Thursday, August 28, 2008

august twenty-eight :: 20 months old

Sean is 20 months old today.
4 more months and I have a 2 year old!
Sean has NuNu in his hands. He's grown attached to it.
NuNu goes everywhere...!

Today I also received my last installment of the Vesper Sock Yarn Club, in the Indian Summer Colorway. It's gorgeous. I am really happy that I participated in this club. The yarn has been yummy delicious!

Today, I'm happy my cleaning lady came. She didn't come last week because of Mack's 2 month check-up. Today my new Air Conditioning unit was installed. I have A/C again! Whoot! I am so very happy. It's starting to cool off in the house, so I'm super pleased. Today Kate-the-Enabler visited with her 9 month old son Liam. It was great to see her, thanks for coming KTE!

Today I picked the 2nd zucchini as it was ready, and over the weekend it looks like we'll have 2 cucumbers that will be big enough. My original pumpkin is getting HUGE! Also, there are now 3 pumpkins that are starting. I didn't have time today to look for any more than just those, but I'll check it out - maybe there are more than that? I also sent Kate & my cleaning lady home with tomatoes today. I can't wait to get feedback if they liked them! I'm sure soon we'll have a LOT of ripe tomatoes! There are a lot, that are still green! I can't wait.

This afternoon both boys napped and gave me time to do some work. I did some inventory, and tidied up Robyn's Nest. It's looking nice and neat and organized! Loving it!

This evening I went knitting with the West Island Knits group. Tonight we were just 4 of us, and it was great to get out of the house for a bit.

While out today, I picked up the latest (to us in Canada) issue of Simply Knititng Mag, which is the August 2008 issue number 44. The September issue should be in, in 2 weeks, so I'll go back for it around then. I'm so happy I found a place near me that carries it!

Just finished watching Big Brother 10 and some Monk (I'm on Season 6 already!) with Jamie, and I need to go get ready for the long weekend ahead, so I'll check ya later. Some laundry needs folding and I need to get some food in my tummy. I didn't get to eat dinner tonight as by the time we got to Starbucks, there wasn't any food food left. So dinner consisted of a green tea drink and a rice krispy square. So now, I'm hungry. I wonder what I have to eat.


Bea said...

Sounds like a great day! Mack is getting so old. Nunu is cute.

kate-the-enabler said...

We had a lovely visit, and the tomatoes were delish. Thanks so much for having us. I hope it didn't take those guys all day to get your AC up and running for you :).
Cheers - KTE

Amelah said...

OMG Sean is getting so old!!!!!

Glad we could all been help to Cheryl! We converted her from crochet to a knitter LOL :)

Tara said...

The Vesper looks great. And Sean is such a cutie with his stuffy! Émilie was very attached to her stuffed cat (Minou Minou) from 1 to about 3 and a half years old.

g-girl said...

sean's starting to turn into a little kid! and look at his curls! :) so cute! glad to hear your ac is back!

Craftlover said...

I love the first picture, both of your smiles are just soooo sweet. :D

the yarn is soooo lovely. :)