Saturday, April 05, 2008

april five

So the freezing of my pants and scrapping off with a dull knife method for removing gum didn't quite work. So, I've decided to look further into other methods, and found this website. They mention this:

Ironing Method: Place the article with the gum facing downwards onto a piece of cardboard.
Set an iron to medium heat. Iron the clothing until the gum is no longer on the article, but has been transferred to the cardboard.

It worked! All the gum came out - except for the stickiness. So then, the next step was the washing machine. I put it alone into the washing machine, as I didn't want it to get on anything else should that be the case. After washing, it came out just okay. Still marks where the stickiness is. Dried it next in the dryer. It looks like it's gone. Maybe it just needs a few more washings and it'll be gone, but they were definitely wearable this evening. I missed them this week while they were in the freezer trying to harden the gum. Ugh. I hate gum on clothing. Especially when it's not even mine!


This afternoon we went to go visit Zoe who is in town for her great-grandfather's funeral. Zoe was sleeping when we got there and still sleeping when we left. Apparently she hasn't been sleeping well at night, so they let her sleep. Oh well, - Sean still had a great time playing with an orange which he thought was a ball. (Silly boy!) And it was nice to visit with friends of the family. It's unfortunate that a funeral brought us together, but it was still good to see them.

I went to the Habs vs. Toronto game tonight. We won 3-1! GO HABS GO! There was a LOT of fighting going on tonight. It was definitely a GREAT game and a GREAT atmosphere tonight.

We even had a special guest at the game tonight, Al Gore! They welcomed him twice tonight on the big screen, and after that people kept going up to him to shake his hand. I'm sure he wasn't too happy that they spotted him. He was sitting in the section right below us.

Oh yeah..... we were sitting in the All-you-can-eat (food included in your ticket) section, and that's not good for a preggo! I got my slushie fix.... I've been dreaming of them all week!

Ignore my laundry pile behind me (never ends the laundry, I tell ya), but here is a picture of my new hat. My pink Habs jersey DOES NOT fit me right now, I won't be able to wear it during playoff season... Unfortunately Mackenzie is growing too big and my belly don't fit into it anymore. I knew it would come a time. I am able however to fit into some of my Habs long sleeve shirts that I own, so I still have Habs gear to wear! :)

There was a bit of knitting tonight at the game, but unfortunately I cannot show it. I was knitting for a swap I'm in - details to follow when the recipient gets the parcel (It needs to be mailed by April 14th (9 days from now) so figure in 3-4 weeks you'll get the details, as it's shipping to the USA.

Tonight we're baby-free :) Sean's sleeping at my parents house. I'm picking him up from my parents house on the way to a baby naming thing I'm going to tomorrow. Never been to one before, so it should be interesting.


Shelley said...

Glad to hear the gum finally came out of your pants!!

Your sister's hat looks great. I see she's wanting to tackle sock now :o).

I noticed you don't have a link to my blog in your list...and since you mention below that if it's not there to leave you a message, thought I'd do that too :o).

Jennifer said...

go habs! and you look cute in all your habs the hat!

twinsetellen said...

I learned something today - your enthusiasm for the Habs caused me to look up why they are called the Habs. Now I will root for them, too (except when the play the Wild). Great shots of the game. I hope you enjoyed the night off - get as many as you can before little sibling arrives!

P.S. Please congratulate your sister on her hat - I read her blog entry but couldn't comment because I don't have a blogger or google account.

Jenny said...

Interesting trick on those gummy pants. I will have to remember that one. Way to go Habs!

g-girl said...

whew. i'm relieved for you that the gum came off. Do you think baby oil would help @ all? I think there's some adhesive remover that might get the last bits of it off. I think it's called goo gone. I could be wrong though! wow, your sister's finished a hat! that's awesome! i saw the bunny too. cute!

Bea said...

Glad you got the gum out. I couldn't think of anything to help you!

Love your habs outfit. Too bad you can't wear the pink for the playoffs though!

Tara said...

I really like that hat, it looks great on you! Oh, and where the heck do you find all these swaps, anyway??