Tuesday, August 05, 2008

august five :: 7 weeks

Mack is 7 weeks old today.

I had my "6 week" post-pardum check up today. Doc said everything is okay. My uterus is shrinking back and my incision is healing nicely. He told me that he is for Vbac but only after 1 year after Mack's birth, and I laughed and told him if we were to ever try for a third kid, it won't be this close again. I also asked him what were my chances of having a girl after having 2 boys and he said "slim...". That's what I thought. So I don't know if we'll ever try for a third child. It'll be up for discussion when Mack's around two and a half. Not before then. 18 months between children (or rather 17 and a half months as my boys are) is just insane. We're managing, and it does get a little bit easier by the weeks that go by, but it's a handful regardless the fact that it's two boys. (I'm sure if it were 2 girls it would be just as crazy, and I'm sure if it were one boy and one girl it would be the same).

We were a little late to submit these photos to the West Island Gazette photo contest this week, but aren't these cute? My dad came up with the idea of the pumpkin patch with the cabbage patch and Mack.... Mack can't sit on his own yet obviously, so I choose to use the tiniest chair that I had (which is the On the Go Lounger).

Have you seen Knotions Magazine online? All these new great magazines online. The great thing about Knotions is it has a bunch of patterns that were on Magknits before they went offline.

I'm leaving my Anniversary sale on until tomorrow since my site was down for a couple of hours last night (unfortunately). Everything in the shop is still 20% off! Come on by and check it out! I've also restocked the shop with Alphabet Letter Stitch Markers for Socks or Lace - A through H - Set of 8, as they've been selling out!

This evening Jamie & I caught up on Big Brother 10 as well as watched Monk. We're still on Season 1 - but loving it. I can't wait to catch up. Season 7 is currently on tv. We're a little behind!

- find keys that I misplaced.
- find where I put my SIN card.
- find my 2nd copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm really behind). (I've now done up until Mack's birth. Will continue tomorrow).
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- fold and put away laundry. (started)
- wrap Oli's 2nd birthday gift before party next weekend.
- knit.
- read.
- call A/C repair guy first thing Monday morning.
- clean office (Seems to be ongoing!).
- bring extra couch from basement to playroom before next Monday.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.
- pick up August Sock Kit yarn tomorrow.
- accomplish a few more items off this list.
- wrap Amy's house warming present from Sean to bring tomorrow to dinner.
- Have Sean draw an anniversary card for my parents (It's their 29th Anniversary today)

I've been knitting, but can't show you yet. You'll see why when the time is right.


Caroline said...

Two of my girl cousins have two older brothers so I think two boys and a girl are definitely possible. I also know a girl who should be giving birth to her girl this week, and she has two boys. Good luck if you want to try :)

Big Girl Feet said...

Such cute shots!

Holy moly I don't know how you do it girl- kudos to you for sure!

and flakers suck big time- can only hope that swap karma bites them in the butt next time....

gaspe knitting gal said...

i too have been in swaps 2 to be exact and never received anything amd also 2 where i had an angel each time which was so nice and lots of nice things

Jofrog said...

Ha ha, I had to laugh about what your doctor said and your response to him... do you remember when Sean was born and you swore up and down that you wouldn't get pregnant before he was at least a year old because you wouldn't do that to your body, and you wanted to give it at least one year to recoup... we'll see when number 3 happens!

My mom always taught me to not talk in absolutes, you never know what might happen!

Amelah said...

Mack is super cute in the chair! Dad and his idea's! Wow Mack is getting realy pudgy cheeks, just like Sean did!!!

Which swap is that? Is there someone above your host? like is someone in charge of the event? Are there any angels? Any other hosts in charge of another group you can get in touch with ? I would be pissed too!

OHH wrap Sean's hosue warming gift for Auntie Amy :) that sounds good to me LOL

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I finally got my computer back (again) so I went straight to bloglines and realized that I'm 51 posts behind on your blog - doh! Guessing I'm gonna miss most of those, but I'm back now, so I will hopefully be able to stay current.

Adorable pics of mack in the pumpkins! We have a pumpkin patch this year, too, and plan on taking some pics of our baby w/ the pumpkins once she's born since we've been calling her pumpkin since conception based on our October due date.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and welcome myself back ;)

Bea said...

My mom had two girls after having two boys so it is possible.

Ok so you already know my opinion on the swap so I'll leave that off.

Tara said...

I can't wait to see if your pictures gets in! And hey.... can I have a pumpkin? Looks like you'll have a few to spare! :)

g-girl said...

hey, i come from a family of two girls and one boy so it IS possible! wow, look @ your pumpkin patch!!! how many pumpkins do you have growing??