Monday, August 11, 2008

august eleven

This morning I got up early and started cleaning the house. Playgroup was at my house today. While I was cleaning, Sean woke up and was SOAKED through like you wouldn't believe. When I finally undressed him, he was wearing his diaper backwards. Jamie's best friend's girlfriend put on his diaper backwards. Ick. No wonder he was soaked through. She'd mentioned last night before leaving that she was having problems finding the tabs that secure the diaper, and Sean showed her where they were. Uhm... if you're having issues finding the tab... you don't think the diaper's on wrong? Anyhow, we'll let her know the next time, if there is a next time for babysitting (we usually ask family first if any one is available, as they all want to spend time with the kids).

So, my cleaning got interrupted as I had to give Sean a bath this morning upon waking up so that his skin didn't get too irritated from having slept in pee.

Got back to cleaning while Sean had his morning milk. Mack was still sleeping luckily.

I even baked today. I made 2 kinds of muffins. Blueberry and banana (my sister's request). I hope to get back into baking/cooking, now that things are starting to get more into a routine.

Playgroup today was at my house. (Below are the kiddies on the couch that my husband brought upstairs on Sunday, another thing checked off our To Do list). I put a couch cover on this couch. We are in serious need of new couches for the entire house, which is in motion to happen right after the new year. Jamie says that January is a slow month for furniture stores, so we'll most likely get good deals then. Along with the couches we will be getting a wall unit for the playroom so that we can hook up a TV in there for Sean for his Caillou, Barney, etc...)

From Left to Right: Yosef-Yitzchak (5 weeks old), Jake (12 weeks old), Noa (6 months old), Mack(7 weeks 6 days old), Jordan (3 and a half months old).

Aren't they just the cutest?

The boys.

Mack was super duper alert today. He's getting so big! And cute. This sleeper was a gift from Rhoda. Thanks girl. Mack loves wearing it, and fits into it perfectly right now.

Since I had friends & my sister over, I decided today was the perfect chance to try to take a picture of Sean with his brother. I wouldn't attempt to try this alone right now, as Sean is very active and Mack is too young and can't defend himself yet. Once Mack is a bit older and Sean listens better, and I'm not afraid of him pushing or hitting his brother, then I'll definitely take pictures of them when I'm alone with them. So with help....

Two brothers.

Aren't they adorable? I think so!

During playgroup, Door Doctor showed up. I was happy they showed up when they did (timing). Our garage door broke last night. Thank goodness it only was a broken cable and nothing more. So of course the 20$ cable cost us 135$ with taxes. 80$ for the labor (1 hour charge time) plus 2 cables at 20$. The guy said "You don't want me coming back in 2 weeks time when the 2nd cable breaks, so I might as well change both"... he had me sold. Damn is that pricey!

After playgroup was over, my sister helped me out by going to my parents house to pick up my mom's car. She left her car there and came back to pick up Sean. She followed me (with Mack) to the body shop where I left my car. (Of course on the way to the body shop I had to pull over into a parking lot to feed Mack who was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs like it was the end of the world, even though he had just finished eating before we left the house). Never I think he hates his car seat, but that's another story. Dropped my sister back off at my parents house afterwards, where her car was, and she headed on her merry way, and I headed to Costco.

Even though I got front row parking at Costco, I still managed to get stuck in the rain after loading both kids and my return into the shopping cart! Ran for dear life, and did my return. Costco doesn't have where for you to try on clothing, so I had to try on at home. Returned what I didn't want, and also brought back a case of diet coke. Upon bringing it home the last time I was there, I realized there was a can on the inside leaking. So it got all over my trunk and on the carpet in the house (that's when we realized it was busted). Sean of course flirted with the lady in line in front of us, such a little flirt, as well as with the cashier. So after my return I went into Costco to get a new case of coke, as well as apple juice & 3.25% milk for Sean (we stock up as the kid drinks like a fish!) as well as a few other items. I also picked up some meat to make sauce this week! We're almost out of sauce (1 container left) and I want to make some lasagnas to freeze as well.

This evening I cooked dinner, I made an asian chicken & noodle dish. It was excellent. Even Sean loved it. See, I'm getting back into the swing of things. I miss preparing meals. You can get so creative with meals, that's what I miss.

Some garden updates:

An Early Calwonder (Green Pepper) growing!

Some beefsteak tomatoes growing.

Some beefsteak tomatoes almost ripened!

This evening Jamie & I watched some TV (Big Brother, Wipeout, Weeds, Monk) and I finished up my thank you cards, which will finally get mailed tomorrow. This is the first time ever I'm behind on mailing them out. My engagement party, my bridal shower, my wedding, my baby shower, Sean's Bris, Sean's first birthday, all those thank you cards went out within 2-3 days of the party being over. Mack's 8 weeks old tomorrow. Life has been busy here! But they're finally done and going out in the mail. I'll give them a few days to get out in the mail, and then I'll post their awesomeness here. The thank you cards are incredible. And I have a very good friend to thank for that! I'll post them by Thursday/Friday.

I also got some knitting done tonight while on the couch, but I cannot show you yet any of that. Soon, soon, my friends. In due time, I'll be able to show you what all this secret knitting is! I'm super happy the way it's turning out.

- find where I put my SIN card. (I put it somewhere so I wouldn't lose it, and guess what? I forget where I put it, and it hasn't turned up yet).
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm still behind)
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- do laundry.
- knit.
- read.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.
- bring up couch into playroom before playgroup on Monday.
- Make meat sauce.
- Make lasagnas after meat sauce is done.
- Do a Robyn's Nest delivery.
- mail thank you cards.
- accomplish a few items on this list.
- Decide what photos to put in Mackenzie's Bris video (yes, my dad hired a videographer for the bris and he now needs photos for the video).
- Catch up on blog reading.
- Bang off a few more email responses. (Trying to clear inbox).
- upload new stitch markers that I made to Robyn's Nest.

Speaking of stitch markers, I'm toying with the idea of putting up some stitch markers back on Etsy. I miss etsy.


Jennifer said...

oh man - those babies are TOOOOO CUTE! and ur veggies look fab...ur lucky u can actually eat what u grow ;)

illahee said...

oh my gosh, all those adorable babies does NOT help my baby-lust at the moment! lol (three is enough, three is enough!!)

and your boys *are* adorable. they look so happy!

Jenn said...

Awe,they're all so cute! Rowan absoulutely HATES her carseat and cries everytime she's in it. It's hell somedays even just going to the drugstore. I hope she outgrows this.
You're garden shots look delicious!! :-)

Caroline said...

i love the brothers pics! They're both so cute!

g-girl said...

yikes..diaper on backwards and he woke up soaked? poor guy. :( love the playgroup pic. I recognized that sleeper! So glad he fits in it now! :) awww, love the pics of sean and mack particularly the one where mack's tongue is out! ;) here's to many more brotherly love pics! about the coke leak. nice to hear you're trying to get back into the cooking/baking swing of things! yay!!

Tara said...

Aw, such a precious picture. You should frame it!