Tuesday, August 12, 2008

august twelve :: 8 weeks old

Mack is 8 weeks old today. Sunday he turns 2 months old. My gosh, where does time go?

I did a swap with Bea. She should be receiving my skein soon. I'm mailing it with her prize for being my 5000th commenter. She sent me this gorgeous skein of The Knittery in the Moonlight colorway. It's 4 ply in merino cashmere. Mmmm! Thank you Bea!

Sean discovered that if he pulls his toy over to the brown wall unit you see in the top right hand side of this above picture that he can reach what's on top of it. Great. So now the toy is in another room. He's not allowed to play with it in this room anymore. He's my ninja. A monkey ninja.

There were 2 really ripe beefsteak tomatoes picked. We're waiting for the next cucumber to be ready to make a tomato & cucumber salad. Mmmmm! Fresh salad from our garden. Yum!

Mack wanted to be included in the photo with my tomatoes. Ahh... I'm a proud gardener this year! We already have learned a few lessons, and are learning for next year. A couple of things we'll place in a different area of the garden when planting next year.

A very tiny little pumpkin!

And yes, there has been knitting. However, I cannot show you what it is yes... So I've maybe changed the color of the item above and blurred and smudged it in the image. But as you can see, there is knitting!

Today was errand day. Upon waking up today, we got ready and headed out the door. I had a Robyn's Nest delivery to do, and then a few errands. The first stop was a local (small) mall, and I picked up some stamps for the thank you cards (which have been mailed). I ran out of stamps from my "stash" while addressing them. I also needed to go the dollarama in the mall to pick something up, which I will tell you about tomorrow. (Something I learned from playgroup).

I also went today and ordered Mackenzie's Social Insurance Card. While there, I ordered myself a new one as well. Murphy's law, right? Because I paid to get a new one (the first one you get is free, after that, they charge you), I'll find my old one, right? I remember changing wallets and taking it out and putting it away, so that I wouldn't lose it, and now I cannot find where I put it. I've been searching this house everywhere... I know it's somewhere, I just can't think where.... or find where.

While in the government office, Sean thought it would be funny to scream on the top of his lungs and then laugh. He thinks this is funny/a game. I don't know what to do besides put my hand over his mouth to muffle the screams and tell him "No, we don't scream here...." etc. Anyhow, does your toddler do the same? What have you done? How do you get them to stop?

On our way home we stopped off at the Pharmacy to pick up a few items we are out of, and ended up talking for a while with Jamie's best friend's girlfriend. She's the lab technician at the pharmacy. Sweet girl, I really like her.

I made dinner tonight, I'm on a roll for cooking! I'm very happy that I'm slowly starting to get back into the swing of things! It's great. I just need to figure out how to do groceries with the 2 boys. That's the tough one. It's a lot of work! I'm really happy though that one of my local grocery stores has maternity and family parking. So with the boys I can park in it, which is convenient.

This evening I plopped myself on the couch and watched tv with Jamie. I knitted on the above project and also backed up my office desktop computer. I somehow got a virus on it, and need take the computer in tomorrow. I'm backing up all my photos and important files. The back-up which should have been done ages ago, is finally getting done now because it's an emergency to get it done, as I'm reformatting my harddrive tomorrow. I want to start fresh with it, as there are other errors/glitches that occur when booting up, and I don't want it anymore to be that way. Tomorrow I'll take my computer in to get fixed.

- find where I put my SIN card. (I put it somewhere so I wouldn't lose it, and guess what? I forget where I put it, and it hasn't turned up yet).
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm still behind June 17 to now)
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- do laundry. (3/4 done).
- knit.
- read.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.
- bring up couch into playroom before playgroup on Monday.
- Make meat sauce. (Missing tomato juice which I'll buy tomorrow)
- Make lasagnas after meat sauce is done. (Pick up Whole Wheat lasagna noodles)
- Do a Robyn's Nest delivery.
- mail thank you cards.
- accomplish a few items on this list.
- Decide what photos to put in Mackenzie's Bris video (yes, my dad hired a videographer for the bris and he now needs photos for the video).
- Catch up on blog reading.
- Bang off a few more email responses. (Trying to clear inbox).
- upload new stitch markers that I made to Robyn's Nest.
- pull out side by side double stroller and see if it needs to be cleaned.


Jennifer said...

yay for a lil baby pumpkin :)))

and mack is getting so big and more adorable by the second!

good luck w/ the computer virus...i just keep waiting for ours to start acting up again since it's back...so far so good, though, thank goodness!

Amelah said...

really nice picture of Mack out in the garden, where you are holding the tomatoe's! Nice and alert!

How do you always manage to get viruses missy???

dawn said...

My oldest used to do the screaming thing all the time. He finally did grow out of it, and the only thing we did was to ignore him or talk really quietly so if he wanted to hear he would stop screaming. Or you could just get the heck out of there lol. Now that we have two boys they both get to screaming/yelling in the car. Sometimes I think their main goal in life is to try to annoy mommy.

Tara said...

I'm really excited to see how many pumpkins you wind up with for Halloween. I love your idea of having your own patch.

g-girl said...

the tomatoes look yummy! great shot of you and mack and the tomatoes! sean is getting wiser in his old age! look at that lil pumpkin!