Monday, August 18, 2008

august eighteen

The light blue (with the tid bits of white) is my 58th square. (I mentioned yesterday that I thought it was my 57th square, but it's indeed my 58th square). And the 59th square is cast on. This blue yarn is a mini-skein hand dyed by Perfect Day Yarns. I have a few more mini-skeins by her that I plan to include in the blankie.

This morning, Sean broke my glasses. You see, if Sean wants me out of bed, he hands me my glasses. This morning he handed them to me. I put them back on my dresser. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, Sean was trying to put on my glasses and snapped off the arm. I hope they can be fixed, they are my fave pair.

Today was a good mail day:

I received my order from Faery Fiber. My friend Tammy in Alberta (who spoiled me in a previous round of Secret Pal) dyes this yarn. It's yummy delicious. This is a DK yarn in The Boy Who Lived colorway.

I also ordered Sybil in sock weight.

And Molly.

And Vampire.

Today my sister watched Sean for a bit while I did some work for the shop. By the way, there are only 4 spots left in the September Sock Club. Four more, and that's it. August kits will be shipping in the next 48 hours, so stay tuned if you've ordered one!

I visited my sister's new house today, it's very lovely. I can't wait to see it all settled in and all unpacked.

This evening I dropped off the pre-registration forms for both Mack & Sean's swim classes. I'm hoping they get into the class of my choice (Saturday morning over Sunday morning, but I'll take either as long as I get into one day for both boys). It would be Mack from 8:30 am until 9 am and then Sean 9 am until 9:30 am. Jamie will stay with the boy who isn't in the water. I plan on doing both swimming lessons. Jamie doesn't really like going into the water. I'll find out either tomorrow or Wednesday if I got into the swim class of my choice for the boys. I'm very excited to see how much Sean has progressed over the summer and to get Mack into the pool. I'm also probably going to sign up for Aqua-Strollers but this time with Mack and my mom will watch Sean while I'm taking the class. It'll be good to help get rid of the "baby fat".

My A/C isn't working and it's deadly in my house. The guy is supposed to come tomorrow to take a look at what exactly we have for a quote for replacement. It's quite hot, and I hope that it's fixed soon. I hate the humidity, so this is just putting me into a foul mood. I've also showered three times today. Two of them were really cold showers. At times like this I wished I had a swimming pool.

Still watching Monk. I'm almost done Season 3. Onto Season 4. Can. we. say. addicted. to. a. good. show.? It's fucking great. I heart Monk. He is too funny.


g-girl said...

oh no, sorry to hear about the glasses. hopefully they're fixable! oooh, i'm liking sybil! :) is still on the fritz?? that sucks. hopefully when the technician comes he can actually do something useful this time!

Tara said...

I miss my Aqua-baby class with Maxime. I think he misses it too (or rather, he misses the heated pool!)

Bertha said...

I can't believe your AC is broken AGAIN! Why can't they get their act together and fix it the first time! Sheesh! I hope you can get it taken care of once and for all soon!

June broke my glasses once too, and 2 pairs of sunglasses! Ridiculous!

Jenny said...

Sorry about the glasses. Chloe just broke Craig's sunglasses too. Kids love to do that!

I am a huge Monk fan too and I am glad you are enjoying it. The new season just started so we are into it.

Bea said...

Sorry to hear about the glasses. The new yarn is great though.

Mojavi said...

oh no.. Kya broke mine a couple months ago and I was devastated! I have commented on your glasses before and myabe your Uncle can fix them.. :( I am hoping for you he can!!

missbasket said...

My name is Tina and as you can tell I read your blog. I am new to blogging and would like to know is the sock club and how does this work? And do you still have openings if I shall wish to join?
Thank You for the information.

Amelah said...

lots of yummy yarn! me like :) lol

Hope AC gets fixed soon! Cant believe that, just ur luck eh

carolynswafford said...

That yarn is absolutely delicious!!!