Saturday, August 16, 2008

august sixteen

My in-laws brought me back some ginger bread from The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. Mmmm. There are only 2 pieces left from the 6. Mmmm.

My Central Air (A/C) is busted again. This time, we need to replace the entire unit. (We'll be suing the old owner of the house, since we were unable to inspect the unit upon buying the house as it was winter and the heat was on), and they told us it was working. So while Jamie helped my sister move today I took the boys to my parents house to swim.

Since Mack will be starting swimming lessons the weekend of September 20th, I decided to take him in and introduce him to the pool. I don't have a swimmer yet that fits him, but this medium sized one (pulled tight) does the trick for now. Maybe I won't have to get another one.

At first he freaked out, but then was okay the entire time he was in the water. He was too cute.

Grandma & Mack

Mack started smiling recently. Here's one caught on camera!

Garden update:

We are not sure what is going on with our early calwonder (green) peppers. This one wasn't growing any more and was getting to be a little mushy, and the stem was breaking off the plant. I don't know if we're going to get any this year. We think we may have planted it in the wrong spot.

There is a lovely basket of tomatoes going to a certain family member of mine. I just need to wrap it, and bring it to family dinner tomorrow night.

Don't you love it when you are surfing Ravelry, find a ton of patterns you want to make, and then realize YOU DO own the mag? I got super excited after almost buying it again on ebay. LOL. So, I desperately need to clean up and do an inventory (on ravelry) of what I own in books and magazines. I don't need to buy something I already own! (I've already done that with this book). I want to make this, this, this, and this from the magazine I apparently do own! I need more hours in the day, more days in the week and more months in the year. So much to knit, so little time....

This evening I chilled over at my parents house since Jamie played hockey with my brother. They invited me to stay for dinner after swimming. Came home, put Sean to bed, just fed Mack and now I'm just chilling out watching Monk. Tomorrow I get an antique dresser.... more about that tomorrow, I'm SUPER excited.


Bea said...

The gingerbread looks yummy. Mack is really really cute in all the photos. Yay for swimming lessons! Your green pepper looks like a green bell pepper to me. And that sucks about the AC.

Kim said...

Swimming lessons? Are you talking about the one that teaches babies how to float? And here everybody thought I was crazy for looking for 0-3 month swimming trunks for Jacob. I knew I couldn't be the only one!

Jenn said...

I love the pool photo...sweet! I've got to get to crocheting! I'd love to learn to knit sometime too.

Jenny said...

I just love that picture of Mack smiling with the patches of sunlight. So cute!

Tara said...

Mack is such a cutie in his swimmer! He's really starting to shed that newborn look.

g-girl said...

i love the pic of mack yawning and the one of him smiling! how cute is he! the calwonders at the house i was at grew the same way. i'm thinking they don't get too big because they only have so much space on the branch, you know what I mean?

Jennifer said...

aww.. he looks too cute in the pool!

and yumm-o on the home-grown tomatoes! i've been enjoying some from my dad's garden every night as a snack...mmm!!

Amelah said...

Aww disappointed i missed Mack's first time swimming :( he look so cute in the water! Too bad there is not a lot of nice weather! Although super happy it did not rain on moving day! Thanks again for loaning me ur husband! He was a BIG help!!

Secretly Spun said...

The Gingerbread looks great - We've just had Fudge and Toffes back from Kendall and Peter Rabbit choclates. I think I need to plan a trip to the Lake District myself.
The garden still looks great - I'm really jealous of it.