Wednesday, April 16, 2008

april sixteen

I am so sick of Goldfish. They're Sean's fave snack. I am sick of their smell (maybe it's the pregnancy). I'm sick of the crumbs all over my house, car....

Was scared this morning while sitting in my den, to a man walking in my backyard. Turns out Videotron came early to switch over our telephone line. We switched from Bell to Videotron for HALF the price! Anyhow, they'd told me that they were coming between 12-5pm (which sucks) but showed up at around 11:20 am - so they were super early, and it took over an hour, which was fine, but it's now done, and I'm on a new service, and I'm hoping we have no issues!

Some new stitch markers have been added to the shop. Get these cute Clear Ball Stitch Markers here. They are only 4$ per set of 6, and they are good up to US13/9mm needles.

Tonight I went out with Montreal Knits in the city, for our bi-weekly Stitch 'n Bitch. Upon walking into the cafe, they had this bilingual sign on their door. I had to grab a shot. Really - this city is Habs OBSESSED! Everywhere you turn, there are Habs logos everywhere. Honestly, I LOVE IT. GO HABS GO! Tomorrow night, we eliminate the Boston Bruins from the playoffs. Mona came knitting with 2 huge boxes of Destash and I got some 100% Wool as well as some Alpaca/Wool mix yarn,

So I started reading Toddlers Gone Wild and it's great. The author is Canadian, and truly funny. I don't think I have to read the two books she wrote before this one, but I definitely want to.

Nothing else too exciting going on around here today. I ran some errands with my mother this afternoon, and I ended up getting some great deals on some boys sized 2 and 3 year old stuff at Zellers. Talk about scoring good deals. There was a bunch of stuff on liquidation and the guy at the cash was pretty much flirting, and gave me an additional 30% off on all the items. I won't complain! No sir! I even got a beautiful sweater for my nephew in size 6 - which will be for his birthday. (November). He'll be 6 in November, and is currently in size 5. But I definitely have to tell you that Sean has one really nice wardrobe, I'm not complaining. I just wish that I could find some great deals like that on clothing items for me!


twinsetellen said...

I love the new stitch markers. Very clever and pretty. Much nicer than goldfish crackers.

Tara said...

GASP!!! You BOUGHT a sweater!!!! No handknits? What kind of knitter are you??? ;P

g-girl said...

I don't think I could ever get sick of goldfish. lol. But then again, I didn't start eating them until I started working with children so I have a long ways to go still. Maybe give him some of the other flavors??