Sunday, August 17, 2008

august seventeen :: 2 months old

Mack is two months old today. I cannot wait for him to have his 2 month check-up on Thursday, Aug 21st, I'm dying to know how much he weighs.

This morning Jamie went to pick up (with the help of my brother & a co-worker of theirs) my dad's antique dresser that was sitting (unused and unwanted) at my brother's house. We needed it so we could finally use the TV we got (but needed a stand/dresser/wall unit for it). I also needed/wanted drawer space, so it worked out perfectly, and fits perfectly in our bedroom. I don't know how old this dresser is, but I know that it's been around in my family as long as I can remember.

So one drawer got filled with t-shirts/tank tops, shirts of any kind. I've been using the unused playpen as a dumping ground and didn't want to anymore. This is why the dresser was a good piece for that place in my bedroom.

And one drawer is still currently empty. Though, I think I want to put some sweaters in there.

And the top two levels of drawers.... they're filled with yarn. My precious stash. My personal stash. Mmmmm, delicious! My husband thinks I'm insane for loading it up with yarn.... but yarn is taking over my house. Hopefully one day I'll get to knit it all up!

My parents brought us back a cute hand drawn picture for us from their recent trip to Boston, MA. I deleted our last name and wrote in "Knit & Purl Mama" family for blogging purposes. Isn't it cute. It's already hanging on our wall next to the "marriage" one my parents got us a few years back on their last trip to Boston.

Sean is a super cutie. I love his smile.

And this is the gift basket I made for my sister, the recipient of my Sweetie Tomatoes from my garden. I hope she likes it!

Tonight we had dinner at Montana's with my family. Sean doesn't last long at restaurants anymore (he doesn't like being confined to a seat anymore). It's not so fun taking him out to restaurants anymore. I'm hoping this is a passing phase. It also didn't help that the sippy cup that I filled with apple juice and handed to him while I was packing up Mackenzie was left behind at home. Jamie didn't notice that he wasn't holding it anymore when he put him in the car. Sean threw a fit at the restaurant as he wanted something to drink, and we didn't have his cup. They did have a children's cup with a lid & straw there, but it just wasn't the same. He. wanted. his. sippy. cup. Ugh.

I finished knitting the 57th square for the blankie project. I think it's square 57. I'll look into that tomorrow when I photograph it. I hope to get some more squares done.

Have you seen this request? A sweater for 20$? Is this woman insane? That won't even cover yarn.... or even postage! What the heck is she thinking??? The sad thing is... someone bid on it, and the request is in progress. Oh, I feel bad for this person who will knit this!


g-girl said...

i love the family picture your parents had done of you all in Boston. That is so cute! teehee. you crack me up. you put your stash in the top two drawers?? i'm jealous of your drawer space!

Tara said...

Your new dresser is beautiful. And the fact that it's filled with yarn just makes it even more special, if you ask me!

pahkcah02 said...

Glad your parents had fun getting comics done in Faneuil Hall. Tourists :). Hope your AC gets fixed soon.

Andrea said...

Happy two months kiddo!!

I'm so envious of your beautiful dresser stuffed with yarn - I've always wanted to do that!

Lookin' good Robyn!

RobynR said...

I could totally do a sweater for $20 . . . but it would be red heart. I wonder if the crazy lady who made the request realizes that she hasn't found anything like it in her price range because it doesn't exist?

Bea said...

I like your new dresser and the family "portrait" is very cute. I feel bad for the person that will knit a sweater that looses money for them.

twinsetellen said...

The kids are looking great! You, too. :-)

And I see nothing at all odd about dressers full of yarn.

Jennifer said...

that's one of the cutest pics ever of sean...what a nice smile :)

love the yarn drawers...great idea!

Drea said...

I love all the pics... im catching up on ur blog today! :-)

Amelah said...

I think we have all now had our turn with that antique dresser!!! i had it for a short time in the apartment!!!

I cant wait to be organized and make a space for my slowly growing yarn collection!!!

Dinner was yummy!!!! Poor Sean!!!