Friday, August 22, 2008

august twenty-two :: 86 weeks old

Sean is 86 weeks old today.

And he wanted to show you his new speedo goggles that Madeleine got for him. Spiffy! Sean says thank you for them! (As you can see he's got a backpack on his back (you can see the strap on his shoulder).... he wore it almost all day! Silly kid).

I got him a tool set and it's his new fave toy. He walks around the house pretending to fix things. Too cute, let me tell you!

Some garden updates:

My San Marzano Tomatoes.

We picked one to give to my in-laws (who came over for dinner tonight) to put on their window sill. Once they are on the window sill, they ripen quite fast.

2 beefsteak tomatoes that were also given to my in-laws. We will shortly have an abundance of tomatoes. I'm planning on making sauce... Mmmm!

And a bucket load of cherry tomatoes went to my in-laws as well. And the plants are full with a lot more that will be ready to eat shortly. I love this gardening business!

Houston, we have a pumpkin. FOR REAL this time! It's about the size of a plum now give or take. It's the only one I've seen. There was some before, but they seem to have broken off (or got eaten by an animal?) I hope I get more than just this one pumpkin. I need at least one for each boy... was hoping for one for each kid in Sean's daycare at the Y, but I don't think that will happen, or maybe! We'll see what grows.

Some yarn goodness:

Madeleine gave me a ball of Sock It To Me for my blankie project. Thank you Madeleine!

And the top left hand square (above the light blue square), is my 59th square. It's leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Kingfisher from my sister's last pair of socks she knit. Next up is a square from Colinette Jitterbug in Blue Parrot, from the first pair of socks my sister ever made. This is definitely going to be a very long project as it takes me about 2 hours to knit 1 square. (Cast on 51 stitches on US0 needles. - Yep, I'm crazy, but that's how I like my squares!) And you know what? It'll get done when it gets done... that's all!

Up tonight, more knitting working on the blanket and watching more Season 4 of Monk. I'm addicted. Totally very much addicted.

There is ONE spot left in my September Sock Club. Will it be yours?


Jennifer said...

Our patch is still at just two pumpkins, both turning quite orange already w/ one being eaten by some kind of worm that made a tiny hole :( The leaves all got some kind of fungus on them and have mostly wilted and died. There are still tons of blossoms and the bees are busy pollinating away, but we're not very hopeful that we'll see any more pumpkins. Just hoping these two will somehow make it to Halloween, but again...not very hopefuly :(

Hope you end up surprised w/ an entire class full of pumpkins!!

Bea said...

An over abundance of tomatoes in not a bad thing. I do hope you get more pumpkins though. :(

g-girl said...

love his alligator goggles!! he is so cute with his tools! look at all the tomatoes! :) the blankie is looking good. :)

Tara said...

I've gotten loads of cherry tomatoes as well. They're just perfect, because even though you've got a lot, you don't feel overwhelmed by them, you know?