Friday, August 01, 2008

august one :: 83 weeks old

Sean is 83 weeks old today.

This afternoon we ran some errands with my mom. There were a couple of things that I wanted to do, but it's easier just to run in myself, instead of taking 2 kids with me. So my mom came with, and stayed in the car while I ran in. Much quicker and much more efficient that way.

Mackie was in a good mood today. (Yeah, sometimes I call him Mackie).

Do you think he looks cute in his new shorts? I've been going crazy looking for a pair of shorts for him, since it's mad hot outside. Finally found these cute ones at Old Navy on liquidation for only .97¢. They're sized 0-3 months and I'll think they'll last him all summer long!

Next stop on the way home was Costco. My mom found some winter gloves and Sean loves to try things on.

He also managed to sweet talk my mother into buying him 2 children's books to keep at her house. He certainly knows how to shop!

Finally, after 8 months of living in our new house, I made some time to take a bubble bath. We have a gorgeous bath tub (see!?) that is not part of the shower, and Sean takes baths in it all the time. (It's our only tub in the house). Anyhow, for me, showering is just quicker and easier. I've been wanting to take a bubble bath for ages. The last real bubble bath I took was when I was living in my parents house. My first apartment when I moved out, the shower stall (and entire bathroom) was sooooo disgusting, that I had a mat in the tub, and refused to touch the walls/tub even with the amount of bleach/disinfectant that we used to try and clean it. Then, in my duplex that I owned after the apartment, the tub was tiny. I tried to use it once while pregnant with Sean, but it wasn't comfortable. So today, when I got home from errands with my mom, Mack was asleep in the bucket and I gave Sean a bottle of milk and put on his Baby Einstein Classic Lullaby CD and filled up the tub for a bath. (It takes FOREVER to fill it's so huge!) I grabbed 2 books (The 7 O'clock Bedtime and I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson). I started reading I Don't Know How She Does It about a mother with 2 kids. The only thing is, she's a working mother who travels a lot, but I can still relate. Her kids in the story are older than mine too. I thought it would be interesting to read, as I'm going through the phase right now of wondering "How do Mothers with more than 1 kid do it?"... Really! I'm learning/adjusting, but it will take time. I didn't even touch the other book, which is a reference book/non-fiction and wasn't in the mood for that.

Ah, it was well needed, a relaxing bath. And peace & quiet while both kids napped!

Speaking of napping, Sean has now gotten used to being put in his crib for both nap time and bedtime. He does still pout and give you that sweet innocent face of his, and it breaks my heart each time, but he waves bye to you, and I tell him at his nap time that I'll see him a bit after he naps or at bedtime I tell him I'll see him in the morning, that I'll be there to see him. He understand. And he's such a better kid after he gets even just an hour's nap. (Today it was 3 hours, we actually let him sleep too long today, as it was a late nap).

Some garden updates:

Some yellow ones started blooming. Before it was just all pink ones. It's sooo colorful in my backyard right now. It's awesome!

My San Marzano tomato plant(s) (I think there are 2), are full of tomatoes! (Actually all of our tomato plants are full of tomatoes now..!) Oh, I can smell making sauce already. These Italian tomatoes will be great for my homemade meat sauce, and it'll be better than making it with canned tomatoes! Mmmm!

Houston, we have our first (few!) pumpkins! I planted these Jack O'lantern pumpkins in hopes to get 1 pumpkin for Sean and 1 for Mack for Halloween. Well, right now, we've counted about 4 or 5 (I can't remember the exact number so far) of started pumpkins on the plant! Yes, it's taking over the garden, but it's going to be awesome! Jamie spotted them, and ran into the house saying "Robyn, you have to come quick, now!"... So I grabbed my camera and ran outside! Ooh! I can't wait to see the progress of how these come about! I definitely should have enough pumpkins to bring each kid in Sean's class in the fall, and probably to all my cousins with kids, and then probably for the entire neighborhood! LOL. You know how kids have lemonade stands in the summer on the corner of their street/driveway? I should make a pumpkin stand and sell some pumpkins! .33¢ for a package of pumpkin seeds will go a long way this year. And all I planted was ONE pumpkin seed in the garden! Priceless!

Ruby gave me the idea a few days ago to wash my old wash cloths in bleach. So I ran them tonight twice in the washing machine, with laundry detergent and the max capacity that my washing machine will take for bleach (there is a dispenser). They went in the dryer and I'll try them out tomorrow, and see if they no longer smell like mildew. Here's to hoping! I did run an empty load after just in case, I've never used bleach in my washing machine before, so I ran an empty load as a pre-caution. I don't want to ruin anything in a future load because of bleach. Do I need to run an empty load each time after I use bleach? Does anyone know? I ran it on rinse/spin cycle (not a full cycle as if I were watching). The rinse/spin cycle is like 19 minutes instead of 44. (Yes, my machine tells me how much time is left!) I'll let you know if the wash cloths were salvageable tomorrow!

Have you seen Twist Collective yet? You just have to go check it out...! Drool!

So, I did submit 3 photos this week (have to be in before Tuesday) for "What's Growing In Your Garden"... perfect theme for someone like me! Anyhow, on today's page, since I'm the last person to submit photos, my photos are the ones in the top left hand corner. I submitted "Love is in the Garden", "Stop and Smell the Lillies" and "Sean & The Giant Zucchini". Let's see if any are a winner! I'll find out next Thursday in the West Island section of our Gazette. (I live in the "West Island" of Montreal.

I'm leaving August sock kits up on sale until Sunday night. If you haven't bought one yet, there are just a few spots left! I'm designing the pattern, so please come on by and support me in my first design! I'm very excited about it, and it's looking fabulous. And the yarn is just delicious!

Monday is my ONE YEAR anniversary with Robyn's Nest! I'm having a 48 hour sale. Everything will be 20% off! I'm disabling the Sock kits though from sale, that will be the only item not on sale. Unfortunately I cannot put those on sale. The sale will last from 12:01 am on Monday, August 4th, 2008 until Tuesday night, August 5th, 2008 at 11:59 pm. You do not need a coupon code, the 20% off will be applied to everything in the store!


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Photog 101: To get your pics published, it couldn't hurt to have a green thumb and a supercute model. Mack's shorts are great, and what a great bargain. I once picked up 3 really nice pure cotton sweaters in a sunshine yellow and 3 more in a beautiful burnt orange, for 1.97 each at Old Navy clearance. I figured wear one to death then move on to the next. At least nine years later and all are still in great condition, some still never worn. Haven't even spilled anything on them yet. If I'd gotten just one each, they'd have been ruined within a year, I'm sure. :)

KnitNicoleKnit said...

you really should be able to try stuff on at costco. by them not allowing you to try stuff on there, its costing them money... (the machines to process the transactions, the employees to do the transactions etc etc etc)
i cant wait to watch your garden progress! we've gotten about 4 zukes and 3 or so cherry tomatoes so far.
you really should sell the pumpkins. when i was younger, we planted about 10 tomato plants, all different kinds with plans on canning some of them. well, my mom realised we dont use canned tomatoes all that much, so i asked if i could sell them in a lemonade stand. sold a small basket (like a berry basket) full of tomatos for 3$. i made just over 100$ in a couple days when i was about 7 years old. and we STILL had plenty to eat for ourselves!

Amelah said...

Mack looks adorable in those shorts, he looks cute in anything u put on him!

Sean is such a cutie pie!!! Of course he can sweet bubbie lol!

Glad you FINALLY got to take a bath! You must have enjoyed it! Since I am soon losing my big tub, I just may have to come over and use yours :) So in return I will come and baby sit a few hours so you can take some more bubble baths lol

Wow, the shot with the flowers is GORGEOUS robyn!!!!! Sick!

Jenn said...

Your garden pics are beautiful!!

I usually run a load of lights/whites, after I do my load w/bleach. I have some whites that I don't usually bleach, but it would be OK, if some bleach residue was left. That gives it an extra rinsing out before I do my darks.

In the past I didn't do this before putting in dark towels next...and guess what...yep, I got bleach spots on them.

It could be our washing machine too...perhaps it is older and doesn't rinse out as well as newer models might. Even still, I'd probably still do the above regardless. : )

Secretly Spun said...

You get even cheaper pumpkins (and Zuchini) if you do what my Dad does and put them on the compost heap in the autumn. There's always some mystery seeds growing in their garden.

Tara said...

I like the "Stop and smell the Lilies" shot.

Jennifer said...

aren't the pumpkins insane? we have a small flower bed in the front of the house and planted four seeds...whoa - waaaay too much! i will have to take some pics to post this weekend. so far we have two pumpkins that are between volleyball and basketball size already...craziness!

g-girl said...

sean and mack just keep getting cuter! :) yay for taking a bath!! I took one last night. It's been forever for me too! :( It's so strange to me that you can't try anything on at Costco. But typically, I just figure the sizing is pretty much the same so I just grab whatever size I usually wear. And if it doesn't fit, I can take it back or give it to my sister! ;)