Wednesday, August 27, 2008

august twenty-seven

I love photographs in sun spots. Always makes for a really neat effect. Sean loves phones and calling the operator. She likes to call us back too. (Recording). Ah... toddlers!

This is the bottle holder I made yesterday for Mack. It's one of my first projects using a pattern and I think I did a great job. Thanks dellybean and Marga for your help with it. It's really a great item to use when I need my hands free. It's always really busy in my household, if I'm not with Mack, I'm with Sean, or vise versa. So if I can be hands free while Mack's has his bottle, (soon enough he'll hold it himself on his own, but he's not there yet). I don't even remember when Sean started to hold his bottle himself.... but it was somewhere around 5-6 months, if I recall.... does that make sense? Anyhow, I used seseme street material that I'd picked up a while back, and it was super cute in the end. I still have material leftover, and hope to use it for something else.

I got some mail today:

My Summer of Yarn Love Swap Reveal package. I got it from Chloecat262. Thank you for spoiling me this summer, it was lovely! Today's package contained a nice little Hawaiian bag, some Chiagoo Size 5 bamboo circular needles, 2 patterns, 1 is the Lisha Lace Scarf, and the other is the Alligator Scarf, the Alligator Scarf was on my want list, I hope to make one soon for Sean to match his winter jacket. I also received a little elephant statue (pink and so cute) and a skein of Sereknity Yarn & Fiber in the Waterlily colorway. It's 100% Mongolian Cashmere. Wow! It's freakin' soft, I love it. Thanks Sandi, I love everything.

I also recently received my Ravelry Scarf Exchange Scarf package. I received this cabled scarf from Amyzing. Thank you Amy for the swap package! I need to find out where she got that single skein of Artesano 100% Alpaca 4 ply in color 856 that she sent me, as I'd love to have enough to make a pair of socks. Not much I can do with only 1 skein, so I hope I can get an answer soon! It's super soft and I'd love to make socks with it. The pal that I was knitting for was banned from the exchange, so I ended up getting to keep my scarf that I started. I was late in getting around to finishing it - due to Mack's arrival, but now I get to knit it for myself, so I don't have a deadline anymore, andI'll probably make it longer in length than I would have done for the swap. The pal I was sending to was extremely rude to me and other people and I just don't see how someone can be so rude in communication. Well, I'm glad they were banned, because they certainly are not worthy of the scarf I was knitting in Posh yarn. Delicious Wool, Angora & Cashmere yarn. The more I was knitting the scarf the more I wanted to keep it, so I'm kinda really happy it worked out this way.

This afternoon my step-mother-in-law watched Sean while I took Mack to meet Marga & dellybean at Ariadne for some knitting and chatter.

Mack decided he wanted to learn how to knit.

While mommy browsed the store to buy some yarn she probably doesn't even need:

Cherry Tree Hill DK in the Cabin Fever Colorway. It will become the Drop Stitch Scarf.

I got Lorna's Laces Jungle because I was eying it the last time I was there.

And Lorna's Laces in Tuscany because they had a pair of socks knitted up in it, and it was GORGEOUS. Totally my colors. (Fall!)

And this ball was the original single purchase that I was going to do today before I even put the other items on the counter to buy. Trekking XXL in color number 181. Yep, I love it. Again, my colors.

But with the purchase of some new yarns (sock yarn doesn't count as stash, right?),
here's a skein I'm destashing.
It's just not my style/color:

The Boy Who Lived, Hand dyed Superwash Merino- Sport Weight.
100% 4 ply Superwash Merino. Approximately 375 yards.
Needle size#3 - #4 and 5-6 stitches/1". Machine washable, dry flat.

I'll destash for 20$. (Or trade, if you have stuff to trade - try me).

Let me know either by commenting or emailing me that you want it, and we'll work out the details. It's a fun skein, just not me. It's already wound in a cake (See Above).

So, today, this morning, Sean refused the sippy cup with his milk. This afternoon while being watched at my in-laws, he refused to drink it out of the sippy cup. This evening, again, he threw the sippy back in my face. I told Jamie to go get a bottle. Transfered the milk into a bottle, and would you know it - he downed the entire 8 oz of milk like there was no tomorrow... UGH! Why? I just don't get why he won't drink his milk in a sippy cup. He does drink water/juice in a sippy cup, with no issues. It just doesn't make any sense. I don't know what to do. But he needs his milk, so I gave in.

Tonight we just chilled out at home, the four of us. We watched some Caillou and Barney with Sean, and then after he went to bed we caught up on some TV including Big Brother 10. (We're rooting for Dan).

Tomorrow my A/C unit is being replaced. My cleaning lady is coming (we didn't have her come last week due to Mack's 2 month check-up). I get to see Kate-the-Enabler who is stopping by and tomorrow night is West Island Knits. Busy day tomorrow. I like busy days. No time for getting bored!


Bea said...

Those are some nice packages you received. And some really lovely yarns purchased too!

Bertha said...

June does the same thing with milk...she'll drink water and juice out of a sippy no problem, but throws a sippy of milk on the floor! She will only take milk out of the bottle which sucks because if she's not off the bottle before her checkup in October, her doctor is going to be mad! He wanted her off the bottle at 1 year...but she hardly eats so I need to make sure she's getting some milk every day and that's just the easiest way to do it...sigh.

Kelly said...

I love the picture of Sean. I forgot to mention in the last comment... my daughter also drinks juice/water great from a sippy cup. We are still working on the milk situation. I hope it works out for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Part of it is that Mack is on the bottle and he sees a lot of attention being paid to him when he is being fed. I think Sean figures that if he drinks it from a bottle he may get more attention.

Nicole said...

you know that 6 degrees thing?
well, that can be you to dan through me :)
your boys are so cute

Tara said...

Karen's got a good point, actually. Maybe Sean just wants to have his milk in the bottle to get as much attention as Mack gets?

Nice packages. The postman has been good to us all, it seems.

So, now that you get o keep your scarf, can you show us some pictures that HAVEN'T been modified? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I get nice packages like those more often. That's a cute bottle holder.

Dawn ;) said...

Love the pics ~ the sun spots are great effects. Nice job on the bottle holder ~ sure wish there had been a pattern around when mine were little. LOL

Lovely yarn purchases and packages ~ can't wait to see the scarf in CTH or those socks. Yeah, I agree those colors are all you.

Btw, if no one has taken you up on that yarn purchase/swap ~ I'd love to have it. ;)

Have a great weekend!

summer said...

Those photos of Sean and Mack are so adorable!! I love the bottle holder you made. Great job!!

Amelah said...

Very cute picture of Mack holding your knitting lol!
I wanna go to that store with! Next week!!!!

g-girl said...

sean totally looks like jamie in that pic. i think he has jamie's mouth! glad to hear you didn't have to send your scarf to that pal. now let's see it! ;)

Craftlover said...

I love the bottle holder too, it's so cute. :D hahaha, however, Erika never like to use bottles, she always prefer the natural one on me. :) hehe