Monday, August 04, 2008

august four :: one year later

A/C repair man was called this morning and was supposed to show up at 11 am. 1 pm just as I was about to walk out the door to go to playgroup the company calls... "My guy will be late", so I said "Yeah, no kidding..." and he said "He'll be there by 2 pm". Thank goodness Jamie's on vacation this week, so he was able to stay home to wait for the repair guy.

Mack & I went to playgroup today! We were 6 mommies this time, (last week we were only 4 of us, 2 whom were not even there today). Aren't these kids just the cutest?

Top Left to Right: Jordan (3 months old), Mack (7 weeks old tomorrow), Marshall (3 and a half weeks old). Bottom Left to Right: Sivan (2 days younger than Mack, 7 weeks old on Thursday), Noa (5 and a half months old) and Jake (10 and a half weeks old).

Yep, the bucket shot is just the cutest! These are Mack's friends!

The A/C guy did come while I was out at playgroup. Turns out that he couldn't find anything wrong and it wasn't leaking anything. Hmph. He did some "cleaning" and told Jamie to turn it back on, but to not go below 70 on the dial. We'd been keeping the house at 71-72 degrees, but the house was reading at almost 80 degrees, and that's when we realized that there was something wrong and Jamie noticed the unit frozen when he went to check in the furnace room. Anyhow, we'll see what happens, and if it stops working again, oh boy will they be hearing from me.

Some garden pictures:

There are now 5 growing cucumbers. Here's the biggest one.

The mini bell peppers are growing.

The San Marzano tomatoes are in huge clusters. Here are 10 together!

And the sweetie tomatoes are popping up by the dozens. I can't wait for them to all ripen! Yum!

This evening while Jamie played ball, I went to my parents house for dinner (BBQ!)

Mack slept in the bouncy chair at my parents house while we had dinner.

And Sean enjoyed some chocolate brownies for dessert after dinner. Oh what a mess that made.

And it also made him really energetic. So much that he started SCREAMING. This is a photo of him screaming. It's a good thing you don't have to hear it. He was LOUD!

Today I pulled out my Birks. It was my first time wearing them. I have been wearing things lately that don't match red, so I haven't had the opportunity to wear them. Well, finally today I was able to. They are super cute.

Happy Anniversary Robyn's Nest! A year ago today, I announced my shop, Robyn's Nest! And of course on my anniversary, this evening my shop was down for a couple of hours. Not sure what that was all about, I couldn't even log into my admin. But it's back, and up and running again. So if you tried to log in this evening and couldn't get on, I'm going to extend my 48 hour sale until Wednesday, due to the glitch in the system. Everything in the shop is 20% off! Come celebrate with me! It's been a fabulous year and I've enjoyed meeting new people through the shop. Here's to another year! Cheers!

- find keys that I misplaced.
- find where I put my SIN card.
- find my 2nd copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm really behind).
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- fold and put away laundry.
- wrap Oli's 2nd birthday gift before party next weekend.
- knit.
- read.
- call A/C repair guy first thing Monday morning.
- clean office (Seems to be ongoing!).
- bring extra couch from basement to playroom before next Monday.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.


Biscotte said...

Happy Anniversary Robyn's Nest !!! The cake is sooo original and your sons are too cute !!!

Amelah said...

Cute baby shot!

Happy 1 Year Robyn's Nest :) Congrats & here is too many more yrs and success!!!

HAHA I have heard Sean scream, nice set of lungs!

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Borax in your wash for the dishcloths will also help (will also be great with kids laundry and future wet beds!).
We had trouble with our AC freezing and whey told us not to use the high effeciancy filters fo rthe AC, only when using heat. As soon as we switched, no problems at all! Also check to make sure the drain hose isn't clogged, the repair guys forget that sometimes.

Bea said...

Happy anniversary to your store! The veggies look yummy as always.

I was looking at a link from your blog with a picture of Sean near new years. Man does he look so much older now then he did then! All of the kiddos are cute of course :)

Jennifer Lori said...

Congrats on 1 year!

Love the photo of Mack's playgroup, adorable!

Kimber said...

I've enjoyed seeing your garden grow - maybe next year we'll have a house and a yard and we can have another garden? I can dream right? I met another mom at Chapters last week who said it took them a year to sell their condo...sigh.

The shot of the babies is so cute! I also dig your Birks!

Kimber said...

Oh yeah and happy anniversary!

Nell said...

Super cute birks!

Tara said...

Nothing like a room full of babies! I'm glad you found a playgroup you're enjoying.

g-girl said...

how cute is mack's play group!!! the garden looks gorgeous--can't wait for those tomatoes to ripen! :) happy belated anniversary to robyn's nest. here's to many more! :)