Sunday, August 31, 2008

august thirty-one

I wound some Malabrigo this morning. I was totally psyched to possibly start Mabel's Scarf, but then realized that I want to do this scarf in a solid color Malabrigo, not a variegated color. My skein, from my SP10 Pal Tammy, is different shades of blues. This won't work for Mabel's Scarf, so I will find another project for my Malabrigo in Emerald. So now I'm on the hunt for some solid color Malabrigo Worsted, which I think I may have hunted some down for trade/buy on Ravelry. Waiting to hear back. I really want to cast on Mabel's Scarf. Yes, I know, I have knitting A.D.D.

I'm sure I'll find a good project for my Malabrigo that I already have though. Just needs to be the right project.

Mack woke up in a really good mood today. He didn't care that he was sleeping part of the night on the most uncomfortable bed ever. He was in mommy's arms for a bit, so he was good. For the first part of the night he did sleep in the playpen we brought for him. (We brought 2 playpen's (pack-n-plays) for each boy). For the first part of both evenings the boys slept in their respective playpens. The 2nd half, once Mack woke up - they both slept in the double sized bed with us - no choice. Sean wouldn't go back to sleep in the playpen and neither would Mack.

I gave Mack some tummy time this morning. I put him on my pillow facing the mirrored head board of my sister-in-law's bed. He seemed to enjoy checking himself out in the mirror.

He was super cute and had really good head/neck control. Which is what we want. He needs to practice as we start Aqua Strollers on his 3 month birthday (Sept 17th).

Just before we packed up the car to head back home, Sean got a chocolate cookie from his Aunt. How nice! What a mess it made! Chocolate and toddlers shouldn't mix! It's so gross to clean up afterwards!

The car ride home was a pleasure. Why couldn't the drive down have been this good as well? Both boys slept THE ENTIRE way home. I even got to nap. I couldn't keep my eyes open, as much as I tried. I knitted a few rows before crashing. Thank goodness Jamie agreed to drive there and back, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. Since I'm on Mack duty every night (since Jamie has to work during the week), I've been a walking zombie for the past almost 11 weeks, and long distance driving isn't an option for me right now).

Let me tell you, it's great to be home. I missed my house. I missed my bed. I missed my things.

Some garden updates:

My pumpkin is getting HUGE! I'm still praying we get more than 1 pumpkin. I was told that they should start appearing now, that now is the season for them. Let's hope so!

My sunflower is ready to open! This is exciting. I can't wait to see how it will look like!

And one of my mini-bell peppers is actually an orange one! How neat. I'm wondering if any of these other ones will change color as well. They're super tiny though. Wasn't expecting them to be this tiny! Wish they were a lot bigger, as I enjoy peppers! Maybe next year I'll have larger red and orange peppers. So tasty!

This evening my in-laws brought us dinner since we didn't really have anything in the house since we weren't expecting to be back until tomorrow and didn't really do any groceries. They brought over Chinese Food, which is my absolute fave! So yummy. It was sooo good!

So happy that tomorrow is a holiday, it'll be nice to have Jamie home on a Monday. I think we're just going to take a chill day, catch up on some house chores and just spend some time together as a family. Sounds like a plan! I cannot believe that tomorrow is September. Where has the year so far gone? I just don't believe it. Four months left of the year. Sean is almost 2 years old. The fall is coming (which I'm super happy about - one of my two fave seasons of the year!)


Bea said...

Your pumpkin is really starting to look like a pumpkin. Next time you show us a picture I'm half expecting it to be orange.

Ammerins said...

I agree with you on the chocolate. It should have a 18+ rating, haha... Or 'For Mums Only'... We walked past a few 'hand-outers' yesterday in town, and got a few free chocolate cookie bars. Unfortunately with chocolate on the OUTSIDE. Now, honestly, who invented those??? I nearly went back to let them wipe my brown kids down, lol...

The pumpkins look great! One thing I forgot to plant in my allotment... bummer... Oh well, next year definitely! I have zucchinis enough to start a shop, though, haha...
And have a look at my blog to see what my carrots looked like when they emerged from the soil *ROTFL*

Big kiss for the boys! They look cute enough to eat!

Amelah said...

Nice garden updates! Oh can I be there for pumpkin carving?? lol

Sean is going to LOVE it!!!

Mack looks sooo cute in that 2nd picture, on tummy time! Well, he looks CUTE in every picture, but specially that one! He enjoys looking at himself in a mirror, eh?

Glad the ride home was good for u! Hopefully it will be like that when we go away with the boys! Here is to hoping!!!

Ohh I like that yarn ;P

g-girl said...

cute pics of the boys! especially the one of sean and his oreo. wow, that pumpkin got big REAL quick! that's awesome. :) my mini-bells are starting to change colors too! I was so excited because i didn't know if they'd just all be green or different colors.

Tara said...

Mack is getting to be so adorable!!!! Pretty soon he'll be right there in the cookie bag with Sean.

Jennifer said...

love the pics of the boys and WOOT-WOO on that gorgeous pumpkin! crossing my fingers that you get more...we have three, two bright orange already and one still green and growing.

Nell said...

The garden is looking good! I'm so jealous of the space you must have to grow all those things.