Sunday, April 27, 2008

april twenty-seven

Today, we took Sean to see the Superdogs at the Bell Center. I went with my mom, sister & grandmother. I could not believe that Sean sat through the entire show and didn't fuss or anything! It was crazy. I'm still shocked. Shocked with a capital S! And he didn't want to sit on anyone else, just me. He wouldn't go to my sister, mom, or grandmother. (To whom he usually does go to). It was really hard to sit with him, with my 7 and a half month pregnant belly in the way. Mackenzie was really not happy to have Sean sitting on him. I was getting kicked up and down, left & right by Mackenzie for almost the entire show. It really wasn't fun. Though, I still enjoyed the show.

But now, being almost 30 weeks pregnant (tomorrow!), I'm curious, if Mackenzie is head down. I know that somewhere around 30 weeks last pregnancy, that my doctor was able to tell me if he was head down or not, which Sean was. And then the 3d Ultrasound that I did, confirmed that Sean was indeed head down at 32 weeks. (I'm still debating doing the 3d U/S this time around, and if I am going to, I should do it now, this week, before it's too cramped in my belly for Mackenzie to move around, and have a successful 3d U/S. (I waited a little too long with Sean's). Anyhow, I'm definitely curious if Mack is head down. I have no way of knowing myself, and my next OB appointment is at 34 weeks, since the Monday I was supposed to go was Victoria Day Monday, but his offices are closed, so I'm going the following Monday. That is just so scarily close to the end of my pregnancy - as I only went to 38 weeks with Sean. My doctor is also confident that I won't go to 40 weeks with this pregnancy either, so I'm hoping that Mack isn't breach.

This evening we went to dinner with Jamie's dad & step-mom and his step-mom's family. We had a great time being out and I got my fix of Chinese Food! Was totally craving it! Afterwards we came home and watched some TV, and I got to knit a bit. Now I'm going to crash in bed with Toddlers Gone Wild, and hope to finish it. I have less than 50 pages left. I don't know if I will be able to keep my eyes open upon reading, but we'll see. I definitely know that I'll be able to read a little bit, at least! I'm just dying to finish it already, I want to start her other book.

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Bea said...

Wonderful that he sat through the whole show even if it had to be in your lap. Maybe he knows another baby is coming and is just trying to have you to himself while he can?

Good luck with the doctors office!

Marie-Lynn said...

Glad to read he took well to the show! Bell center seems a huge place to watch tiny dogs jump around. Will definitely consider it next time !

Robin said...

Not too much longer to go! Does it seem like your pregnancy has gone by quickly or slowly to you?

Tara said...

I was breach with Émilie and um, well, let's just say I don't recommend it :)

g-girl said...

well of course he sat through the show, he was mesmerized by those dog tricks!! :) too cute.