Sunday, August 24, 2008

august twenty-four

Here is an updated photograph of my entire blanket so far. 61 squares. 122 hours of work. (2 hours per square). Here are the newest squares:

Number 1 is Colinette Jitterbug in Blue Parrot. Number 2 is unknown, leftovers from Shelley, hopefully she can tell me what it is? And number 3 is Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose.

I just love this shot. (Taken in our front foyer).

We got two new couches from Jenn and her husband.
They look great in our den. Thank you Jenn!

This afternoon I finished putting together my new shoe shelves. I started it the other day while both boys napped, and I finally finished it while they napped again today. I brought all my non-dressy shoes here, and they'll be staying in this closet. My heels (dressy shoes) are still in my bedroom closet. Finally my shoes are organized.

I finally wound The Boy Who Lived into a cake today. I am going to see how it knits up. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it. I'm going to try it with the Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. I'll give it two or three repeats and see. I'll get back to you!

One pumpkin so far in our garden is really doing well. I think it's going to be awesome. I just hope that I get more than 1 pumpkin. At least one for each kid. Here's to hoping! But look at the one above - it's awesome!

And there is something brewing on my sunflower. I hope it means it's going to actually be a sunflower. That would be nice. It won't be 6 feet tall like the package said (as it's confined to a pot). But I have high hopes for it!

Jamie's mom and her wife stopped by for a visit. While they were here, I worked on square number 3 in the 2nd picture of this post. This evening we went to my parents house for dinner. And now, Jamie and I just finished watching some Monk and Big Brother 10 on tv, and we're going to hit the sack for the night. I've got Mack's playgroup tomorrow and I need to speak to the A/C guy to find out when he's coming to replace our unit. (Hoping Tuesday).

September's Sock Club kit is sold out (and going in the mail tomorrow) and October's Sock Club is for sale. As well as November's Ultimate and Mini-Ultimate sock club kits.


Jennifer Lori said...

I need to keep working on my blankie. *sigh* Another long-forgotten project.

p.s. I'm glad the couches found a new home!

Amelah said...

Enjoy the couches!!!!! Even tho they were originally offered to me!!! lol

Love the blankie...maybe it will be done before Sean and Mack have kids of their own???? LOL

BTW where did you get the shoe rack? It's awesome!!!

Jenny said...

Those little wellies are so cute. I can't wait to get some for Chloe.

I went out and got some yard and needles and I am going to start knitting. I have decided! You got me so into it reading about all your beautiful stuff that I want to try. I will let you know how it goes.

Tara said...

Holy Mama! That's a lot of shoes! And those are only your non-dressy ones???

Nice couches. Bet you're quite happy with those!

Bea said...

The couches are really nice You sure do have a lot of shoes! I think every pair I own will fit on the top two shelves.

The blanket is coming along really well. Slow knitting or not its quite pretty.

Jennifer said...

the blanket is AWESOME! and i love the shoe rack...what a great idea. i could really use one of those...will have to keep my eyes out for one, although i'm not sure where i'd put it due to major lack of closet space in our house. it'd be so nice to have them all organized, tho!

g-girl said...

thanks for the numbers on the latest squares! I always have a hard time figuring out which ones are the new ones. oh, it'll be done eventually and when it is, everyone will admire its beauty! (not to mention keep very warm using it!)wow. look at that shoe shelf!!

Nell said...

I heart Wellie boots. I just wish I lived in a climate where they were more useful.