Tuesday, August 26, 2008

august twenty-six :: 10 weeks

Mack is 10 weeks old today.

In my print order that I just did, I made some old prints for Sean's 1st Year frame. I've been wanting to finish this frame for Sean's room for the longest time. Just never got around to it - but finally, I had selected the photos and printed them and cut them out and put them in order! I love it. I now need to get a frame like this for Mack. It's such a cute idea. Month per month of their first year, and then a giant 1st birthday party picture for the center. Genius!

Some garden updates:

Right now sitting on my window sill, is a slew of tomatoes of all kinds.
Beefsteak, pink girl and san marzano.

I picked the larger of the two zucchinis that were in the garden this morning. The other one should be ready to be picked shortly. I'll let it get a little bit bigger before taking it off the plant.

My first pumpkin is doing well. And the other two that I spotted the other day are still hanging in, but haven't gotten any bigger than what it was yesterday. I hope they get bigger soon!

Marga stopped by this afternoon, and brought Mack some sheep related goodies. Mack loves them, he thanks Marga very much for them! Aren't they cute? I love the serta sheep with the suss and the taggies sheep toy the best, but love all 3!

Dellybean also came over today, and helped me sew a bottle holder for Mack. It's a pattern I got off Etsy. I'm a beginner sewer so I wanted some help. I also eventually want to learn how to make a simple pouch with a zipper, anyone in the west island know how and want to help me? Maybe I can even find a class in the west island that I can learn how to sew simple stuff. That would be great. I finished sewing the last touches by hand this evening, so I'll test it out and photograph it tomorrow for you.

While out today with my mom, I picked up 2 Halloween costumes for Sean, as I couldn't decide which one to go with. I fell in love with the Dragon costume.

But I also fell in love with this monkey costume. And if Sean is a monkey, Mack can be a banana.

I don't own this exact banana costume, but one similar, that I got on sale after last Halloween. (Sean was already 11 months old when I bought the small banana costume, or I'd have photographed him in it. I'm not sure, it's either 0-3 month size or 3-6 month size. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fine for Mack, since he was born small and still is only in the 25th percentile at just over 2 months old. On top of the banana costume I got a Pea in the Pod costume and I believe that last one is a strawberry. They were on major liquidation, and I figured if I didn't use it for Halloween, that I would use it for photography purposes just to photograph Mack in them. Might as well use my photograph degree on my kids! So stay tuned for those photos, sometime around Halloween probably!

So... do I just photograph Sean in the Dragon, because it's too cute and for Halloween he can be a Monkey and his brother a Banana? Matching duo? What do you think? Let me know, leave me a comment!

On another note.... I'm having an issue weaning Sean off his bottle. He is refusing to take his milk (3.25%) in anything but his bottle. We tried these sippy cups today. Sean has NO issues with drinking juice out of them - we've been using them for a while. However, I want him off the bottle, so I tried. In the morning, he refused to drink his milk period in it. I refused to give him the sippy cup. In the afternoon, he drank a little bit (maybe about half) and then threw the sippy cup back at me. Refused to drink any more milk in it. This evening, before bed, also refused to drink any in it. He had a full dinner so I am not worried. I gave him extra cheese at dinner to make up for any milk he lacked today. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

Can anyone give me any advice on weaning Sean off the bottle? I just don't get it, since he does take the sippy cup with water and juice.


g-girl said...

i love sean's 1st year frame! that is so cool! everything is coming along nicely in your garden! :) oh. my. goodness. those costumes are too freakin' cute!!! mack would make an adorable banana. lol. i dunno what I would do. I think I'd try to have sean get use out of both costumes too because they're both adorable!

illahee said...

very cute costumes. even if he doesn't wear one for halloween, it would probably be good for a dress-up day on a rainy day.

for weaning, maybe try having him drink out of a bowl. we have miso soup a lot and quite often our children want to drink other things (milk, juice, tea) from the bowl, too. after a while it's not that big a deal, but the bottle is gone and they happily drink from their sippy cup.

Jennifer said...

i was just reading a post on my october expectant mother message board about halloween costume ideas and it sounds like monkey and banana are very popular choices this year...what an adorable idea!!

hey, along the lines of the milk out of a bowl idea from illahee, maybe you can go to walmart and see if they have those sippy bowls w/ the straw built in on the side...might be a 'fun' way to get him to drink his milk and he won't even realize he's not getting his bottle. good luck!

Bea said...

I think my only advice for the sippy cup thing is to not go back to the bottle at all. Even if he doesn't drink it. The three or four days without it won't hurt him as much as staying on the bottle. If you give in to giving him the bottle then he'll keep fighting the cup because he knows he'll get a bottle. Its like the nap thing. You have to do it no matter what he does. I like the bowl idea though. That could be interesting.

I vote for Monkey and Banana.

Kelly said...

I love the monkey/banana idea!! That is so cute!! We are trying to wean our 15 month old from the bottle. She won't take her milk from a sippy either. So... I have no advice for you, but I can't wait to read what others have to say!!

Tara said...

Do you still warm his milk in the bottle? Maybe that's his issue.. Definitely stick to your guns, and maybe just let him drink his milk out of a big boy cup. I hope that helps!

Heddy said...

my sisterr did this wth her little boy hern her new baby came along ... they told him that titty bottles were for babies, not big boys, and asked him if he would like to be a big boy and give his bottles to his baby brother because the baby needed them. They went out and got him the tall sippy cups with a thin flexable rubber straw, and he has been fine ever since.

I agree with the others - don't give in and give him the bottle once you have told him "no bottle" ... that is just showing him that he can wear you down, and you'll be setting yourself up for all sorts of future fights that he'll be setermined to win

Hattie said...

Yep, don't give in. He's going to want the milk eventually, regardless of what it's in. Try a cup with a straw in it when you can sit with him. :)

We were firm with these two, and eventually they give in.

dawn said...

I think the monkey and the banana would be the cutest thing ever! I have no advice for getting sean to drink milk out of a sippy since I can't seem to get my son to drink milk out of a sippy either.