Monday, August 25, 2008

august twenty-five

Two new pumpkins were found this morning in my garden. I'm hoping and praying they don't get eaten or die. I hope they stay! That would bring the pumpkin count up to 3.

Aren't they adorable when they are teeny tiny?

Mack had playgroup today while my wonderful sister watched Sean and took him on her errands. Top Left to Right: Yosef Yitzak, Yael, Kennedy, Mack, Jake, Dylan, Noa, Marshall. And on the bottom row sleeping you've got on the left Jordan and on the right Sivan.

Someone that I've gotten close with in playgroup is Kelly & her son Jake. I'm glad that Mack has a new group of friends, it's great to have other mommies to talk to that are going through the same thing as you are. Jake's just 3 and a half weeks older than Mack. (May 22 to June 17 - 5 days shy of a month apart).

Mack & Jake - best friends forever.

Mack grinning. I just love it.

Mack meditating. I love it.

I put Mack in his Baby Surprise Jacket today. It's supposed to be 6 month size, but at 10 lbs, 11 oz. at 2 months old (25th percentile - so he's small) there is no way he'll be fitting into it next month. I may get a little bit more wear out of it. I will be putting him into it until he no longer fits into it... but the sleeves are getting short.

He was such a good boy today. I think Saturday was rock bottom and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll just get better from here. Saturday he gave us a 6 hour cry/scream fest. I'm not sure if it's gas pains, or colic or the heat in the house, but it was a bad bad bad day, and I'm hoping that's over. And honestly, I don't think he's colic. And it's possible that he's got cramps in his belly, but I don't think it's attributed to his formula. (Yes, I stopped breastfeeding when Mack was 5 weeks old, it just wasn't working out for our situation, even though he was latching, I'll get into that in another post, I just haven't felt like posting about it in the last month).

Sean had fun with my sister today, and was full of beans when he came home. I think it was the chocolate milk he had. He was a real class clown, being really silly. Jamie & I have never seen him like that before.... a real riot! Bottom line - no chocolate milk on a day he's had no nap because he slept in too late. Bad idea....

This evening Jamie & I hung out watching some TV after the boys were bathed and put to bed. Sean refused to take his milk in a sippy cup, but we're going to be firm on that, because he's got to learn to get off the bottle. I'm so done with the bottle for him. His doctor wants him weaned off of the bottle by the age of 2 latest, and when we go back in September for a check-up for him, I want to be able to tell her he's been weaned and get his milk solely in a sippy cup..... But tonight he rejected the sippy cup... so we were firm, and he didn't get his before bed milk. (Which he really doesn't need to begin with)...

After an hour of watching TV with Jamie, we went up to our bedroom and he helped me sort and fold almost 5 baskets of laundry. Some stuff that got sorted hasn't been folded yet (like Jamie's socks and some of the kids' clothing) but a lot of the stuff was put away and I feel a lot better that I got help with it. Those 5 baskets alone would have taken me about 2 hours to fold myself. But with Jamie's help, we got a lot done in the half hour before Jamie decided it was his bed time.

Tomorrow I have a ton of errands to run in the morning with my mother, she's coming along. And then I'm seeing Dellybean and Marga tomorrow, they're stopping by before dinner. Jamie's working late tomorrow night, so I'm going to chill with the boys and hopefully knit. Maybe watch a movie. I have some movies that I want to watch, but I've been so addicted to Monk, that I haven't really been watching anything else!

- find where I put my SIN card.
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm still behind June 17 to now)
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- do laundry.
- knit.
- read.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.
- Make meat sauce.(Missing tomato juice which I'll buy tomorrow)
- Make lasagnas after meat sauce is done.(Pick up Whole Wheat lasagna noodles)
- Do a Robyn's Nest delivery.
- mail thank you cards.
- accomplish a few items on this list.
- Decide what photos to put in Mackenzie's Bris video (yes, my dad hired a videographer for the bris and he now needs photos for the video).
- Catch up on blog reading.
- Bang off a few more email responses. (Trying to clear inbox).
- upload new stitch markers that I made to Robyn's Nest.
- pull out side by side double stroller and see if it needs to be cleaned. Clean side by side double umbrella stroller.
- go to post office.
- do returns that need to get done.
- get the boys each their own passport for our trip in January.

See, things are getting done around here, and I've been trying to get more organized. My office has been getting cleaner too. Which is a good thing, because I'm the queen of making piles, and then letting the piles have piles of their own, and next thing you know it, my desk is no where to be seen.... lately, you can actually see my desk! Which is a good thing!

For those of you who live in the area, is having a special on enlargements. 5x7's and 8x10's are only .49¢ until Wednesday. I sent off 14 enlargements on Friday, and can't wait to get them! I also picked up my other photo order today, I sent off pictures from the Jean Coutu .10¢ photo sale which ended on Friday. They still have a sale going on right now, for .12¢ a photo, which is still fantastic. I may send off a few more that I forgot to print. I'm going to have fun going through my new prints tomorrow (I had printed from May 9th - Friday of last week to go into an album and some for some new frames in the house, etc).


Jennifer said...

aww...the pic of mack snoozing and the one of him grinning between his playgroup buds are my fave!

ps - yay on the pumpkins!

Amelah said...

Cute pics from playgroup!

Glad u guys had fun!

Sean was a good boy for me today! We had fun! The only thing that was not funny was him screaming in the line up at Costco because i would not let him eat the packaging of what we were buying!!!! Other wise he was a star!!!

Sorry about the chocolate milk hehehe he enjoyed it :)

Tara said...

You know, babies don't usually make me gush (even though I had 2 of my own! LOL!), but that picture of Mack "meditating" made me want to have a little teensy baby again. *Sigh*

Bea said...

Yay for pumpkins!

Your playgroup is getting really really large now.

g-girl said...

wow, i didn't realize there were that many kids in mack's play group! :) love the pics of mack! :)