Friday, April 11, 2008

april eleven :: 67 weeks

Sean is 67 weeks old today. He's halfway to 16 months old. Each week he gets smarter and smarter and figures out new ways to get into trouble! He really is a handful - but in a good way! I'm constantly on my toes with this kid!

Do you think we have another photographer in the family? What do you think? He certainly was interested in my Canon Rebel - the heaviest camera I own!

I present to you, Mackenzie's Baby Surprise Jacket. Finally, I seamed it last night & put on the buttons! The information is as follows:

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Multi in Devon #407
Purchased: Online at Yarnbow
Needle: US 4 / 3.5 mm
Size: 0-3 month size
Timeline: Cast on February 23rd, 2008 at the Montreal Canadiens vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game - Cast off March 16th, 2008. Added buttons & seamed on April 10th, 2008.
Modifications: None really. Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Sport weight is not 6 month size. Thank goodness Mackenzie isn't born yet. This way, he'll fit into it when he does! But regardless, I love the finished project!

I am just loving this finished project! It's a fave piece of mine right now. And the buttons are just awesome. Nothing fancy, but look great.

This morning, at Sean's music class I asked 5 and a half month old Tyler's mom if he could model for size the sweater. He barely fit into it, and he's in the 50th percentile for 5.5 months old. Hmmm. Sport weight is supposed to be 6 month size according to the pattern. Apparently not. I think it's around 3 month old size, if that. Anyhow, it's a good thing it's for a baby that is not born yet, so he can wear it until he outgrows it. If he was already born, and didn't fit into it - I'd be upset! LOL. I am really happy with it's finished results.

My mom came with us to music this morning and then we ran some errands afterwards. On our way home, we came across this:

Which is this up-close. Isn't it great? This city is really obsessed! (Not that I mind!)

Today, I got the best deal ever.

Sean got 2 pairs of PJ's for .09¢.

The item was supposed to be on sale for 10.09$, minus 30% off. Anyhow, I got to the cash, and it rang up at 11.79$, which wasn't even the regular price, because regular price for the 2 pairs of pjs (4 piece set) was 16.79$ or something. Anyhow, so Price Protection Law, is under 10$ it's free, or if the item is over 10$ you get 10$ off your item - if it scans wrong at the cash, when it's a bar code (scanned) item. You know about this law, right? I've mentioned it a few times on my blog. Anyhow, so they had to give it to me for 10.09$-10$ = 0.09¢. Each pair of PJ's for 0.045¢. FOUR AND A HALF CENTS!

That was definitely the deal of the day. Not only did I get that, but she gave me buy one get one half off on pants that weren't supposed to be. (For Sean as well).

I'm the queen of good deals. I won't complain!

Tonight I spent cleaning up my inbox. Oh my. I had 200 + emails in my inbox. Probably close to 250. Right now, finally, caught up - I have 35. And I answered (emailed back) to every single last email that was in there. I still want to clean up those last 35, but I will get to those over the weekend. I'm also still slowly catching up on my blog reading (again, hence why you may get a comment on an old post). Feels good to get things accomplished - let me tell you!


Jennifer said...

the sweater is adorable...can't wait to see your lil mack wearing it!

Bea said...

The sweater is really cute. Good thing you are in Canada because if you lived here you might well rip out the sweater because as a summer baby he would have outgrown it long long long before he could wear it!

Bertha said...

I really love that Devon colorway of the LL!

Dawn ;) said...

Love it ~ nice job! ;)

carolynswafford said...

What an awesome deal you got on those pj's! I've never heard of a price protection law...must be a canadian thing? With one kid and another on the need all the help you can get! The sweater is lovely!

Drea said...

awe the sweater is darling
and u are brave letting him touch the rebel :-)

Amelah said...

Awesome job on the sweater love it I atleast got to see it in person :) one day i would like to learn :)
omg my nephew is the cutest!! i love the pic of u 2

Anonymous said...

Love that sweater! And it looks so cute on the baby!

Talk about hockey and obsession ... I live about an hour or so outside of Washington DC .. it's all about the CAPS right now.

Jenny said...

Oh that sweater is so precious! I bet it will look great on a little baby that will be arriving soon!

I am watching the Habs/Bruins right now...Over time!!

Zonda said...

Cute sweater! Love those buttons! Great deal on the pj's too!

Anonymous said...

You know, I was just wondering about the specs on Mack's BSJ. I'm going to start a class in May that's the BSJ. It's so cute!

Robin said...

Very cute sweater!! Nice colors. It's so nice to know you're having a boy so you can knit gender-specific sweaters!

Alison said...

I saw a car this morning with a Bruins flag flying from the window!! Pretty brave.

Cute sweater!

Tara said...

OK, I'm determined to get caught up with your blog today, even if it takes all morning!!! I love hoe the baby surprise jacket turned out. Strange about the size though, but I'm always skeptical about sizing for baby clothes. I mean, Maxime wears size 18-24 months, and he isn't even a year old yet!