Friday, August 15, 2008

august fifteen :: 85 weeks old

Sean is 85 weeks old today.

Today, I also decided to put the boys in matching outfits:

But first, Sean wanted to show you where Mack's bellybutton is.

Aren't they cuties?

Sean is sporting this outfit in 18 month size.
And Mack is wearing 3 month size.
Though, Mack's outfit is still super huge on him.
(He's still no where near big enough to fit into 3 month clothing).

Mack's growing very quickly, but I think I'm going to get stuck with a bunch of 3 month summer outfits that Mack got as gifts, that will never fit him in the right season. It's just too bad.

I love this new close-up of Sean. He loves to stick his face in the camera.

This afternoon I made a huge batch of meat sauce (the recipe doubled) and plan on making some lasagna's over the weekend to freeze. Hopefully after that I'll have leftover sauce to freeze for spaghetti, as we are out of sauce. I like having sauce in the freezer for quick meals on nights where no one feels like cooking/BBQ-ing.

Angela now works near me (but not so near with public transportation) so she came over after work today. She helped out with Mack while I finished up my sauce, and also Jamie's uncle stopped by on his way home from Montreal to Ottawa. He hadn't seen our place yet or met Mack, and just got back from a trip from Italy/England with my in-laws. Jamie's other uncle lives in Liverpool, so they went to visit him on the way home from Italy. (More about that later, we surely got spoiled with gifts!). Jamie's dad grabbed a ride with his brother, and Jamie's step-mom came by after to join us. We all (minus Jamie's uncle who did leave for home) went out for dinner. We went to a local fave pasta joint (that my cousin actually owns), and I enjoyed my meal. (Whole wheat spaghetti with Vongole sauce).

Updates from my garden:

We've been picking our Sweetie Tomatoes for a gift basket that someone will be getting on Sunday. I picked up a cute little basket and it's filling up quickly! A tomato lover in my family will be very happy.

Oh, and the other thing I pulled from the garden today was Mutated Carrots.
I'm not really sure what happened, but they're mutants. That was from the first batch of seeds.
There is another patch, where my radishes were.
I have no idea if they'll come out normal (hoping?) or mutated like these ones.

There are only 5 spots left in the September sock club. I won't be adding on any extra spots this month, as the kits are already ready to go - in stock. So once those 5 spots that are left are gone, they're gone.

Is it true in the USA that you have to have a blood test before you get married? Why? What's it for? Does anyone know?

ps - I'm addicted to Monk.


Hattie said...

I think in some states you need the blood test before marriage. I didn't have to. We are in WA, but got married in Idaho, since it was so close, and the fees were cheaper. :) I think in NY you might though...I should ask my sister.

Laura said...

I believe the blood test requirement varies state by state; I think only 5 or 10 states require it now. The blood test is to inform both parties whether their future spouse has an STD before marriage.

Sex said...

mmmmm tomatoes! i've eaten all of our yield so far... we dont have enough room to keep up with how many i would eat!
and as for the blood test, i dont think its before marriage, but before having children (maybe they do it before marriage just in case theres a happy (or unhappy) accident)
basically, there is a blood test that checks to see if your blood is Rh + or Rh -.
If the mother is Rh+, theres no problem. If the mother is Rh -, she could have serious health issues if she gets pregnant with a Rh+ male.
its like donating blood, negative can go to positive, but people who are negative cannot receive positive.

i hope that all makes sense!

Nell said...

Now that there is a drug to prevent problems with pregnancy if there is an Rh incompatibility (Rhogam) most of those older laws are going away. No tests in California. Here's a link to more info.

It seems pretty outdated to me.

Mathgirl said...

My parents had to get their blood tested before getting married for the Rh reason described above and that was in Canada. I assume that isn't required any more though as I had never heard of it when they mentioned it.

Ammerins said...

Oh, I could eat those boys up, so cute!

The carrots have 'mutated' because the soil was too heavy and they grew too fast around a clump of soil... Very loose soil with loads of sand, that's the solution! I still have to lift mine, wonder what they'll look like...

Anonymous said...

Nope-no blood test requirements in NY or CA! I think thar there are still some states that do require it. I am ALMOST postitive it's an STD check, but not 100% sure.

and we're Monk addicted too. Have you seen the garbage strike episode? That's a big favorite around here.

Tara said...

Mmmm, mutie carrots. Maybe you needed to pull them out sooner? I have no idea.

Bea said...

Those carrots are crazy.

Now-a-days the blood tests are to check for STDs most likely Syphilis. I'm not sure what it was for before, but I'm pretty sure syphilis was amoung the most common/fatal of the STDs in my parents and grandparents time. And was particularity hard to pinpoint as a disease because it mimics so so many other things. Seemingly though a good percent of people getting married have already had intercourse and so if they have something they've most likely already passed it on to their partner long before the test. So maybe that is why the tests are going away. I don't think the state required tests are for Rh issues. I think that is a more "we want to have a baby" issue so would be doctor pushed along with any early/pre-pregnancy screening.

We don't have the blood test requirement where I live as far as a I know. Guess I should probably find out.

Laural Dawn said...

I love the matching outfits!
Since I have a boy and a girl 4 years apart I can't really match them. So I decided to try to sew them matching clothes.
It's been a disaster!
Your tomatoes look yummy!

g-girl said...

i always thought the blood test was to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the bride or groom-like their blood being able to mix in terms of having children. i googled and here's what they said: "blood tests were intended to determine if one or both of the marrying couple had a disease that may be passed on to their children." courtesy of Ask Yahoo. lol. you know in that second pic of mack and sean, sean is so well posed! :)

Jennifer said...

no blood test in ohio, but i know it's required in other states.

love the pics of the boys in their matching outfits - adorable!

Amelah said...

The boys are soo cute!! So glad i got to see it in person lol

Yes, the fellow tomato lover LOVED her basket :) thanks again