Thursday, August 14, 2008

august fourteen

Sean made potty for me today. The first time I tried he sat on the potty for about 15-20 minutes and then after nothing happened I asked him to come get dressed, and he got up and peed on the floor. Though, later on, while he was on the potty again, he actually peed in the potty, and I praised him and he gave me high five. I'm very proud of him, and it's all him. He initiated all this, we are not forcing any of this on him, not at all. Oh, this is exciting. Maybe tomorrow I'll pull out the Elmo's Potty Time DVD and watch it with him.

I found in my knitting bag last night this jar of Apricot Jam that the lovely and wonderful Madeleine gave me. She made it herself. I can't wait to try it.

My sister had straightened my hair for me on Sunday for our cousin's engagement party, and unfortunately my hair melted this comb above. I've never had an issue with a comb melting before, but something happened this time, and my hair wasn't even hotter than usual, because I always put the straightener on full max heat. It's like 400 degrees or something.

It's 80 degrees inside my house today. My A/C stopped working again today or was it last night. It's brutally hot in here. The A/C guy is going to be getting another phone call in the morning. I also need to go and pick up my car from the body shop tomorrow and make my meat sauce and after the meat sauce is done make some lasagnas to freeze for future meals.

Oh, and I so called it. On Tuesday I went to get Mack's SIN and I re-ordered myself a new card since I "put mine away for safe keeping" and couldn't find it. Well, guess what I found today? My SIN card. Yep. And I could have sworn it was in a place I'd looked and didn't see it there before. Murphy's Law, eh? After I just paid to have a new one sent to me, now I'll have two.

This evening I hung out with Sean and we watched some TV, had dinner, gave him a bath, read a book and then he went to bed. It's super easy lately getting him to bed. I'm so glad we implemented nap time and bed time at the same time every day. It really make things so much better/easier. I will not make that mistaken (no bed time) with Mack. No way!

- find where I put my SIN card.
- upload pictures to Flickr (I'm still behind June 17 to now)
- decide what pictures to print (there's a .10¢ print sale going on at a lab near me).
- do laundry. (3/4 done).
- knit.
- read.
- have Jamie hang dino in Sean's room.
- Make meat sauce. (Missing tomato juice which I'll buy tomorrow)
- Make lasagnas after meat sauce is done. (Pick up Whole Wheat lasagna noodles)
- Do a Robyn's Nest delivery.
- mail thank you cards.
- accomplish a few items on this list.
- Decide what photos to put in Mackenzie's Bris video (yes, my dad hired a videographer for the bris and he now needs photos for the video).
- Catch up on blog reading.
- Bang off a few more email responses. (Trying to clear inbox).
- upload new stitch markers that I made to Robyn's Nest.
- pull out side by side double stroller and see if it needs to be cleaned. Clean side by side double umbrella stroller.
- pick up car at body shop
- see if in-laws want to do dinner tomorrow night, they just got back from italy/england and we haven't seen them in about 3 weeks. (they won't recognize Mack, he's getting so big!)

Ok, I think I'm going to go take my 2nd shower of the day. It's just too freakin' hot and I'm dying here. The A/C company better not come tomorrow and tell me that they didn't find anything again. This is the third time they'll be coming. The pipes are freezing for a reason, and I need it resolved. I bought a house with central air for a reason. And it wasn't for it to not work.

There are only SIX spots left in my September Sock club. I already have the yarn in my yarn room, so I cannot sell anymore than 6 more. If you're interested in a kit, better move fast!


Amelah said...

i ABSOLUTELY love that picture of Sean on the potty! YEAH! He is smart like his Auntie - you remember, mom says I potty trained myself at the age of 2!!!! :)

Jenny said...

How do you like the potty you got? I am starting to look for one for Chloe and I read mixed reviews on each one I see. Do you like the one you got? What kind is it?

Anonymous said...

What a great way to embarrass Sean when he starts dating! It's very adorable though.

That reminds me of the story my bff told me of her niece. She's starting potty training and she was sitting on the potty chair in the middle of their living room playing peek-a-boo for an hour.

Hattie said...

That's the same potty we've got! I wish my son would get the hint. He goes all the time, but won't tell us or initiate most of the time. I'm getting worried, he'll be four in November!!!

Mojavi said...

we have the same potty and the same picture of Kya reading on the potty! lol
she also started the whole potty training on her own. funny how stressed people get about it and look at us, we don't care and they train themselves lol

Tara said...

Wow, Sean is really getting into using the potty early! Good for him, I hope it lasts!

g-girl said...

how cute is that picture of sean reading on the potty!! wow, that apricot jam looks yummy. great color! that is weird about the comb!

Bea said...

Yeah for easy potty training! Its good he's into doing it.

The apricot jam looks yummy. I love apricots.