Thursday, August 21, 2008

august twenty-first

This morning I went to pick up Dellybean on my way to Mack's doctor's appointment to give her a ride into the city. I knew where her brother lives, as he lives on a street that you can access from one entrance/exit to John Abbott College (where I went for my first year of College back in 1998). (Hadn't been on campus in years...!) Anyhow, I should have gone with my gut feeling, and gone the way I used to, but no... I listened to mapquest.

Here's what it said:

7 : Turn LEFT onto RUE DES PINS.
8 : RUE DES PINS becomes unnamed road.
9 : Turn LEFT.
10 : Turn RIGHT.
11 : Turn LEFT onto Dellybean's brother's street.

Uhm..... unnamed road? Turn left onto where? Turn right onto where? Uhm..... WTF!?

I'll just never trust mapquest again... Nope. Googlemaps it is.

I gave Dellybean a ride to the metro, she was goingto have lunch at a Jazz bar in the old port, and then meet back up with us later.

I was a few minutes late going to Mack's 2 month check-up, but I called and the doctor was going to take the next patient and then see Mack when we got there. There was some unexpected traffic due to construction (does it ever end?) but we got there!

Mack got his 2 month shots - his first vaccinations. He got weighed and measured. He's now in the 25th percentile for height at weight. He weighs now 10 lbs 11 oz. (That was a shocker to me!) and then she measured his head and he was in the 3rd percentile only for his head. Apparently he has a small head, but to me it looks proportionate. Weird. But he's healthy and all is good, and he goes back at 4 months old for his next check-up, so I booked that for November (he'll be almost 5 months old) , and then his 6 month appointment in January (he'll be 7 months old though) at the same time of Sean's 2 year check-up. They both go to that check-up the week we get back from Florida.

Yep! I'm taking the boys to Florida in January. I'm going down with my mother & sister. Sean will be 2 years old already and I had to pay a full fare for him! I couldn't believe it. Thank goodness there was a seat sale! Mack will be free, but gets no checked luggage. I am though, allowed 2 of 3 items (stroller, car seat or playpen) to go on board for Mack. So I'm going to take his bucket (since I need it for the rental car) and the double stroller, and the playpen will go as checked baggage. We're allowed 2 bags as checked luggage. I'm thinking though, that I will take 2 playpens, for each boy to sleep in. I'm allowed 4 checked bags between Sean & I, so two suitcases (Sean & Mack's clothing will go in one bag and my suitcase) and then check 2 playpens. Very excited for this trip (to visit my grandmother at her condo). I haven't been to Florida since 2002 and that was a very short visit before and after a cruise that we went on that left from Fort Lauderdale. The last time I actually spent time in Florida was in 1997. It's been too long! I want the beach!!! I think both Sean & Mack will love the beach.

This afternoon I got another quote from an air conditioning company, for 2000$ more than the quote I got yesterday. WTF!? I think we're going to go with the first company that we called in. Crazy expensive. Hopefully we'll be able to go after the previous owner for the costs, since we were sold a house that was listed as having working air conditioning. There is no working air conditioning, that is for sure. I'm going to draft a registered letter over the weekend and send it registered next week.

This evening Angela & I took Dellybean to a West Island Knits knit night. We had a great time. I didn't get much knitting done, but it felt great to sit down and do nothing. Especially since I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Amy & I.

Mack smiling.

Mack snoozing at knit night.

Dellybean knitting. She's using Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn. Oh, do I want to get me some. Mmmmm! Next week she's going to help me with some sewing (if there's time) and I'm going to take her to THE LYS to go to while she's here, Ariadne. I told her it was the only yarn shop to visit while here, very worthwhile.

Monk Season 4. Somewhere in Season 3, Sharona stopped being his assistant, and now it's Natalie. I can't believe they got rid of Sharona, I liked her! Not sure yet how I feel about Natalie.

Those of you whom have been inquiring, the freaky pacifiers are from here. (Though, I think they were on sale when I got them).

TWO spots left in the September Sock Club. Once those two spots are gone, that's it! You will never be able to get your hands on Lovesticks exclusive colorway ever again! Act now! And the pattern is designed by Emily.


Bea said...

oooo...Florida will be fun. You have just a little while to figure out what you'll need while you are down there I think!

Amelah said...

I told you mapquest lies!!!!! Remember when I got stuck and called you when I tried to get to the Old Port? It was missing like 3streets! And then I ended up on Highway 10, the one you told me specifically NOT to get on lol!!!

Now i should be good, my iphone has a GPS in it, plus I have a GPS! I think I am double save lol.

Depending when you go to Ariadne, I want to come too ! Never been!!!

g-girl said...

who does that--unnamed road??? weird! awww---love, love, love the pic of mack smiling and the sleeping shot! :)

Jennifer said...

smiley mack is so stinkin' adorable!!

Craftlover said...

Mack is sooooo cute. :)
it's NEVER easy to take baby and kid for traveling.
I tried to bring Erika to Hong Kong while she was 8 months old.. tough.. !!!
I can imagine how hard it would be for you to take TWO kids. and just too much 'work' for you..
luckily you have accompany with you, so, i Hope you will have a great trip by then. :)

Kim said...

I really think Mack and Jacob could be twins. So adorable. I love Mack's sweet little smile. :)

Get a GPS. I stopped using Mapquest ages ago. They never get it right.

Tara said...

Wow, my kids were just the opposite! Way up there in the percentiles and big honkin' heads! LOL! He's too adorable.