great chart/graph pattern reading tool.

I started reading a new book, instead of the sequel to the last book I read. I'm going to read (since it looks like a quick read) Toddlers Gone Wild by Rebecca Eckler. I'll let you know how it is, I'm going to start it tonight.

Habs won tonight 1-0 over the Bruins. We'll be knocking them out of the running for the Stanley Cup on Thursday night. We're winning 3-1 in the best of 7. GO HABS GO. (They must have lost on Sunday night because Sean wasn't wearing his Jersey. The three games we've won, he wore it. He'll be wearing his Jersey for the rest of the playoffs. Must be good luck!


Kimber said...

I hear yah about the pregnant/mommy parking! I just want to scream at people! I usually see the 50 year old woman all alone, well past childbearing in those spots.

Shelley said...

What is it with little kids and sunglasses? They look so cute with them, lol.

I hate that about the pregnant/mother parking spots (and I'm not pregnant nor a mother) and handicapped spots as well. There are so few of those spots and tons and tons of "regular" parking spots. It's not that big a deal if they have to walk an extra several yards or whatever...sheesh. Leave those spots for the people who need them!

Jennifer Lori said...

Oy he looks cute in those shades! Too bad you can't get him to do laundry at home, eh? :) I love the photo of him at the park, looking up at you. What a cutie!

Amanda said...

Sean's such a cutie in those glasses. And hey, if he wants to clean house - let him.....someday, you can have him clean yours. Woo hoo!

Funny about your neighbor's kid that you babysat for being 16...I used to babysit for our neighbors, too. I started off as a helper when I was a bit too young (12), and eventually babysat for all three of them - the younger two from birth.
They are now 23 (graduated from college last year), 20, and 18.


Oh yeah, and congrats on your win. ;)

Tara said...

Nice shades! All he needs now is a pink sport coat, and he'll look like he walked off the Miami Vice set!