Saturday, August 30, 2008

august thirty

Today I decided to wear Mack for a bit. He loves being in this position - and loved being able to use his head. He's got great neck control for almost 11 weeks old. I'm certainly very impressed. I'm encouraging his tummy time now, or the use of his head/neck while he's sitting up. I should be able to get him to sit in the bumbo seat in about 2 weeks when he's 3 months old. That's when I started using the bumbo with Sean, who also had great control of his neck early on.

Sean enjoyed being in the country. He got to check out a bike (with some help as it's too big for him), and I'm thinking it's time to get him a tricycle!

He had help on the tire swings. My sister-in-law's boyfriend (who is pictured in the photo), built the tire swing set himself. Very creative guy.

Mack & I hung out in the back yard in the shade of course....

I'm not really happy that I got bitten by bugs (not sure if it's mosquitos or other bugs) but I certainly got bitten this weekend and I'm hating it.

I got some knitting done. I started some crazy ass socks yesterday.

Yeah, crazy. They're crazy because they're made up of leftover sock yarn bits. (The tiny bits that have no use after they've gone into my blankie project already). I'm insane because I am saving just the same amount of leftover bits for the 2nd sock - so they match. Though, what I didn't think about, but probably should have... is the ends. Anyone have any tips for weaving in ends into stockinette stitch? I'm good at hiding ends into ribbing (which won't be an issue for the top part of the sock, but the rest?) I probably should have thought this through first.... Though, I do have to admit, these socks are pretty darn cool.

Mack hung out with his cousin today.

I hung out with nasty creatures.... ew!

Sean had his first Mr. Freeze ever.

He enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy the mess it made.

There was lawn art to be enjoyed.

As well as smiling babies in their sleep.

There was hockey (and basketball) to be played.

And chickens to be chased.

My sister-in-law has 2 chickens (Propre & Poulette) and 1 Rooster (Etoie).
She has 2 eggs fresh every morning.

Poulette seems to be an alcoholic. She enjoys a nice glass of Sangria. Apparently me catching her in my sister-in-law's boyfriends drink isn't the first time she's had alcohol. Funny funny chicken!

This evening I dressed the boys again in matching pj's. I just love it. They're so cute together.

Last night was brutal. Sean woke up each time Mack got up during the night. BRUTAL. BRUTAL. BRUTAL. I don't think we'll ever go away again sharing a room all 4 of us until Mack's sleeping the night in full. It's just not possible. And on top of it, my sister-in-law's bed (where Jamie & I are sleeping) has got to be the most uncomfortable bed I've ever had to sleep in. The mattress is hard as wood. It's a tiny double bed, and a paper thin mattress that is just not comfortable. I just don't understand how she can sleep in that bed. I'm definitely recommending to my father-in-law, that should he need to get his daughter a gift, that a mattress might be a good idea. (Unless she actually likes to sleep in discomfort?)

Anyhow, I'm a walking zombie today, as last night's sleep was brutal. I'm expecting tonight's to be no better. And that's why we're cutting our trip in the country short, and coming home tomorrow instead of Monday. It's just not happy sleeping, so why stay another night? My neck is killing as is my back. Not fun. Not pleasant. Not a way to spend a relaxing weekend.


Bea said...

I don't have a recommendation for weaving in the ends. I know there are directions online for how to weave in as you go. Might be worth looking for those?

Sorry your country escape isn't going so well.

Amelah said...

Very nice socks!!! You are crazy for all those ends!! Have fun lol

OMG, Robyn, those boys are going to KILL you when they are older and see pictures of them wearing MATCHING outfits! Remember when we did not like it? In those pink and blue tye died outfits??? Think about it!!!

That chicken is hilarious. Is it just sangria it likes? Or does it drink hard alcohol or beers too?

Drea said...

What are you wearing him in? looks so sweet

carolynswafford said...

Robyn, I'm so sorry that you had such a rough night with the boys and came home early. The walking zombie thing is no fun! Hang in there and keep thinking "there's a light at the end of this tunnel..."

g-girl said...

you know, i like the tire swing! your crazy socks are so cool!! what a great idea. wow fresh eggs every morning and the chicken likes sangria too? awesome. :)

dawn said...

That's the only thing I hate about going on vacation. Getting the kids to sleep in a new place is always a pain.

Tara said...

Crazy ass socks is right! All those ends, ugh. But they really DO look cool. Hmmm, maybe I'll cast on a pair. LOL!

Jennifer said...

sweet socks and eww eww eww on the big bug!

Secretly Spun said...

How about lining it with a second sock to make a double thickness? You could wear them inside out and have the ends be a feature instead.

Nell said...

That chicken picture is priceless!